Southern California Grocery Union Seeks Strike Authorization

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The union for Southern California grocery store workers will ask more than 60,000 members to authorize a strike, arguing that supermarket giants are dragging their feet in contract talks.

Members of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 770 will vote next Wednesday.

Their contract with the parent companies of the Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons chains expired six weeks ago.

Albertsons spokesman Fred Muir says Thursday that strike talk is premature because negotiations continue and progress is being made.

Vons spokesman Daymond Rice says a vote is an unnecessary distraction and a waste of time. He says slow progress is being made and talks will resume this month.

Ralphs spokeswoman Kendra Doyel says the best course of action is to continue negotiating and reach an agreement.

A four-month strike and lockout that began in 2003 cost Ralphs and other grocery chains more than $2 billion by some estimates.

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  • WH Jones

    How can they do this? I thought unions were recently banned by the Supreem Court?

  • TT

    Best be careful about work these days – there are plenty of people out there that need work and will be glad to have it . And Jobs arent really plentiful right now ……

    • Bebe

      Do you really want to live in a world where workers have no rights and should not act as a group for fair treatment? Because China is a dictatorship and the attitude you express here is the prevailing attitude over there, TT. I support the unions and won’t cross the picket line.

    • Patti F

      No kidding! I’ll take one of those jobs…I pay 700.00 a month for health insurance for me and two kids…they pay 36 dollars a month for individual and 92 for family and they have a problem with that?

  • CalFord

    Ingrate clowns, listen up. The last time these stores went on strike myself and many people I know NEVER went back to them. I have never stepped foot in Ralphs for years. Take what you get, dump the Unions which skim so much off your check you’d be better off without them – or face very harsh hardships. In 2011 union ingrates will not recover like they did several years ago -and- stores will just put in more self check outs.

    • Bebe

      Are you serious? Ralph’s is the worst grocery corporation there is — moving in across the street from other supermarkets, driving them out of business and then jacking up prices? I don’t shop at Ralph’s for that reason. Even Whole Foods and Gelsons are cheaper. The fact that they’re nickel and diming their employees is not a surprise — their CEO needs to finance his next private island I’m sure.

  • DBHollywood

    everyone hates union workers now–not the smartest thing to do…

    • darrell street

      at least someone is makeing more thin 8.00 a hour.i love unions,thay MADE THE MIDDLE CLASS great ,the world lives on the edge,rich get richer and the poor get left overs,GOD BLESS THE UNIONS

      • Bebe

        Darrell, you’re exactly right. The history of workers in this country has been selectively edited out of history books by “conservative” activists, but we wouldn’t have any of the things we take for granted in this country (40-hour work week, weekends, workman’s comp when we get hurt on the job, lunch breaks, etc.) without unions.

      • Ron

        Yes Darrell, where else can an illiterate make more than $8/hr.? Get a dictionary or use spell check, so you can at least look/sound like you know what your doing.

        This UNION member is NOT the exception to the rule. Unions don’t like intelligent people, who can think for themselves. It gets in the way of their plans. They just need/want sheep that will pay union dues and vote for ALL UNION CAUSES.

  • itsmella

    Good God! Are you underworked, overpaid Banana Scanners whining again? DON”T SHOP THERE PEOPLE!

    • upset person

      Under worked? Its obvious you never worked in a grocery store. The companies are demanding more work with less help as it is. And getting upset at conditions when there is no help to make conditions better. Maybe you should try working in one before you go opening your mouth.

      • Bebe

        Bingo. Well said.

  • Paul Thomkins

    “Banana Scanners”–hahaha I guess you could call TSA Agents that too.

  • Marilyn

    After the 2003 strike I went in a Ralphs and they rude and complaining. I have not gone in a Ralphs since then. Stater Bros. offers cheaper prices and friendlier employees.

    • laura

      Not everyone lives near a Stater Bros. Whole Foods is the way to go!!! I don’t shop at Ralphs, Vons or Albertsons, No thank you.

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    VONS.COM The ONLY way to fly for having groceries delivered!!
    Hope the drivers don’t go out as well, I don’t ever wanna go shopping in a store again!

    • Ron

      GOTTALUVIT, you know they will, because they are union drivers and unions don’t want anything efficient for the stores customers, unless we pay union DUES !!.

      • SnookievsSookie

        You have many posts on here, are you an avid shopper or something?
        Why do you care so much to post this much? None of this has anything to do with the customer. They will hire just as many scabs as they have employees to replace them, plus, nobody is going to stop you from crossing a picket line.

        Do you have some personal vendetta against unions?


    Keep hating the union; we’re just a bunch of ungrateful babies anyway.
    But don’t worry, when they destroy what’s left of the unions (there’s not much left to destroy) then all the non-union workers will get their wages and benefits hacked.
    When there’s no one left to lead the way for wages and conditions, you’ll all be working for walmart wages, and you’ll just spend your whole check at the grocery store you work at.
    Keep on hating, you scabs, and silently ride our coattails.
    We’re the greatest leaders you’ll never acknowledge.

