Detroit-Style Coney Island Hot Dogs Coming To Hollywood

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Detroit-style Coney Island hot dogs are going Hollywood.

The Detroit Free Press reports Wednesday that actor-director Mike Binder, who grew up in the Detroit suburb of Birmingham, plans to open the 65-seat restaurant called Coney Dog in May or June. The 24-hour Los Angeles restaurant will feature hot dogs and spicy chili inspired by downtown Detroit’s Lafayette Coney Island.

Detroit-style Coney Island hot dogs are known for being slathered in wet chili. Binder says other Detroit staples such as Faygo drinks, Better Made chips and Stroh’s beer are expected to be on the menu.

Binder says some other well-known names with Michigan ties are among the restaurant’s investors, including comedian Tim Allen and “Spider-Man” director Sam Raimi.

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  • Nash

    We already have too many weiners in Hollywood

    • DZ

      Not like this though! Pinks Hotdogs have nothing on Detroit Coney’s!

  • mark fool was gay

    does anyone actually give a s… about detroit? i don’t,
    this is l.a.

    • cnote78z

      Does anybody actually give a s*** about YOU? I’m sure your mother did… once, until she realized you have no soul. Do us all a favor – HATER – walk into the ocean.

  • Jeff Cowell

    This is news?

  • JP

    if Detroit HD’s are so great, why bring in the NY thing with the “Coney Dog” name?

  • rosie

    they better have hanis too!!!

  • O'Dawg

    Is this different from the Coney Dog that is NOT in Los Angeles, or Hollywood, but in West Hollywood on Sunset and San Vicente?

  • Pappy

    Larry’s Chili Dogs Burbank, Cupids Canoga Park, Pinks Hollywood, Tommy’s just about anywhere…Thought we already were Top-Dog…

  • Phil

    if Gus ain’t serving it, (2 up) (Lafayette Coney) then its not worth it. Although I will take a Red Pop

  • BubbaMich

    The “Detroit-style” chili-dog, aka the ‘Coney Dog’ coming to Hollywood is the one inspired by Lafayette Coney in Detroit. Same hotdog supplier to Lafayette is supplying the one in Hollywood, and the chili will also be similar.

    The name comes from, as I understand it, the inventor in Detroit wanted a ‘festive’ type name and Coney Island with its amusement park in New York came to mind.

    A Coney Island restaurant has a typical eggs/hash browns/sausage or other breakfast meat breakfast menu along with Greek salads as sides for lunch and dinner items.

    Non-Detroiters may understandably be baffled by all the hub-bub about Detroit Coneys following the outward migration of former Detroiters to places like Hollywood, but for former Detroiters Coney Dogs are THE taste of home.

    Lafayette and its across-the-street rival American Coney are the gold standards.

    • Paul Essick

      It sounds like you are a native of Detroit. I am! Lafayette Coney Island is the best hot dog!! It does NOT compare to anything in Los Angeles !! Buddy’s Pizza is next in Los Angeles!! I am looking for Buddy’s Pizza investors! Or Shields franchise investors in L.A. Call Paul (818) 905-7320.

      • heewhoo

        BUDDY’S for sure…when are you opening up?

  • DRB

    But WHERE is it going to be? Is it actually somewhere in Hollywood, or is that just used generically by the Detroit AP to refer to anyplace in Southern California? I’m curious to see what the big deal is, and how it compares to our native chili dogs.

  • Jeff Stolthein

    It’s coming alright! Being built as we speak by Clay Tatum, who builds mansions for the stars [Owen Wilson’s most recently] and designed by Pipo Wintter, who also designs Mike Binder feature-films and TV series. Can’t wait to sink my fangs into this stuff!

