Jerry Brown: California, Country Facing ‘Regime Crisis’ Similar To The Civil War



LOS ANGELES (CBS) — While Washington averted a government shutdown this week, California Governor Jerry Brown continues with his budget battles.

The governor may feel like he’s in a recurring nightmare these days. Everywhere he turns with a proposed budget fix it gets shot down.

“If we don’t get taxes, if we don’t get cuts, we’re gonna have a hard time balancing the budget,” Brown said. “Many of the Republicans told me, ‘We’re not taxing and we’re not cutting. It’s your job — you’re the governor.'”

But Republicans who show up to protest at many of the governor’s events these days say it’s Brown who’s not living up to his words.

“Fix it, Governor Brown, and I’ll be the first person that would be more than happy to give you money,” said Robert Ledbetter, who was protesting outside one of Brown’s events.

California Republican Party Vice Chair Steven Baric says Brown is not showing he’s much of a leader.

“He promised he would show true leadership and he’s failing to do that. And if he wants to show true leadership let’s have true pension reform,” Baric said.

In a wide-ranging interview at the Reagan State Office Building in downtown L.A. this weekend, CBS 2/KCAL 9 political reporter Dave Bryan asked Governor Brown about the criticisms:

DB: Many of the Republicans I talk to say that they’re not convinced that you’re serious about pension reform and about cutting the slack in government, cutting the bureaucracy down. They feel that you haven’t put forward, for example, a meaningful pension reform plan because of your connection to the unions.

JB: They have to say that to give cover to their position, which is ‘No’. Their position is ‘No, we’re not going to help you. We’re not going to do anything. Well, that’s unacceptable. I did propose 12 points of pension reform.

The governor tells Dave he believes the country hasn’t been this divided since the Civil War.

This week Brown has been using Civil War metaphors at his public events to describe the deep divisions in California, and the entire country for that matter, preaching with the passion of a born-again that the country is dangerously polarized.

“We are at a point of civil discord, and I would not minimize the risk to our country and to our state. It is not trivial. I’ve been around a long time, I’m a student of history, I’m a student of contemporary politics. We are facing what I would call a ‘regime crisis.’ The legitimacy of our very democratic institutions are in question,” he said.

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  • Phil McKann

    Since when is raising taxes called “reform?” Sounds like business as usual to me. I agree with Greene. Let it all fall down. After the parasites have slithered away, productive people will rebuild.

    • Musicman

      Kim, thanks but naw, I’m just a normal father of five grandpa of 3 small business guy trying to keep my head afloat in a world where everyone wants to redistribute my money to those who don’t, won’t, or can’t do it for themselves. I’ve gone through life with my eyes wide open, and have seen and know what ills our society today. And who is trying to capitalize on those illnesses, “created”, or natural. I’d forgotten about that Feinstein/Jones connection, geez that seems so long ago. Now I’m really dating myself, lol…

    • Kim Greene

      Musicman – you are brilliant – I think its great Mr. Socialism 2011 thinks all unions should be civil..just because you have a problem with religion Marty, doesn’t mean the rest of us do–government interfered in marriage because it was another way to raise revenue (you know revenue Marty, its all that $$ you like to give to anyone and everyone but the people who earned it). How I vote is my business just like how you vote is a cliche. Your world has really served us well hasn’t it – I mean isn’t Jim Jones like your hero Marty?? He was a big deal back in good old Days Of San Francisco…I mean Dianne Feinstein was drinking kool-aid with Jim Jones long before he thought of putting arsenic in it. Oh and Jim Jones’ retreat?? It resembles the qualities you describe about your new state NoCal…don’t drink the kool-aid Marty..its got a bad and bitter aftertaste!!

    • Musicman

      Marty, most of your last comment I agree with you on. However the Native Americans do pay the state, I’m not sure how much, but they do…

    • Marty

      Except that marriage licenses are given out by the state. We should adopt a civil marriage law like Canada’s.

      I think the state’s constitution needs its reset button pressed and we start over. That’s why I support splitting California in two. Or maybe three. Give us a chance to start over.