    • Bebe

      Completely agree. People don’t understand that the things they take for granted wouldn’t exist without unions.

      • Ron

        Bebe, that may have been the case in the very early years of the union. But NOT now. They are only concerned about collecting dues, forcing their AGENDAS and their members to vote “THE UNIONS way” or else you are out of a job.

        Union bosses are FAT CATS, too, not just Ralph’s CEO.

      • Ron

        Bebe, you seem to be very well informed, but I must ask why teachers that I have spoken to, have said that they do not agree with the unions opinions/agendas, but can’t speak up for fear of retaliations. Also there was a person on a similar article, about the possible grocery strike, that said she was a member of a grocery union and felt that she was not getting any benefit for the dues she paid. But she felt that, if she stopped paying her dues, she would lose her job. She was very upset, that the UNION could cause her to lose her job, not the store managers.

        Because of the pressures that unions place on their members, they ARE DICTATORS.

      • Bebe

        Ron, this is a reply to you but there’s no reply button on your post.

        Ever since those same early days, from the moment worker protections were passed, big business has been doing everything they can to chip away at them. It actually makes me sad that you have so much faith in big business that you don’t think that the minute unions are out of the way working conditions won’t immediately plummet, but they will.

        Also, it’s another big business lie that union bosses are fat cats. Corporations are dictatorships with the CEOs as the dictator; unions are democracies, which have elections and free will among its members. Members vote for the rights of all of them–not just to line their own pockets the way CEOs operate. Unions are the last bastion against us turning into a third world state like China, which is the dream of people like the Ralph’s CEO. In places like Maine and down South, some GOP governors are trying to bring back child labor. You know why? They will work for less. Our economy is driven primarily by consumer spending. If everyone’s wages are driven down by greedy CEOs and the death of unions, the economy will fall because no one will have money to spend. Henry Ford paid his workers well because he wanted them to buy his cars–big corporations now see their consumer bases growing in India and other developing nations. They’re willing to let us all sink into poverty and powerlessness. And then we’ll be worse than China, more like Somalia where trans-national corporations can essentially do whatever they want regardless of who it hurts, with nothing to stop them.

      • Sarah

        I agree with BEBE, without unions regular employees would be making alot less. Although my husband has a union job, the union does not do that much for him, he is lucky he still has a job. But I am sure there are folks sitting behind a desk 24/7 trying to figure out how to do away with all union jobs. It is a sad situation…….


    Unions ruining America. Keep on Striking fools.

  • swhitS

    I want a Whole Foods and Trader Joes downtown. The only possible place I can go is Ralphs and Vons andI hate Vons.

    • laura

      I love Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Have a Trader Joes down the street and a Whole foods 5 minutes away.

  • Tired of the madness!

    Employment at a grocery store is a job, not a career! If you want to make a decent living with good benefits then get a career. If you, the grocery store clerk, choose to stay at that place of employment then don’t complain about the pay or the benefits. I say strike…there are a lot of so called scabs that will be more than happy to take your spot. Furthermore, I will not hesitate for one second to cross a picket line. I did it before and I will have no problem crossing again.

    • mari

      I agree, my husband and I were both laid off this year and we would honestly love to work as a scab worker, a job is a job as long as it pays the bills and gets food on the table! I am sorry but the people who are going on strike because they don’t get good wages,etc you should be lucky you even have a job! I would be happy to even just get a minimum wage job

      • upset person

        yeah right the minimum wage wouldn’t even put food on your table after paying whatever bill you can pay let alone pay your rent get real. The real reason your upset is the fact that you got laid off. maybe and i mean maybe if there was a union you might still have your job. Its obvious your employers didn’t give a rats ass about you and how hard you guys worked…

    • upset person

      I have been there 20 years and you say its not a career why don’t you try working there not as a scab but as an employee i bet you couldn’t even last a year cuz what is demanded of you. You are talking out of your ass and don’t even get whats going on. As a scab you would think its a kick job but try working there on a day to day bases its a hole nother story. I hate people like you that think they know it all but have never worked for a grocery store.

  • ginny

    Go ahead and strike, I’ll make sure I walk right past the pickets and shop at each store just to make a point. I supported the last strike, but not this time.. Food prices are out of control already and if there isn’t some level of control in a new contract we’ll all see price increases to cover that too.

    • Bebe

      I wish I could see the look on your face when you realize that your attitude is going to turn the U.S. into Somalia or the sweatshops of China. If you have children, you better hope that wiser people than you prevail or their future is going to be desperately grim.

    • Bebe

      By the way, food prices are out of control because of speculation on Wall St. That doesn’t make it on the news, but that’s the reality. But the CEO of Ralph thanks you for doing his bullying for him so he can buy another private island or lear jet.

    • upset person

      That’s funny you blame the higher prices on paying our wages when these companies are making billions each year. You think if they pay less for wages they will lower the prices on things if anything they will keep going up they will just blame it on gas prices….

    • Ron

      Ginny, when you walk past the pickets, don’t forget to use the self-checkout. That way some of the picketing union workers, won’t have a job to complain about when we no longer need union cashiers.

