LOS ANGELES (AP) — Warner Bro. lawyers are rejecting Charlie Sheen’s claim that he’s in talks to return to “Two And A Half Men.”

A letter Thursday from attorneys for Warner Bros. Television to Sheen’s lawyer dismisses as “false” Sheen’s comments that discussions are under way to reinstate him. Details of the letter were confirmed by a person close to the situation who requested anonymity because they lacked authority to speak publicly.

Sheen told a Boston radio station Tuesday that there was an “85 percent” chance of his returning to the hit CBS sitcom. He was fired last month after outbursts directed at the show’s producer.

The letter from the firm of Munger, Tolles & Olson to Sheen’s attorney, Marty Singer, says there are no discussions regarding Sheen rejoining “Two and Half Men” and there will be none.

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Comments (5)
  1. ken says:

    you would think that all that money involved people would put their feelings away, and put on the show. but some rich freak could not take any outbursts. so down goes the show and the money. such is the live of spoiled people and their flamboyant personalities.

  2. bob says:

    I dont care if i ever see Charlie sheen on that dumb show again. I do feel bad for all the crew that worked behind the scenes on it though. All of them are outta work now because two rich guys couldnt play nice.

  3. Meclo, El Monte says:

    First I was for Charlie, thought he got a bad rap, needed help for his addictions, but now its just sad that all them people are paying for his antics and disgusting behavior.
    I dont even care to see him on the air again, let him fend for himself and create something not involving the lashing out and blame onto others!
    The end….

  4. Ron says:

    Can you really believe anything this has been, drug addicted actor says?


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