    • Rebecca Christiansen

      Marty, I really think its great you want tax dollars to go to everyone BUT the taxpayers. I’m sorry but I can’t wait till the split happens. Sanctuary cities are against the law for a reason and I think it would be awesome if you sat down with the Bologna family and explained to the widow why its okay that illegal alien gang member who murdered her husband and sons in cold know because Kamala Harris couldn’t see her way clear to reporting his sorry butt to ICE – but you with all your magnanimous wonder can explain why that’s okay. That everyone needs to be taken care of in Marty’s World. That each of us no matter what we’ve achieved need to gladly give it up to feed and clothe the people who break the law to come into this feed and clothe and let retire at 55 the state employees, to feed, clothe and finance the travels and extravagant lifestyle of the state legislature, to pay for anything and everything that people who don’t work for a living don’t buy for themselves. Marty, your socialistic tendencies are showing, save them for your union meeting. I think there’s a certain amount of self-sufficiency that serves a good purpose in people. My great-grand parents came to this country legally. I don’t see why others can’t. I think you need to have about 3 million illegal aliens imported into your neighborhood so your ER can close because they can’t afford to provide healthcare to people who have a cold and tie up the ER because well, they don’t have insurance and they know that the state is obligated to pay for it..and I know you don’t have children because nobody who pays taxes in this state can sit idly by while 25% of their child’s school day is hijacked because not only do people not come into the country legally they don’t bother to learn English. So I think your life needs to be inconvenienced for awhile so you can get a taste of what its like living in the world you’ve created. And maybe then you can understand why people who don’t believe in socialism get tired of a government that spends more time worrying about the health and welfare of union members and illegal aliens than they do the middle class. There’s alot of us out here Marty who don’t buy into your socialistic bent. Your attitude about religion is almost cliche. I bet you are wearing your Birkenstocks right now.

    • Musicman

      Marty, for what reasons do we need “marriage licenses? Like I said, the state butts into everything. Socialism doesn’t work…

    • Kim Greene

      The only good thing to come from starting over would be re-negotiating contracts with the state employee unions…make them realize how its a complete conflict of interest – them negotiating with politicians when the taxpayers pay their salary. Oh and if Marty and NoCal can be separated and all the illegal aliens go to NoCal and all the recycling and ridiculous CARB regulations and all the no-smoking laws the legislature worries about when they can’t even agree on a budget…all that stays in NoCal..that would be awesome too!

    • Marty

      First, Rebecca. Shut up. Second, I was raised with the belief that all Americans were created equal. That’s what the Founding Fathers believed. They wouldn’t allow America to slowly devolve into a corporatocracy. The Constitution says “Of the People, By the People, For the People”, not “Of the Corporation, By the Corporation, For the Corporation”. Members of our state and federal governments in both parties are getting paid by lobbyists to vote against something if it means that they lose their ill-gotten gains.

      And I believe that large corporations should be forced to pay taxes as well instead of CEOs getting large bailouts just so they can use a roll of $100 bills as toilet paper.

      I already pointed out I oppose illegal immigration. If a person wants to come to this country legally, that’s fine. I don’t want people who are here illegally to get squat. Building a 30 foot Berlin Wall like barrier against the border is the best option, unless we want to end up like Germany.

    • A Real American

      Marty, first of all. YOU ARE WRONG! The right is right and the left is wrong. Always. All men are NOT created equal. Some people are born with beauty. Some are swifter afoot. This country shouldn’t be a big ugly melting pot. People who are different should be treated differently. As for the illegal immigrants, gays, disabled and those aren’t white, we should gather them on all on a big boat, send it across the ocean and sink it halfway. I think unions, Medicare, Social Security and universal health care are evil and should be abolished. We will continue to purge and conquer and someday, America will claim its rightful place as ruler of the world!

    • teaisstronger


      Brown, the Democrats and the Union Thugs are doing everything possible to devide this nation and it is divided never to be again. Soon the the streets will flow with a tsunami of blood in the cities. We will sound the El Degüello, no prisoners. Democrats have done everything possible to destroy our nation and its once proud people.

      • The Old Doctor

        You don’t seem to get the point of the article. What makes you think that Democrats don’t own guns, or that they don’t know how to use them, or lack the cajones to resist and overcome any violence you throw their way? Your post mirrors the sentiments of the antebellum south, namely that the North would not fight. Those folks were sadly mistaken, just as you are mistaken if you think civil war is the answer, and especially so if you think that, in the face of our national history, any American President would not react as Lincoln did.

        Bobby Lee could have saved us all a lot of trouble if he hadn’t sent that last letter to Jubal Early, and Jubal himself could have saved us even more trouble if he’d never written his paean to Lee, establishing the absolute myth of the “lost cause.”

    • teaisstronger


      You people in California deserve every piece of waste you will receive. We will buy all of our fresh vegitables from South America and Florida. We should sell California back to Mexica you would both make a fine match. You, your govenors, and federal judes have helped to ruin this nation so now you will be ruined. You didn’t want to be Americans so go to hell.

      • Lee

        Hey Tea, there are many patriotic Americans here in California that were in on the beginning of the tea party just as I was. Instead of wishing a beautiful state gone, try to help us rest it back from these aged sixty radicals that have taken it over and bankrupted it morally, physically and financially..

