WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Three people were arrested early Tuesday morning and two others were hospitalized in serious condition after a fight broke out in front of Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood.

The venue’s manager says she and her bodyguards tried to break up a fight between the three suspects and another man who was seriously injured in the altercation just before midnight.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports.

The suspects fled in a red SUV, but plowed into pedestrians Sunset Boulevard. Two people were hit, but only one of them was hospitalized.

Sheriff’s deputies tracked the SUV down at Sunset and Doheny and fired one shot at the vehicle, but none of the suspects were hit.

The three men were arrested.

Comments (7)
  1. Mr. A.L. Franklin says:

    More rap violence? Or was it some banda fans all hopped-up on cerveza?

    1. Mikey A Go GO says:

      Yeah I hope they weren’t There for us!

  2. Bsmith23 says:

    You’re both wrong it’s the same guys who beat up that Giants fan at Dodger stadium.

  3. ILLEGALS says:

    They probably get a slap on the wrist.

  4. Rick says:

    Names of the assailants;
    Eduardo Gomez
    Jesus Gomez
    More 2 on 1?
    Keep bringing your race down! You think with all the Media surrounding the Dodgers Incident that people may learn that such brief acts of violence can have life long consequences.
    Nothing but a pair of pansies.

    1. Mikey A Go GO says:

      Its not about race, its about humanity these days! I think I rather go play shows in front of baboons instead of these a-holes!

  5. familia1st. says:

    It’s sad 2 see that now a days people belive everything they read none of you actually know what really happen in that argument , your the baboons if you ask me ..an argument that out of hand & you idiots think you know what your talking bout in reality you know nuthin about the situation ..

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