HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — City Councilman Tom LaBonge is calling the burglary and small fire that happened at a synagogue in Hollywood a hate crime.

“Any time an institution is attacked it’s a hate crime,” LaBonge said.  “Any time — whether a church, a temple, a mosque.”

According to police, the damage was discovered by workers arriving about 9 a.m. at Temple Israel at 7300 Hollywood Blvd., two blocks west of La Brea Avenue.

Police believe the burglary took place overnight when the building was empty.  When staff first arrived on the scene, the saw a man exciting the building.  The suspect broke into a second-story classroom through a window, burglarized the area and set a small fire.

“Yeah I’m a little scared,” said student Jacob Shneiderman.  “We were thinking that we might die or that the school might burn down if the fire set all around the school.”

Police evacuated the school and searched for the suspect, possibly a transient, who may have been wearing a ski mask.

Personnel from the Los Angeles Fire Department, FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are investigating the incident.

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Comments (16)
  1. Thomas Bleming says:

    It will be interesting to see just who is resposible for this incident.
    You can be assured of one thing, if they are Jewish I doubt that the controlled media will say anything.
    Over 85 percent of these criminal incidents are committed by members of the so called ‘God’s Chosen’ cult.
    Check out the real facts (go to the FBI hate crimes information stats) and see for yourself.

    1. Not newsworthy says:

      You are a racist obviously, you probably feel bad that you aren’t part of the chosen hahahaha

      1. StopLyingToYourself says:

        It’s not racism if it’s the truth

  2. Pete Sandoval says:

    You must be so proud of your anti-semitism, Thomas. Of course the Jews are controlling the media. I’m sorry you feel so powerless and impotent. I assume your troubles are no fault of your own. Thank god for scapegoats.

  3. S. Price says:

    It’s amazing that nothing changes, nobody learns tolerance and respect. How sad we are.

  4. Frank B says:

    I guess the fbi and their stats are anti-semitic. Price and Sandoval… You disgust me.

  5. Ed Guthrie says:

    sounds like a homeless person to me, probably broke in to get out of the cold and started a small fire for same reason. what is everything a hate crime these days? a crime is a crime what difference does the persons reasons make? if a person kills another person because he does not like his “color” and another person kills someone because he wants his car why should one murder be considered worse that the other? they are both murderers, there should not be any difference in peoples outrage otherwise we are assigning less importance to the death of the victim of the robbery. no group of people should be more, or less protected, than others..

  6. Just a Thought says:

    @ Price: Ditto.

  7. Just a Thought says:

    The sad thing is that bc the Santa Monica bomb-thing got so much press, now we have copycat morons running around.

  8. Pete Sandoval says:

    Just because a bigoted moron says, “Over 85 percent of these criminal incidents are committed by members of the so called ‘God’s Chosen’ cult” doesn’t make it true. There are no such statistics on the FBI.

    i love how Mr. Price’s sincere sentiment that there is a sad lack of tolerance disgusts you. Compassion and love must make you vomit (sad man).

  9. Thomas Bleming says:

    Check out the facts before you go running your mouth like the dumb and ignorant moron that you apparanty are. I have and I restate what I found out from the FBI stats.
    Tell them they are hate-filled bigots for stating what is fact.

  10. Al Guy says:

    can’t we live in peace?

  11. Thomas Bleming says:

    I am just a Goy.

  12. Pete Sandoval says:

    You are just a bigot.

  13. Thomas Bleming says:

    Definition of a Goy.
    As in the issue of an animal.

    Check this out on the Internet, that’s if you desire to see what THEY call us NON-
    ‘God’s Chosen’.
    And you have the audacity to call anyone who brings out the truth as a ‘bigot’.
    You sir, are a real piece of work.

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