      • Michael Wright

        Dear Lee,

        Agree with you wholeheartedly. Thats why it was important to prevent the second coming of SHI*-Brown. Conservatives are welcome in the State of Kansas. Liberals and Democrats can all wither and die from the vine for all I care.


        America will survive Obama. What scares the hell out of me are the people who voted this POS into office. America will not survive those people.

    • teaisstronger


      I never knew I hated California so much until Swartz became Governor. I will miss DelMonte products.

    • Musicman

      Marty, you are off topic. But since you brought it up, a persons religious beliefs are theirs and theirs only. How it influences their own personal thoughts and beliefs is their own business, not yours. They still vote individually, not collectively. And as far as marriage goes, marriage is a religious institution started by the church, not the government. They (the gov) just butted into it like every thing else in our lives. You want to have your civil unions, that’s your business. I’ll keep mine in the eyes of God, where it indeed took place. That’s my right. And that is where the real separation of church and state lies. Not the other way around…

    • Marty

      If SoCal built desalination plants, it would create new jobs. They need to be built and maintained. So that wouldn’t be a bad idea.

      There a lot of ways we can fix California. I think we should legalize hemp. I think that it’s wrong when our Indian casinos have a monopoly and pay nothing back to the state when other state with Indian casinos require them to pay back a percentage of their annual income. And I don’t support illegal immigration, but I’m not racist. I think we should build a 30 foot high concrete wall along the border.

    • Musicman

      Marty, hate to tell you this, but if you look at the political geography of California, it’s mostly an east west split. The major population centers surrounding S.F. and L.A. are the big liberal area’s. The Coastal area’s from Seal Beach to San Diego are red as is most of the inland area’s throughout the state save for a small area’s around the inland empire. Your pretty much surrounded. Better start building those desalination plants quickly…

    • Marty

      I believe that a person’s religious beliefs shouldn’t influence who or what a person votes for. Especially if it means discrimination. I think that all marriages should be civil contracts, especially considering that a person is married by the state, not the church. Religion and politics just don’t mix.

    • Musicman

      Hey Marty, since when did liberals start caring about the constitution? Geez dude, you got to wait a minute, I have to change the string on my violin to accompany your diatribe. And Marty, where has anyone mentioned religion here? I make my own thoughts and decisions, unlike you libs who parrot what your “organizers” tell you…

    • Marty

      You Southlanders want everybody to fend for themselves. Survival of the fittest. Then you need to do the same. Find a new way to get your water. You can move your half of the state, but don’t drag the rest of us back to the 1950s.

      • david aims

        We dont have to fend for ourselves, we have a thing called a free market system which has amazing social cooperation, where we make things, and trade, and exchange the fruits of our labor for the fruits of others labor. its a wondeful system of voluntary cooperation. no one is fending for themselves really, we are fending for each other. The problem everyone has with you is that you want to take the fruits of everyone elses labor and give it to people that dont want to work for it. or give it to government to do things that the people could otherwise find in the market, at a lower cost and a higher level of service than the governemnt can provide. Thats all. thats all.

    • Musicman

      I have a better idea Rebecca. We can build giant walls around Sacramento, S.F. and L.A. and their greater areas. Call them Libcal. That would pretty much leave the rest of the state for moderate to conservative thinkers, as it is. We can make San Diego the new State Capitol. We can’t give up water coming from up north. Could you imagine the blackmail they would use it for?

    • Marty

      Fine. We’ll move forward. You closed minded intolerant Southlanders can abolish the Constitutionally guaranteed separation of church and state. Where your religious beliefs influence who and what you vote for. Where only certain people have rights. Where life is only a privilege and not a right. If you can’t pay for your health care, then you can’t live. Where you can treat the earth like it’s a dead ball of mud and dump your garbage everywhere. Where any person who is not a straight, able bodied, mentally abled WASP is discriminated against. If that’s you people in So Cal want, then you can have it. We’ll focus on the 21st century.

      • americandreamdyn

        The libs are the ones demanding government involvement in religion by forcing a change of the religious definition “marriage” they are imposing government into religion. Totally unconstitutional. Lets not forget marriage licenses & taxes.

      • Dore

        If I may correct you, i think there are many people who wish to change the definition of “marriage” by the state. Any religion can define marriage how ever they want, it only matters when state issues are involved (right to see ones partner in a hospital etc.)

