LOS ANGELES (CBS) — LA County Supervisor Michael Antonovich wants Dodger executives to cancel a planned half-off special on alcohol at games, after the near fatal beating of a Giants fan at Dodger Stadium.

Half-off alcohol deals were planned for games on April 21, May 4, June 15, June 22, August 10 and August 31, but executives are now reconsidering after Bryan Stow, who was wearing Giants clothing, was nearly beaten to death by two men in Dodgers gear on March 31.

“They don’t need to be offering alcoholic beverages at half price when they can’t handle the crowd at full price,” Supervisor Michael Antonovich said.

Stow is hospitalized in a coma and likely suffered brain damage, according to his doctors.

Antonovich called the Dodgers’ plan to beef up security as “a day late and a dollar short.”

The team has hired Former LAPD Chief William Bratton and his security firm, Kroll Associates, to recommend a way to prevent fights on both sides of the turnstiles. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck has said more officers would be sent to the stadium on game days and that they would be more aggressive in making arrests.

Other plans include adding more lights in the parking lot, limiting the sale of alcohol, reducing the size of alcohol containers and removing drunken and bullying fans.

Though he stopped short of recommending it, Antonovich mentioned that someone had suggested limiting people to one alcoholic drink and using a hand stamp to enforce the proposed policy.

On Friday, Beck pointed to booze as a significant factor in fan misbehavior, while owner Frank McCourt said the problem was not “the sale of beer that’s a problem per se. I think it’s the abuse of that privilege.”

The Dodgers have yet to make as decision about going forward with the half-off deals, a spokesman said Tuesday.

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Comments (26)
  1. Another reason why I would NEVER goto an Dodger game says:

    What does taking away half off liquor going to do? The idiots are already sloppy drunk before the game even starts. Now your punishing the fans that goto the game to enjoy 1 or 2 beers. Losers win again.

    1. Saber 1 says:

      Only sell tickets to tatted up, shaved head gang bangers and wanna be gang bangers. Supply a firearm of their choice, then sell beer for half off. Let them shoot each other up. After the game call the sanitation department to take away all the boots up trash.

  2. Crazy Irish says:

    I went to Dodger game last season. The security was already like the gestapo. I don’t know how much tighter they can get. As a life long Dodger fan I don’t go to games anymore because the atmosphere is more like a jail than a ballpark. I didn’t even mention the horrible ownership either.

    1. John Q. says:

      They only act like the gestapo when you enter the ball park. Once inside you only see or hear from them when you step over the little white line to watch the game in the concourse areas. After the game no where to be seen.

  3. Rebecca Christiansen says:

    I am so proud to see Antonovich speak his mind. The lock-step all these civic leaders fell in behind Frank McCourt was making me taste vomit in my mouth. McCourt needs money clearly to maintain his lifestyle so he doesn’t clearly care who gets hurt in the process. I think Stow’s family needs to sue the Dodgers and the City of Los Angeles.

    1. Jack says:

      Sue the city!? For what!???? People like you make me sick!

      1. John Q. says:

        I agree Rebecca is clueless on who to sue. It’s not the city’s fault. This all happened on private property. McCourt as owner has to sole responsibility for this mess.

    2. Realist58 says:

      Sue the Dodgers!?! Lady you are definite prude and not exposed to the trash in Los Angeles and have never been to a Dodger game.

      It’s not the beer, it’s the clientele / gang bangers !!!

      Take your head out and brave a game lady and let’s see how you feel about then.

  4. coop says:

    Oh, come on now. One fan gets brutally beaten in 50 years at a Dodger Stadium and you blame it on alcohol. Yes, if is a very tragic event and I feel ill about it, but bad people are bad people. Let’s penalize everybody for the acts of two people. Let’s take some of the fun out of going to a Dodger game, which is supposed to be fun. Frank McCourt has hired extra security and police so I am sure they will be within sight of every fan entering and exiting the stadium. That is enough of rights being taken away. On the other hand, lets have breath analyzer testing for every fan leaving the stadium. Every fan over .08 will be detained, Naked body scanning on the horizon too

  5. Choncho says:

    Frank McCourt is a dumb ass he’s to worried about fighting his wife for the dodgers. He needs to worry about keeping his fans and players safe or else he’s not gonna have a team to fight over

  6. Efrain says:

    Basing on a sell out. 55998 fans will not be able to enjoy alcohol half off because of 2 thugs. Hope Stow recovers quickly. GO BLUE!

