LOS ANGELES (AP) — The mother of the Giants fan who was attacked outside Dodger stadium tells ESPN the prognosis for her injured son is unclear.

Ann Stow says doctors say they will know more when he comes out of his medically induced coma. She says: “They don’t even know if he can respond to commands.”

Bryan Stow, a 42-year-old paramedic and father of two, was beaten in a parking lot after the March 31 season opener and remains hospitalized in Los Angeles. No arrests have been made.

Just before the attack, Stow, wearing a Giants jersey, had texted a family member to say he feared for his safety in the raucous, pro-Dodger crowd.

Stow’s cousin, John, also tells ESPN on Sunday that the attack “changed all of our lives forever.”

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Comments (11)
  1. Deborah says:

    My prayers are, for the entire fanily. Especially, for the mother. I was in the same situation a year ago with my husband having a brain injury. It is a slow process and the family can only stand on their faith. My husband didn’t make it after eight weeks in a coma. With a brain injury, the brain can’t tell other parts of the body to do things. I learned so much about how the brain function. God bless the family and friends

  2. jam man says:

    you can thank frank mc court for putting putting Bryan Stow into a coma… the mc court’s should be ashamed of themselves

    1. Saber 1 says:

      It took him a week to address the public and his still wife has not made a statement to the press yet, what a class act. I will go to Angel Stadium and enjoy a game without fear of trouble.

  3. puro pedo says:

    GO DOYERS!!!!!!!

    1. Saber 1 says:

      Does KMA or BM mean anything to you?

    2. Italian_baker says:

      Puro Pedo, your comment, “Go Doyers” in this context is inappropriate and insensitive. You might as well have said, “Go proud Mexican Dodger fans for beating the hell out of a white Giants fan.” Talk about a race of people who have been coddled and enabled so much but have so little to show for it.

      1. Jayden says:

        Italian_baker I agree that “Go Doyers” is an appropriate comment in this context. However I also believe that “Go proud MEXICAN Dodger fans” is inappropriate, why are you assuming that the two suspect are of this race. Neither the media nor the detectives working this case have stated that THE SUSPECT are MEXICANS. “Proud” how do you know these suspects are proud of what they did?
        Anyways may god bless the Stow Family and may Bryan have a speedy recovery.

  4. Hunkie boy says:

    Arm yourself at all times, go open carry in California, shoot now or be murdered.

  5. Rico says:

    Or Hunkie Boy, be careful when attending a sporting event wearing the opposing team’s jersey. My buddy was sucker punched at a Red Sox game cause he had on a yankee jersey.

  6. LADodger2011 says:

    Stow was taken out of his coma only to be put into another one in order to reduce the seizures he was having. His future is even less certain now than before. Our prayers are with him.

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