SACRAMENTO (CBS) – Kobe Bryant fined $100,000 today for using a derogatory statement about referee Bennie Adams.

Bryant had just been hit with a technical foul and said he was trying to get Adams attention from the bench. That’s when video replays showed him making the remark in question.

Kobe apologized earlier today, at least in part, as he put it:

“What I said last night should not be taken literally. My actions were out of frustration and in the heat of the game, period. The words expressed do not reflect my feelings toward the gay and lesbian communities and were not meant to offend anyone.”

Kobe elaborated when he sat down with our John Ireland just before the Sacramento matchup.

After socking Kobe with the 6-figure fine, NBA commissioner David Stern responded this way, “Kobe Bryant’s comment during last night’s game was offensive and inexcusable. While I’m fully aware basketball is an emotional game, such a distasteful term should never be tolerated.”

Comments (20)
  1. Lakers says:

    No harm, no foul. He was just calling it like he seen it. 3Peat! LAkeshow

  2. LOU says:

    $100.000 ain’t nuttin for Kobe, after he got off on his rape charge he bought his wife a 4 million $ ring.

  3. drozone69 says:

    there are no first ammendment rights when dealing with sexual deviants,You must love them so much,that you encourage yor own offspring to that misearble fate.But hey youy may have failed as a parent,no one will ever call you politically incorrect.Kobe is a real man who deep down iside can’t or ever will understand the mind of a man who wishes to a woman sexually.

  4. Onclewillie says:

    Wow! Is it possible for David Stern to be anymore politically correct? Another reason to NOT watch basketball. Men playing a game and some bureaucrat wants to neuter them.

  5. girasoul09 says:

    Kobe has foot and mouth disease and he did not think before he spoke. Eventhough cussing is wrong, cussing, depending on what word is said is not name calling, just bad language. Alleged controversy. He cheated on a wife, is in a commercial for Turkish Airlines (which offends the Armenian community due to the 1915 Armenian genocide by Turkey) and now he calls people out a slang for someone’s alleged sexual desire and/or orientation. What’s next?

  6. Larry Wilson says:

    Much to do abput nothing. My God people are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay oversensitive and trying to live in a dream world.

  7. Yeah says:

    That’s not an apology. He didn’t once say “I’m Sorry.” He’s just trying to justify what he said.

  8. Brad says:

    I’m just wondering how people would be reacting if it had been a white player who called the ref a f***ing n-word. Hmmm. Gay people feel the same way about the f-word that African-Americans do about that one. And we are NOT going to take it anymore without speaking up. I get that Kobe was in the heat of the moment and all that, but there are just some words you can’t say. PERIOD.

  9. Frank Malianos says:

    THAT WAS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO AN APOLOGY!!! he should be fine AND he hsould also be suspended for the next 3 games!!!! MVP??? unless MVP stands for MOST VULGAR PLAYER!!!

  10. DWileyOne says:

    Kobe is a spoiled, self-centered egomaniac getting paid a disgusting amount of money to play a GAME. For him to be so “emotional” in a basketball GAME that he loses all sense of decency is stupid. He is a pathetic excuse for a human being and it makes me sad that he is held up as a role model for our children. .

  11. idiots above says:

    What if? LOL….well a white player didn’t call anybody the N word…so go crawl under you what if rock

  12. nutty says:

    Just a little info for the gay community. We have too many REAL world issues going on right now for the world to stop and revolve around your feelings. If your feelings are hurt, deal with it like everyone else. Do you gays really need that much attention? Get over yourself. People are dying all across this world and what Kobe said shouldn’t even be news. Ever heard of freedom of speech?

    1. Mark says:

      Does freedom of speech mean that I can call him the “n” word? I think not.

  13. NotAFan says:

    f**** rapist.
    Wow! Did I say that? I’m sorry.

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