SACRAMENTO (AP) — The state Senate has approved legislation that would require California’s public schools to include gay history in social studies lessons.

The bill, sponsored by Democratic Sen. Mark Leno of San Francisco, passed Thursday on a 23-14 vote. The measure now goes to the Assembly.

It leaves it up to local school districts to decide what to include in the lessons and at what grade students would receive them.

Leno and other supporters say it is needed to counter anti-gay stereotypes and beliefs that make gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender children vulnerable to bullying and suicide.

Opponents said it would burden an already crowded curriculum and expose students to a subject that some parents find objectionable.

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Comments (89)
  1. Bob says:

    Thank GOD my kids are over 18 and out of school.

    1. Dr. G. F. Wrigley says:

      Why do you hate gays, Bob? I bet you’re one. Usually those that hate gays are in the closet.

      1. Laughing in el monte says:

        Don’t hate the LGBT community. However, be outraged at the textbook publishers who will be raking in the $$$ from this bill.

      2. Saber 1 says:

        I don’t want my sons to know about the rump rangers and pole smokers in history. They force feed this on everyone and no one wants to know about their carpet munching or rump ranger affairs.

    2. david sanders says:

      I am totally with you on that Bob….it’s an absolute disgrace.

      1. david sanders says:

        P.S. Hey Bob, how about me and you go out for drinks?

      2. Eric says:

        May I ask why exactly you are against this?

    3. ppicci says:

      I hope my child graduates before they implement this.

      1. Pope Larry IV says:

        If that’s your attitude, your child doesn’t have a chance anyway. Start teaching them now how to flip burgers or rummage through trash for aluminum cans.

    4. cloudnine says:

      Bob you are truly lucky. My kids unfortunately have to endure this sickness. What’s next history on how the farmer fought for his right to be with his goat.

      1. Mrs. Claudia Wilkins (ret) says:

        Farmer and his goat?!? You’re a perv. Maybe Child Protective Services should investigate you.

      2. cloudnine says:

        Guess what Mrs. Wilkins the whole world is getting sicker by the day. Read the book of JUDE.
        My kids are just fine. In God’s path. My hope & prayers are for them to stay on it. So far so good.
        Love the Sinner not the Sin. That applys to everyone including ME.

    5. MB man says:

      I am as gay friendly as they come. I believe in same sex marriages and that gay people should be a protected class by law

      However I am outraged by this bill. Schools role in society is to educate and provide our kids with tools needed to function in greater society Schools arenot supposed to be tools for social engineering. Please teach our kids to read write and do math. Leave the rest to others

    6. Dennis Mullican says:

      What does teaching history have to do if a person is gay or straight? Being Gay is a life style not a nationality. These state legislators need to get there heads on strait and take care of our economic problems and quit worrying about being politically correct.

  2. c-gas says:

    How about mandating the pledge of allegiance.

    1. Rev. Pastor Mitchell says:

      Why? Saluting the flag is idol worship. That’s banned by the Ten Commandments. Keep your sin to yourself.

      1. California is a Sinking Ship says:

        Idiot. Worshiping (which is what you are eluding to in respect to the flag) and saluting are two different things. Weak argument and that’s the best I expect from the Libs.

      2. Rev. Pastor Mitchell says:

        California is a Sinking Ship: Before you call people idiots, learn the difference between elude and allude.

    2. kb says:

      i agree why they don’t want the kids nothing about God ???? but the opposite for this ????

  3. aahhhh says:

    I have to poop

    1. AV says:

      where’s ur g@y buddy? im sure he can help with that prob.

      1. aahhhh says:

        Is that what yours does, AV? Gross.

  4. Parent says:

    Ok, we can teach about Gay history, but it’s too controversial to keep the Ten Commandments. Oh yes, we don’t want to teach our kids to respect our parents, not to steal, not to murder, etc. that would be too much.

    1. Tina says:

      Religion is just a bunch of fairy tales needed by the weak. It should be kept out of school. Magic friends in the sky have no place in education.

      1. concern says:

        so is gay history

      2. Parent says:

        Nevertheless, amid the greatest difficulties of my Administration, when I could not see any other resort, I would place my whole reliance on God, knowing that all would go well, and that He would decide for the right.
        –October 24, 1863 – Abraham Lincoln

        So weak right? If only our government would learn from our founding fathers.