    • Rebecca Christiansen

      Marty, if you live in NoCal, then I’m all for it. You can take your self-righteous recycling, your irresponsible attitude towards sanctuary cities and your unending focus on someone else’s smoking. Do you know why Gavin Newsom was elected Lt. Governor??? Because its a completely useless job and the only one other than San Francisco Mayor he was suited for…I say split ’em up!! You can keep all your homeless as well as that third world country outside Fresno…where should the state line begin??

    • Marty

      California is ungovernable plain and simple. Doesn’t matter who’s gov. The right thing to do is split California in two. Nor Cal and So Cal don’t like each other anyway. Just ask that Giants fan who got beat up at a Dodger game. We’ve been wanting to split California for years, for some trivial reason, we’re still one state. And things have gotten a lot worse. If Nor Cal and So Cal split up, we’d all be better off. We’re so different and we have different views. Staying one California is not gonna work.

      The Teabaggers want to take America back….to 1955. We don’t want that to happen.

    • Saber 1

      Police Seek Help In Finding Man, 80, With Alzheimer’s Wait, wasn’t he elected as Governor of California?

    • Cali_bidawg

      If we go down, the red states will colapse cuz we subsidize them with our tax dollars.

    • Cali_bigdawg

      The average CalPERS pension is about $25,000 per year. Half of CalPERS retirees receive $16,000 per year or less in benefits. Unlike the private sector, many CalPERS members do not receive Social Security, making their CalPERS pension their sole source of pension income, other than savings.
      Seventy-eight percent of CalPERS retirees receive $36,000 per year or less. School pensioners in the CalPERS program receive on average $1,079.00 a month.
      Only 1 percent of the nearly half million CalPERS retirees receive annual pensions of $100,000 or more. Many are retired non-unionized or specialized skilled employees or other high wage earners who worked 30 years or more. Many served in high-level management positions.
      CalPERS pensioners help stimulate the economy. A study found that pension income to 674,000 CalPERS and CalSTRS retirees generated an economic impact of $21.1 billion to the State’s cities and counties. The economic footprint of retiree spending rivaled that of the hotel and accommodations industry of the State in 2006. In all, California public retirees put back $2 into the economy for every $1 they receive in pensions.

      This statement compares a time when the State paid little or nothing during years of robust investment earnings and took a pension holiday to the recent market cycle extremes and current economic downturn.
      In 1981-82, pension contributions for the largest category of employees cost the State 19.6 percent of payroll. For the current 2009-10 fiscal year the state is paying 16.9 percent.
      The State of California pays less as a percentage of payroll today than in did in the early 1980s.
      1981/82 2009/10
      State Miscellaneous 19.563% 16.917%
      State Safety 20.409 18.099
      CHP 31.995 28.438
      School Miscellaneous 13.020 9.428

    • Fanny Forbes Franklen

      He probably also worships the degenerate Lincoln that caused over 600,000 deaths from his war of aggression against the South. Or was it Lincoln’s thousands of spies used against the public, or the arrests of state legislators, or the shutting down of hundreds of newspapers?

      This moron knows nothing of history and parrots the academic dribble of the fascists that think they know what’s best for you and your children.


    • Dennis

      I don’t want to be part of either SF or LA. Split it along the Coastal Mountains. Let those two areas fight it out, hopefully destroying each other in the process.

    • anna bandcamp

      marty, if you’re calling people teabaggers, you must be the tea-baggie, getting it all over your face. poor fool.

      ha ha ha

    • Jeff

      Marty…..I DO want to take California back to 1955! California was a much better place back then

    • tennisman

      Gee Marty,

      You keep saying that we want to go back to the 50’s! Frankly, I think that’s a pretty good idea, for starters.

      People were working…Families were together…babies were assured of being born rather than having their lives aborted.

      Neighborhoods were safe, without ‘gang’ violence…schools were actually educating children instead of trying to keep guns and knives off the campus.

      Children had a mother at home providing what mothers are especially good at, while fathers worked hard and were responsible for the support of their families, rather than government supporting them.

      Children with ADD and all the other alphabet disorders! Overly medicated, overly analyzed and categorized. Obesity a national disgrace, couples unwilling have more than 1.8 children per marriage lest their lives become to burdensome?

      Alcoholism, drug addiction and other pathologies were not destroying our cities, Detroit was actually a beautiful city to live in (image that)! And young people had a chance at a job, rather than a life of crime and a spot in the penitentiary.

      Yes their was more racism then than their is now, and more sexism also. But it seems to me that we threw out the baby with the bath water when we embraced the Great Society and Radical Feminism. Sure must have been a better way?

      Yes Marty, for myself, I say LETS GO BACK to the 1950’s, those good old days!