  • Buck

    I wave as I walk by their line

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  • Gil sucks

    See that, reading your garbage does have an effect on me. Look at my spelling errors! Work with me iPhone!

  • Jewels

    why should grocery workers get better benefits than a college educated engineer? wake up, the economy is so bad that you should be happy to have a job. i will walk past the picket lines and pick up an application for employment.

    • upset person

      Your just upset that you spent thousands of dollars on a engineering degree and cant get a job. Thats why you will walk by and get an application for a job that could give you good bennies that your engineering degree should have given you. So walk on by and pick one up then we will see if you got what it takes to work for a company that doesn’t give a rats ass about you after the strike is over if we strike at all. Maybe you should try working there even if we don’t strike and see if you last.

  • larina

    education is not all…. obviously you forget about humans past … u think most of the things you live off today was created by all educated people your crazzy……dont forget the fact that if there were no strikes or protest in our past that women would even be able to be educated that other races could work in harmony side by side get a clue not my fault you chose a path that you dont get any good benifits from, so you say……………

  • Krystie Conrad

    You are so right about the self check-out machines. These idiots barley know how to read the price tags right let alone operate the machine! If it wasn’t for unions the US wouldn’t have a middle class to stand on. And who cares about the fact that you work at a fortune 500 company becuase I probably make the same amount of money that you do. And do you think your bosses care about you? And the financial situation we are in today is the fault of the Republicans!!!!!!

  • Jacob Amaya

    I dont your views but my dad is a manger so shut up and pray for them.

  • Ron is a butt pirate

    To Ron: I know several employees who have college degrees, including myself.
    By your comments, I can tell you are just as uneducated as Gil. Inbred employees? That is your argument? An empty, fake insult is the best you have? Oh wait… Your argument is that you can run self checkout better than the “3rd grade dropouts”.
    My response to that is simply… LOL! I work self checkout regularly. You people are idiots. You don’t know how to read tags, how to place the item down when the machine tells you, how to pay… PATHETIC! I work on the west side, don’t you knuckle dragging dolts have money?? How do you make six figures when you can’t follow simple instructions?!?
    I’ll tell you what, why don’t you come to any store, say what you are saying online to a persons face. If it were me, I’d beat you like a red headed step child.

    • Ron

      Too afraid to use your own name or something more original than,” Ron is a butt pirate”. Now we all know what your favorite past time is. Did you get your practice of pirating in prison or the gay community?

      I too, have a college degree and it certainly doesn’t take a genius to operate the self-checkout(I can), but go ahead and brag about your talents(butt pirating & self-checkout operator, WOW !!!).

      And as far as coming into your store, so you can beat me “like a red headed step child”, I guess that means you must be a union thug or “wanna-be”. Or maybe you’re the chicken s@it, that beat up the Giant fan at Dodger Stadium, and that’s why you won’t use your own name.

      It’s obvious to everyone, that YOU union grocery workers are getting VERY WORRIED about losing your jobs(And you should be), now that grocery stores and customers, have discovered how USELESS you really are, since we can get by without you, thanks to SELF-CHECKOUTS.

      ALERT TO ALL NON-UNION grocery shoppers, if you are FED UP with the UNION STRIKES, walk past the pickets, straight to the SELF-CHECKOUTS, every time you SHOP !!! Easy solution. How long do you think they will keep their jobs?

  • Ron's butt pirating adventures

    Ron, if you’d like to insult my grammar due to typing from my mobile device (OMGZ, the idiot grocery store worker has a mobile device) then feel free. I have to at least give you something to retort too, since I just owned you.

    • Ron

      You shouldn’t be typing on a mobile device, while you’re driving !!

      And it figures, that you would be a Charlie Sheen fan. Only LOSERS and DRUG addicts still idolize him.

  • Ron

    You are so interested in my last name, yet you can’t even use your name.

    Who gives a cr@p about reading the CBA? It is a rope around any employer’s neck, put there by corrupt politicians, that are bought and paid for by the unions.

  • Ron is a tool

    I see my posts slamming your lack of intelligence have been deleted. Hmmm… Embarrassed much? I’m summing this up because I’m done talking to someone who has no knowledge of what he is attempting to retort.

    1. You have no idea what you are talking about. You have no knowledge of this subject, nor the CBA. The CBA, the reason this is happening you clown.

    2. You spout off mindless opinion without backing it up, I.e. “the CBA is brought on by corrupt politicians, paid for by the union”. So, pretty much all your posts.

    3. You fail to give your last name. Probably you realized what an uneducated piece of caca you are.

    Idiot grocers- 3 Ron the retort (haha that’s creative) 0


    • Ron

      It’s about time that you signed off, you were DONE a long time ago. All you can say is that I have not given you my last name and you continue to act like the LITTLE BOY on the playground, whining because someone took his soccer ball.

      Go home and kiss your union bosses AS@ !!

      And when you take a math class, you’ll realize that the score is REALLY, Ron 4 & LOSERS 0

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