      3. cloudnine says:

        Hey Tina
        I guarantee you that when you are taking your last breath you will be asking HIM to forgive you & beg him to be with you. Guess what HE WILL.

  5. Schmext Books says:

    Laughing in el monte is right. Selling text books to schools is a MAJOR racket.

    1. rjsmitty says:

      Abrham Lincoln was the ture American Tyrant

  6. A Simpler Way says:

    Couldn’t they just point out famous, respected people in history that were gay? That would help enlighten people and fight stereotypes. It would be good for kids to know famous people like George Washington and Ronald Reagan were gay.

  7. More Tolerance says:

    They should teach Fat History too. Fat people are often the subject of discrimination and bullying. And probably Ugly History as well.

    1. Ron says:

      Unfortunately, this is true.

      Where do you draw the lines? What happened to separation of church & state? Capo Unified School District(Mission Viejo) had some religious family, that sent their son to public high school(although there are many great religious high schools in the immediate area)and SUED a teacher because he said something in class, that they did not agree with. And they wanted the teacher fired. They come to a public school and want us to teach religion for their son or at least not say anything about it, if it is not what THEY BELIEVE.

      It’s true, we do have budget problems and if they want their RELIGIOUS BELIEFS taught, THEN SEND YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER to a Parocial school. We don’t want to lose good teachers or other programs, that the majority of our sons and daughters want and/or need, in order to pay for your beliefs.

      And that goes for GAY HISTORY too. It is better to have a class that teaches tolerance, prevention of bullying and better character development, etc., not just GAY HISTORY. What will they demand next, that we teach our kids that gay and their religious lifestyle is the choice of preference?

      We need to speak up and tell the DAMN government and judges to stop pushing their GAY or RELIGIOUS beliefs on all of US !!! Live your life and we will live ours.

      1. Bruce says:

        What do you mean “gay beliefs”? How do you get internet in your cave?

      2. Jay Arlidge says:

        I agree with most of what you said Ron. unfortunately not everyone can send there kid to a religious, as you say, school. it cost a great deal of money and the government because of there separation of church and state, will not give financial aid. they need to have tolerance for the people who do NOT want their kids taught this mess.

      3. Ron says:

        Why don’t you tell me, Bruce? I bet you’re an expert in that area.

        By the way, my cave has all the modern amenities.

  8. rjsmitty says:

    Somkers are discriminated against after all they were born that way too.

  9. Bruce says:

    It’s too bad cigarettes take so long to kill smokers. If it got them before they had a chance to reproduce, natural selection would work and we’d be rid of them.

  10. MELLOW OUT says:

    Before all you bible thumper knuckledraggers get all excited, NOTE: It’s being taught as part of Sociology. Look up that word. It’s appropriate to include gays in that subject.

  11. wobbles says:

    Is it going to be made up facts and exagerations of brilliance like black history as taught in our schools is now? If you look at a school textbook, black folks created just about everything useful that we take for granted today from the gasmask to the traffic light. If you look at the actual patent records however, other people had already invented the same things years and even decades before them and it turns put they just had a different variation of an already existing idea. But never let the truth get in the way of a good story, right?

    1. Bernice says:

      “But never let the truth get in the way of a good story, right?”

      You didn’t.

      1. wobbles says:

        look it up like I did and see for yourself. Oh wait, that would require something other than eating what they spoonfeed you, it would require independant thought and a little actual work.

  12. CAB says:

    Supporters say this is needed to protect children from bullying and suicide.

    What about fat kids?
    What about kids with disabilities?
    What about kids with red hair (anyone remember that one?)

    Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to teach tolerance….period.
    Gee, what a concept!

    1. No H8 says:

      When they have a Prop 8 about any of those, you’ll have a point.

      1. Californina is a Sinking Ship says:

        No, actually CAB has a right point now.

      2. No H8 says:

        You just hate gays. You don’t really care about the groups CAB mentions.

    2. cloudnine says:

      CAB you are 100% right! Last year my niece had some bullies picking on her for being a JESUS freak. One went as far to try to throw dirt on her. Thank God the school took care of those kids but hey you didn’t see that on the evening news.

  13. Jay Arlidge says:

    Why do we have to teach about sexuality and sexual preference in the first place?? that should be left up to the parents!! i hope we get a vote on this. it will go down just like prop 8. This is a violation of right to religion. it violates SO many religious beliefs and not just Christians, baptist, catholic, Jewish and any other religion that follows the bible.