      That’s a great idea, except for having it be 3 states:
      SoCal, up to Sacramento
      NoCal, Sacramento and above
      BayArea: Just carvet it out, and have it be it’s own, self-righteous country that can tell the world how to do things as it begs for money and resources.

    • rexxhavikk

      Marty… “teabaggers? Tea party = constitutional government + fiscal responsibility. Nothing more, nothing less… only an idiot could oppose that.” teabaggers” well, we have the teabag you have the cup….

      • Cali_bigdawg

        Funny how history repeats itself! We could fix all our budget problems but not solve the problem. Since the early 1900s, the value of the dollar has decreased by about 90%. The fed reserve is printing money like mad and giving out trillions to hand-picked banks further devaluing the dollar. The IMF and other countries want to move away from the dollar being the world reserve currency (this alone will crush our economy). Global corporations and banks have created $1000 trillion in derivative debt that they want to transfer to the taxpayers. The NY stock exchange is about to be bought out by the Germans, thus making a world stock exchange. Our corporations have been allowed to monopolize at a global level (too big to fail) and now want Americans to compete with Chinese/Indian slave labor. We’re getting hosed so bad by those who wished us harm in the past and now.
        Smedley Darlington Butler (July 30, 1881 – June 21, 1940), nicknamed “The Fighting Quaker” and “Old Gimlet Eye”, was a Major General in the U.S. Marine Corps, and at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. During his 34-year career as a Marine, he participated in military actions in the Philippines, China, in Central America and the Caribbean during the Banana Wars, and France in World War I. By the end of his career he had received 16 medals, five of which were for heroism. He is one of 19 people to twice receive the Medal of Honor, one of three to be awarded both the Marine Corps Brevet Medal and the Medal of Honor, and the only person to be awarded the Brevet Medal and two Medals of Honor, all for separate actions.
        In 1934 he was involved in a controversy known as the Business Plot when he told a congressional committee that a group of wealthy industrialists had approached him to lead a military coup to overthrow Franklin D. Roosevelt. The individuals that were involved denied the existence of a plot, and the media ridiculed the allegations. The final report of the committee claimed that there was evidence that such a plot existed, but no charges were ever filed. The opinion of most historians is that while planning for a coup was not very advanced, wild schemes were discussed.

      • Spinny Liberal

        Hmm regulating “everything” I kinda like clean air. Take a deep breath in Beijing, and you’ll wish you hadn’t. :-)

      • SocalSam

        Teabaggers was smaller goverment. Nanny state Dimocrats want to regulated everything.
        Let’s stop this.

      • Spinny Liberal

        Again, Hyde Amendment. It applies to PP as well.

      • Curious

        What about funding Planned {no}Parenthood?

      • Spinny Liberal

        Tax payers don’t pay for abortions – Hyde Amendment.

      • StrangeDays

        “Tea party = constitutional government + fiscal responsibility”

        That’s funny. Maybe 2 of you really mean that. The rest is trying to shove your moral views down the throats of the rest of the country. Defund Planned Parenthood to help save the budget? Really?? That is the strange fantasy land that you folks are basing your budget change on. Wow.

      • Winston Galt

        I think that Marty’s spent too much time smoking that hemp that he’s so desperate to legalize.

      • heehaw

        @strange days – wow are you off base. There is no Constitutional legality for the Government to pay for anyone’s health care – PERIOD – whether it’s cancer screenings or abortion or free condoms or needles or anything else. That’s the point of the Tea Party – Funny how you people instantly equate doing the right thing with Christianity – there is no Tea Party stance on religion. You lefty mental cases can;t survive without hyperbole and rhetoric can you? No one said cutting PP would fix the budget – what they did say is, much like NPR, the government has absolutely no right to be funding it so it needs to be de-funded – just like whinebaag’s omnibus health project.

      • Betty Dahl Andersen

        Average school teacher salary $67,000 retire at 55 with 90 ercent that is $63,000 a year with free medical and dental. Fill that position with a new teacher, that position is costing us $130,000 with free medical and dental for both. It is not sustainable and Jery Brown caused it.

      • Betty Dahl Andersen

        The problem with government funding Planned Parenthood with my money is that Planned Parenthood kicked back one million dollars to the Democrat party for their reelction. I don’t want my money funding the Democrats. Planed Parethoood should get private funding.

      • Blake S. Davis

        I go to our local Tea Party, and no one talks about abortion, Planned Parenthood or anything else other than spending. The Democrats want to tar the Tea Party movement with being in agreement with its more fringe members – sort of like saying that the Democrat Party is in full agreement with the New Black Panther agenda because some New Black Panthers are Democrats. It’s not a fair comparison.