  7. swhitS says:

    What the hell has alcohol got to do with getting beat up? Most people who are drunk can’t stand up let alone lift a fist. You want to stop the gangs then stop being a sanctuary city for crime.

  8. Deb in the SFV says:

    This is LA…and keeping up the fantasy that all is OK, safe, whatever…. is what the politicians do deflect, deflect, deflect… although no one in their right mind buys it.

    Beer did not cause this horrific crime against Mr. Stow, 2 blood lusting criminals did.

    I hope and pray that Mr. Stow has a full recovery from his traumatic brain injury. .

  9. TT says:

    You guys are all right – in general…. Fans are usually drinking BEFORE the ball game, partly because AT the ballpark the drinks are too expensive, so if you think about this logically….maybe they wouldnt drink so much BEFORE the game if the prices werent so high AT the game – the excess in my opinion is prior to, not during….There are already rules in place about serving people that are too drunk already to buy more alcohol…. If you just follow that rule – everything else should fall into place. Cant Bartenders be fined for overserving ? I think they can….Problem solved.

  10. Realist58 says:

    Last beer sold in the 7th inning, has will work at all ballparks.

    If gang banging low life thugs are going to gang up on decent people they are going to do it no matter what, it’s a form of entertainment for low life grunts.

    1. TT says:

      Realist you are right about that too …… I just pray for Bryan’s speedy recovery and I hope that somebody learns something from this – and maybe some parents were paying attention to – get a rein on those teens NOW b4 they end up being stupid thugs like the ones that did this – and hurt good people …..

  11. lou says:

    Ok, mike wants 1/2 off booze cancelled, i want everyon elgible to be granted a CCW like mike received from sheriff baca, only 6 a year granted to judges and board of supervisors.

  12. WH Jones says:

    “Antonovich Wants Half-Off Deals On Alcohol”

    That is going to make the situation worse!! I can’t believe he would propose that.

  13. Rowdy Roddy says:

    Ban the beer. That’s OK. I drink a 12 pack before the game in the park next to the stadium anyway.. thenz I go inside and hoot and holler.

    1. TT says:

      RR …Exactly …As does everyone else …..

  14. mikj says:

    Raise the ticket prices so the losers cant aford to go to the game. You sit in the upper deck/ bleachers the crowds are rowdy. If you sit in the lower levels the people are nice and respectful. If you want a safe dodger trip you pay for the good seats and pay for the better parking just to stay away from the cholos. The security there is great but you cant control what a few dumb people do.

  15. jon says:

    Evey dumb raiders fan had to go somewhere when they left.

  16. Shoe says:

    Here’s a novel idea…….
    Put all the security forces and cops in the other team’s gear and have em cruise the parking lots and stadium before, during and after the games.
    Boom, problem solved.

  17. MB man says:

    Have a dress code that prohibits gang related attire. To do so would not violate anybodys rights and would go a long way to protecting the rights of law abiding fans to enjoy a ball game in a safe atmosphere

  18. Neverscared says:

    This is simply ridiculous; the alcohol has nothing to do with this!!! Its sad to see that Mr Stow had to be the one to go down, for the lame Dodgers to finally do something about their oh sooo great security. And I tell you this I have never once felt threatened or unsafe at a game. I go every year and will continue to do so. You cant live in fear and think changing alcohol policy will change things….Grow Up LA Dodgers Personal!!!! As for the rest of you if you think not going is the answer, you couldnt be more wrong. That just says Im afraid of the bullies at the games….oh cry me a river….

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