  • JL

    When it come to Coney Islands, Lafayette Coney Island, located on Lafayette street in downtown Detroit, is the best anywhere. There are probably hundred’s of Coney Island restaurants in Detoit and the surrounding areas. As mentioned by BubbaMich earlier, if you don’t come from Detroit, you may not get it. Being a native of Detroit and living is California for decades, there is nothing in LA similar to what is offered up by the true taste of the Detroit Coney Island Hot Dogs. It is not the healthiest food to eat, nor can it be considered an every day meal. However, once having tried it, you’ll probably agree it’s a great fun food and if it’s properly served up, it will be successful. The original Lafayette Coney Island opened in Detroit’s downtown area back in 1917. They used to be open 24 hours a day, now they close for a few hours but stay open until 4:30 am. Big on concert crowds, after baseball games, etc. It’s downtown Detroit, but generally considered a safe place at night. I for one will be interested to check it out once opened. I’ve seen a few others try this over the years, generally without success because the original formula isn’t followed. Will be back with more comments once tried. Former Detroiters will be looking forward to it!

  • Nick Welyhorskyj

    If your not originally from Detroit, you just can’t get it. If you are then you know and will be happy to have a piece of home close by. I think the concept is genius and you can not have a better location than where it is going to be on Sunset Boulevard/San Vicente in West Hollywood. With places like the Whisky Viper room and all the other clubs on the Sunset Strip, they have a chance to capture great late night clientele. I just hope they get it right and it’s like a Lafayette or Senate Coney island hot dog. (BTW Bill Bonds was a Senate fan)

  • jackson

    jackson, michigan is the home of the first coney island hot dog back in 1914, not detroit. Search it.

  • Detroit Dave

    Bandwagon Detroiters harp on Lafayette Coney Island, but neighboring American Coney Island also has its adherents.

    It’s reasonable to assume a hot dog is a hot dog. But I’ve lived on two continents and traveled around a good bit, and Detroit coneys are a little different. Give ’em a try. If you like them, you’ll like them A LOT.

  • ralph monko

    The comments here are HILARIOUS—ppl in California think that La is the best place on earth–LMFAO–when you talk to most of them they have NEVER been to the midwest or east coast but all think they are experts—-Detroit coneys are in a class of there own–not a Ny dog or chicago do—I have been in Cali for 5 years and have found nothing that even comes close to a Detroit coney….I heard all this praise about pinks and a few others That I went to—yuk-not even close–plus they are going to serve Faygo and better made chips——AWESOME cant wait!!!

    • Mark Gould

      Go back to detroit putz

  • mistercharlie

    It really isn’t about “the best hot dog”, that’s just personal preference, isn’t it? How can you expect someone else’s palate to be the same as yours? No, it’s about Michiganders living in LA being excited about a piece of their youth transplanted to their current home. For instance, I’m from LA, and if I moved to, say, Nova Scotia, and there was a news story about how Vin Scully’s Dodger broadcasts would be coming to Nova Scotia, you’d better bet I’d be excited. Anyway, my wife (a Detroit vegetarian) tells me that she loves coney islands, and mostly gets the greek food at them. So stop being weird!

  • Bill

    I was a police officer in Detroit, and I fondly remember eating at Lafayette Coney Island during my shift. Now that I live in Ft. Wayne, IN, the so-called Coney Islands here can’t even come close to any of the Coney Islands in Detroit. They also have never heard of or serve loose burgers. In order to be an authentic Coney Island, loose burgers has to be on the menu. Good luck to Mr. Binder’s place in LA.

  • lafayettefan

    The Lafayette Coney reigns supreme…the coney in LA was supposed to be a Lafayette, but due to legal naming rights you get Detroit Style Coney…too freaking bad.

  • docgsb

    i personally know the peolpe who will run the coney. and i dont mean the celebs.
    once you wrap your hands around these things you’ll be hooked.
    i’ve been eating these dogs here in detroit for years. the folks exporting them to
    L.A. have the best. you are lucky dogs.

  • Mark Gould

    This place is just NASTY!! A few people have found hairs in their food…YUCK. They use beef hearts in their chili for flavor,guess the folks in detroit the little d have NO taste.

  • bosch coffee maker

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