        The Tea Party – and I’m a member – is first and last about reducing government spending. When one in three dollars is borrowed, and much of that from China – don’t you think spending reduction is a good thing to do? There is no social agenda – NONE – in the Tea Party – not in our group, it’s all about spending, first, last and middle. And you won’t find anyone who says different, since the Tea Party is a true grass roots movement – we have no ‘leaders’ as such, and our focus is simply on …..reducing government spending. The politicians can figure out where – but we don’t like tax increases since they very often are excuses to increase the size of government, which of course leads to more spending.

        And there isn’t much more to it than that – those who claim that the Tea Party is something else are usually just trying to discredit a movement that they don’t understand and don’t want to understand – mostly because they are Democrats and view Tea Party members as people who vote Republican. We have no liking for anyone – Democrat or Republican who wants to spend more money, but overall the Republicans are more receptive to spending reductions than Democrats.

        If Democrats change their position and come off as people who are interested in substantial cuts to spending – like Cuomo in New York appears to be doing – then the Tea Party will support them. But I don’t see that happening with OBAMA.

        Now that you understand this, maybe you would consider joining the tea Party – we do have a diverse group, despite what the media says. Then you can discover the truth for yourself, instead of relying on others for (false) information.

      • Spinny Liberal

        @Blake – I’ve heard that position before. However, the leader of your caucus, Michele Bachmann, is rabidly anti-abortion. Reduction of government spending may be your party’s agenda, but it is being pushed aside by some of your members (and leaders) who prefer to focus on social issues.

      • Curious

        Why should taxpayer money pay for abortions?

    • NoMarxists!

      I was born in 1955 and we had a great country then. It was a year after Brown v Board of Ed so were on the right track for civil rights. Then the democrat party was hijacked by the communists in the McGovern years and this country has been going strait to hell ever since. Don’t split Cali, you communitsts just need to leave and go live in Cuba or other hell hole.

      • Dore

        No! Marxists can stay. You don’t have the authority to tell people how to think or vote. If you want to change peoples mind why don’t you try and understand their positions and clearly make arguments for your own?

    • buckbamboo

      I’m not a Jerry Brown fan but he is right.

    • CleanFun

      Some of the best tools I own were made in the 50’s & 60’s, and they’ll probably outlive me. So were the best cars, movies, and music. That was the peak of our civilization. I don’t see any problem at all with the US going industrial again. It sure beats today’s society with it’s complete lack of principles & ethics.

      Sure hate to give up California though. It’s beautiful outside of the major cities and the radical progressives.

    • MIKE

      I’m a small business owner: I make $240K per year; I employ a number of people in the foothills outside of Sacramento: My daughter will go to college in 5 years.

      At that time, I will leave the state of California (and take all the jobs with me) because i will be able to fund my daughter’s education by avoiding California state taxes.

      Marty and so many other liberals just dont get that their own jobs are at stake. Keep taxing corporations, keep taxing those who took the risk to start a company (I invested $150K of my own money to start mine and Marty, I expect a check in the mail) will go away. Why tax me more, just because I am now benefiting from my 18 hour days, almost a failed marriage and many other things.

      Why should I give Marty anything?

      Marty, you and all your lib friends can kiss my patootie. I’m done with you.

      • The Old Doctor

        “… I will leave the state of California (and take all the jobs with me) because i will be able to fund my daughter’s education by avoiding California state taxes.”

        Finally, a republican who gets to the guts of the matter … paying taxes, not good, “avoiding taxes,” good.

        Why is it that Republicans think only poor people should pay taxes. To quote The Queen of Mean, Leona Helmsley, “Only the little people pay taxes.” That seems to be the meat and bones of Republican ideology.

      • Guest

        Why is it that Republicans think only poor people should pay taxes. To quote The Queen of Mean, Leona Helmsley, “Only the little people pay taxes.” That seems to be the meat and bones of Republican ideology.

        Why is it that only upper middle class pay taxes and the lower middle class doesn’t? This country has no poor people…maybe some that are poor by choice… but that is their choice and I’m pro-choice. I would love to help all people feel the pain of the liberal spenders by having a national sales tax and No income tax. This way when taxes go up ALL people can feel the sting of the liberal policies.

      • steveoh77

        Mike, you are correct that you are over taxed but don’t ever forget who paid for the roads your customer’s drove to get to your business. Or for the dams, so there was water for your customer’s to drink. Or who paid the police officers keeping the streets safe (although in the past, LA’s were some of the most corrupt). Or who paid for the armies who overthrew Hitler. In Calif, you have high income taxes, but if you stay in one place, very low property taxes. And who does that disporportionatel benefit? Why the rich of course.