    1. California is a Sinking Ship says:

      @H8, how did I know you were going to respond with me hating gays. It was a 50/50 chance between that and racist.

      Perhaps at least someone from your argument could be a little more creative.

      If my opinion is not in line with your opinion, then I’m a hater. Sorry I won’t conform to your logic. Interesting point though, since I and many others won’t conform to what you think is acceptable, its people with your mindset that display hate, and often violence. Now isn’t that hypocritical,

    2. California is a Sinking Ship says:

      Excelent point Jay. I am a parent. I know how to raise my child. The state is in no postion to even run the government, let alone come into my house and tell me how my child should be raised.

      1. Dr. Spock says:

        “I know how to raise my child.”

        Can you prove that? How many children have you successfully raised thus far?

      2. California is a Sinking Ship says:

        Well I have seen every episode of The Brady Bunch and I had goldfish when I was a kid. How’s that smartypants?

      3. California is a Sinking Ship says:

        @Dr. Spock, in response to your question, yes I can. One, my own. And I don’t want any influence from this quagmire state called California. My right as a parent. And to any other parent, I won’t step in and tell them how to raise their child if it is not illegal

        Next question please.

  14. Californina is a Sinking Ship says:

    to “Californina is a Sinking Ship” #2, I don’t know who you are that posted the Brady Bunch clip as me. But I have to say, that was great. You had me cracking up.

    That’s what we need, some humor.

    1. Man of a 1000 Faces says:

      Sinking Shio #2 is some of the same other “people” you’re arguing with here. The humor you seek here is abundant.

  15. This is insane says:

    Looks like it’s time to look into private schooling…now the gays are going to claim all the great inventors as gay…

    1. Boogiemonster says:

      The Gays are coming for your children. THE GAYS ARE COMING FOR YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Flowers in your hair says:

    Don’t worry as Sharia law takes over “progressively” it will counter all the gay advocates. Read the Koran and comprehend what great things it says about friendly Gays. Have a nice day.

  17. cloudnine says:

    How about SEPARATE State & Parenting..I’m with CA Sinking Ship 100%!!

  18. Ignorance and intolerance is not bliss says:

    This is exactly why I am so happy I was born and raised in California amongst the tolerant and open minded. I have many gay friends that are the most loving, loyal and awesome people I have ever met. Most of them ran as far as they could from their Bible Belt religious families that would rather shun their own flesh and blood or try to “Heal” them than love them as they should, which is as they are! Not what some rank interpretation of the Bible tells them they should be.
    The Gays are not going to Hell, those that are intolerant of them will have to answer to God for their ignorance.

    1. California is a Sinking Ship says:

      Understand your argument, but wrong place for it in this discussion. It’s what me as a parent should decide what is suitable and what is not. Nothing to do with hate, yet the “loving side” will argue that it is hate.

      By the way you are correct on one sense, but on the other sense I have seen the other side of the rage and violence of the “loved one” if you even think about disagreeing with their beliefs.

      Point is California, leave my child alone. I pay a lot of taxes so since you use my money for schools for everyone, respect me as a parent and what I know to be appropriate My child is my responsibility and I am responsible to raise her.

      1. nail on the head says:

        Well said!

      2. Flowers in your hair says:

        Round of Applause for you Sinking Ship.. Truth hurts doesn’t it “Ignorance is bliss”…

    2. Idiot above says:

      Yawnnn. Had any attention lately?

    3. Bluesguitar777 says:

      re: your last sentence. haha… we’ll see about that…

  19. Ignorance and Intolerance is not bliss says:

    I don’t think this is the incorrect forum at all. We can’t trust that all parents will raise their children to be tolerant as alot of parents incorrectly leave the raising of their children to the schools. I don’t see intolerance as hate in all cases, but as a result of being given one-sided information and not given the chance due to religious upbringing to be open-minded. Maybe learning this in school will open the eyes to those that would not otherwise have that opportunity.
    I may not have children yet, but I also pay my taxes and feel as though I can voice my views in any forum as I am a California Tax Payer as well.

    1. Ignorance and Intolerance is not bliss says:

      Oh, and to “flowers in your hair” it does not hurt at all as that is not MY truth. Those are all individual opinions that we are all allowed to voice. Even rediculous ones like yours.