        There needs to be balance at all levels

      • heatherfeather

        MIKE–We could use a few good men like you in Idaho!

    • bitter taxed

      Why is raising our taxes always the only solution? How about trimming the budget?

      • A Real American

        Why is cutting taxes always the only solution? Make the rich pay more. If an old lady and a Herculean body builder were both lifting an object, shouldn’t the body builder carry more of the burden?

      • Curious

        The ignorance of people like A [Sur]real American and Steve Oh[my goodness I really don’t know what I am talking about]77 is amazing. Right. Keep taking from those who work hard and sacrifice; take more and more of their money and give it those who don’t. That is certainly a paradigm for a successful long range economy. Face it guys, even China is leaving confiscatory communism in the dustbin. It just doesn’t work.

      • Ben

        A Real American: You’re truly an idiot. It’s very obvious that you are not an entrepreneur, and you do not have business or tax sense. I suspect you get some type of government assistance, and that is why you’re siding with the liberal handouts. Taxing people who make 250k more, will guarantee that jobs will leave the state, and further solidify that our companies will be leaving. These are the small businesses, and not the major corporations. I’m not sure if you realize, it’s the small businesses that really make the bulk jobs. Learn a little more, before voting.

      • Bob Sloggin

        A Real American is an id1ot. Yeah, why not tax the rich 100%. Hell, the top 1% are already paying over 38% of the total tax in this country. If they can afford that make em pay 100%. Then make they buy everyone a house and pay them a yearly salary so that they no longer have to work what so ever.

        Stupid liberals

      • jay

        Next time you’re at a restaurant, with your buddies, tell the guy who makes the most ( and probably also works the hardest) to pick up a bigger share of the check.
        Because he is obligated, you know. God I hate liberals!

      • steveoh77

        Bob Slogan,

        The reason the top 1% are paying 38% of the tax is becasue they are too greedy to spread it around. And BTW, they pay at a lower rate.

        Capital Gains and most Dividends are taxed at 15%. Your secretary’s wage is taxed at over 30% when you consider the 15.3% social securtiy tax that isn’t levied on Dividends and Capital Gains.

        Why do you think the top corp. guys get paid in stock options? That’s right, they avoid social security tax and only have to pay 15%.

        Our tax policies benefit the rich and the fact that 500 families controll over 2/3rds of this country’s wealth is a testament to that.

        I’m all for low income taxes for all. But I’m mostly for taxing all income equally.

    • robert m. simon

      There needs to be reform and that doesn’t mean sacking the taxpayer yet again….we do have a division and it is too deep and fundamental to be ignored….

      • Sandra Renee Owens-Cooper

        Why should a person that works hard and makes it have to pay for lazy people that will not work

    • Adam


    • Adam

      Marty, “we” will vote for what “we” want, and when “we” win, you will fight it in court until “we” don’t get to vote anymore. Or the government will not longer support what “we ” vote for.

      So don’t say what “we” want sweet heart.

    • yeayea

      I have an idea!! The U.S. can fire every chemical weapon into every Califronian city. That way, no more chemical weapons, lower population, and the 49 states do not have to pay for California!

    • mrsharfer

      Here, here! Well put, well said.

    • mark

      yup!! on 4/15 the minds of the world will go on strike! Time to Shrug.

  • FN Cee

    Toooo old to know … what a great “BS” artist …

    • rich

      HaHa, You Californians got just what you deserved for governor. A liberal re-tread from the 60’s who hasn’t a clue how to fix your dilemna. What the hell are you whackos thinking anyway ? Did you really think he had changed? I can’t, for the life of me, imagine there’s not a candidate who was a far better choice than Ole Jer. Swim in your swill and good luck !




    • The Old Doctor

      “My company took away our pension … raised the retirement age…”

      “Your company” couldn’t have done that in the face of a strong union. Unions are not the problem, management/ownership is. Until labor bands together again, more and more “my companies” will likewise “take away our pensions.”

      The equation the Tea Party offers is, “Those unions make too much money. Let’s kill the unions.”

      That’s an illogical conclusion. The only logical conclusion is the opposite: “Those unions make good money. I need a union.”

      • Guest

        Doctor. You are the one that is illogical. Tea party equation is not what you make it out to be with your ill conceived logic. I think you could define “tea-party” more accurately by saying… those unions make too much money… good for them… just don’t require me to join one if I don’t want to and don’t give public monies to the unions… let the union stand on their own feet.
        This way we could end much of the derisiveness in the country if we could do as we choose with what is ours and NOT try to take from others what doesn’t belong to us.
        Your way of thinking is very good if you live in a third world nation…not if you live in a nation where we have no poor. This isn’t the early 20th century… the age of Marx, Malthus, and Lenin… this is the age of personal choice!