  20. cloudnine says:

    Ignorance and Intolerance is not bliss
    YOU don’t even have kids!!! YOU should just stay out of this forum. Have an opinion when you have your first child.
    BTW use your spell check 🙂

  21. Ignorance and Intolerance is not bliss says:

    Oh Cloudnine. You truly due reside there, don’t you? Just because I do not have kids does not mean I cannot be on this forum. I did not read any pre-curser rules to leaving a comment. Have you heard of Freedom of Speech? I happen to have over 20 Nieces and Nephews, does that make you feel better? Oh, and “Use your spell check” is just a rediculous comment. I think that it is childish rhetoric like yours that is part of the downfall of this country. Maybe you should go to the Nickelodeon forum or something where you will be amongst your mental peers.

  22. cloudnine says:

    Ignorance and Intolerance is not bliss
    Calm down Chicken Little. I’m serious REDICULOUS is not a word. Look it seems like you are very passionate about this & i respect that but God willing when you become a parent the whole world changes. I too have several nieces and nephews but when this child given to you by GOD is your own your whole view of life changes. It’s like God gave you a new set of eyes. My goal as a parent is to make sure my children LOVE,RESPECT,& CARE for others but to make sure they live in Godly values & not worldly values. Like I said GOD willing you will see one day what I mean.
    BTW I perfer Disney 🙂

  23. Ignorance and Intolerance is not bliss says:

    Well, I never said I was a spelling scholar. Haha. Yes, I am very passionate about it and I do know for a fact that I will raise my children in a Godly and Worldly manner. I believe God is an all loving and all forgiving God and know and believe that everyone is entitled to express their beliefs and opinions. I just feel that children are the most vulnerable and impressionable of the Human race and it is our job to protect them and see that they are raised with tolerance and an open mind, even if we do not have any of our own.
    I do appreciate your sense of humor and the fact that we can have a conversation without hatred or intolerance of each others views and beliefs.

    1. cloudnine says:

      Ignorance and Intolerance is not bliss
      Wow I see GREAT parenting potential in you already:)
      Like I said GOD willing that day will come soon. Only if you are ready 🙂
      God Bless 🙂

    2. Bluesguitar777 says:

      You cannot raise your child in a Godly and Worldly manner. They are two different set of beliefs/morals. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, hon’.

  24. bob says:

    I think its a great law. This will make the schools & state go brook faster. then all the legal people will leave and the tacos & gays can pay the bill

    1. cloudnine says:

      QUE??? whatcha talkin about Willis? 😛

  25. Senor Cilantro says:

    Tacos pay taxes?!? Man, I need to stop eating so many then.

  26. Informed Patriot says:

    As God-fearing true American, I don’t support this. The Constitution talks every man being created equal, not every man and his gay bathouse lover being equal.

  27. Soquel Creek says:

    “Perhaps adding a gay history requirement will improve California’s below-national-average education performance.” Thus is the logic of the Sacramento Progressive Brain Trust.

  28. Informed Patriot says:

    Ronald Reagan wsa gay. Do you have a problem with our greatest president ever?

  29. REAL Patriot says:

    He wasn’t gay, you butt pirate. He only liked to experiment a little—so what, who doesn’t?

  30. Buddy says:

    Cool. That should fix the state deficit! Good job!

  31. jan says:

    dont be surprised some day if california is destroyed in a huge fire ball – that is how God judged Sodom and Gorrmah in the Bible for the same thing – if i had kids they definitely would be home schooled or go to a private christian school

  32. drozone69 says:

    My kids already know about Gay History.That they are the reason for AIDS,and they will never ever be happy unless they are granted rights that exceed that of heterosexuals

  33. POCAL says:

    That is an OUTRAGE! With all the serious things going on right now, what the hell are these people thinking. Like I need my kid to know when Johnny poked Jimmy. Tolerance yes, but STOP SHOVING YOUR GAYNESS DOWN OUR THROATS! WE DONT GIVE A DAMM! JUST BE A GOOD PERSON IN SOCIETY!

  34. Matthew says:

    The fact CA even considered this bill is an outrage. CA you lost two tax paying citizens and their future kid. I will not put my kid in ca’s public school EVER. Goodbye Cali, I will never look back!

  35. bugman says:

    Now I know why Linda left him in Africa years ago,his first time as Gov!

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