      • Tom Jackson

        Old Doc: No Need. The unions are doing a superlative job of killing themselves. Here’s the thing you liberal rubes really have to get your arms around…the vast majority of voters in the Dem party are “unskilled” labor. Sure there are some credentialed liberals who have functioning brains, but they typically end up in Goverment jobs or non-profits i.e value reducing enterprises. Your Dem leadership has known this for decades, so they keep tying to loot from those that can compete in the global matket in order to throw you a few crumbs. In case you haven’t noticed, you are now competing against former communists that make $2 per day. Since the redistribution gravy train can’t be sustained, you have two choices…1. Go get some skills that are valued in the global marketplace (on your own dime) or 2. Starve

        BTW, there are likely far more right wing than left wing shooters/hunters. If you want to go down that path, my $ is on the righties

  • Steve

    True budget reform means spending less than you bring in. The Republicans are not the problem. The out of control spending Democrats are.

  • Me

    How are state employees leeches? My Dad pays into his pension and his health insurance just as he would in the private sector. He is having furlough days and many of his friends are being laid off. Its bad for everyone. Quit scapegoating state workers.

    • Howard Ino

      His Union Dues go to political contributions… so Politicians will vote for inflated pensions and benefits. We as the payer (via taxes) have no say on the rates.

      In a free market, if unions push too hard, the company goes broke (Eastrern Airlines) In the public sector, politicians just keep raising our taxes with no penalty to them, other than campaign contributions and junkets!

      Your dad is probably a great man. It’s the system that is corrupt!

      If the shoe was on the other foot… I bet dad would agree!

    • HOHN


    • Spinny Liberal

      They aren’t leeches. They provide services just like any other private sector worker. Don’t worry. There are still people who know that your father paid into his pension. When I was a sub, 8% was taken out monthly for CALStrs. Most of the people talking smack about state workers don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

    • Clara

      Paying a small percentage toward your retirement is vastly different than in the private sector where most private sector employees a) pay 100% of their retirement and b) do not have a defined-benefit plan.
      State workers are, in fact, a HUGE part of our budget problem. Do a little research and you’ll see. It’s unsustainable and utterly unfair to the majority of the taxpayers who are in the private sector.

    • Musicman

      Amen Kim…

    • Kim Greene

      Hi Me- state employees can retire at 50 and live off their fully funded pensions. They get 14 paid holidays — 14?? I get 6. Furlough days are unpaid vacation days. Do you know what a furlough day is in the private sector?? You might not get paid but you better get your butt to work or you will be fired. And the only way your dad’s friends are getting laid off is if they are retiring. State has not laid off anyone. ANYONE!! I would love to have the retirement package the state offers. Of course, I’d love the freebie healthcare (and I know your dad pays but he pays less than minimum – like $5 copay and his pension payment?? Minimal…the majority of state employee pensions — 95% of the pension is funded by taxpayer dollars – wait, I think I’ve defined leeches completely now but just one more thing – in the private sector we get 80/20 – and no $5 co-pay. And our family?? We have to pay fully for them, ask your dad how much he pays for you. .

      • New York Nick

        The perfect example of the Public sector leech is sitting right in the freaking white house. That Obama family acts like they won the lottery with our money unlike any other president in history because every other president came from wealthy families who got rich in the private sector first and then went on to public service once they accomplished all they could in the private sector

        Now on the other hand we have Obama who’s with his family in 2 years on our time and dime from the get go sucking a senators salary while only in the office for a hundred days then bolts to run for president on Illinois’ taxpayers time and dime and has taken in 2 short years more public funded vacations than most of us private sector workers get to take in a lifetime.

        And that’s not even counting the vacation the job is half the time flying all around the globe in comfort once again most private industry workers don’t even enjoy in their own homes. Look at what multi multi millionaire Nancy pelosi sucked off the public during her years as speaker of the house.

        The first thing Boehner did was abolish the use of Air force jets and start flying coach. If he could do it why did we spend millions so san fran nan could fly around like the Sheik of Yerbouti?

        My family has a saying about liberals and democrats and it goes like this:

        Conservatives get rich in the private sector first and then run for office to give back: Liberals run for office first to get rich and then retire to the private sector to get richer and richer off the public service they supposedly did.

        And again I use Obama as the most recent example, a man who’s only come back to his ‘Chicago Home” (yea right) 4 times in two years but has traveled to his boyhood home where he no longer has any family as many times. He doesn’t go home because that Chicago house down the road from mine is nothing but an address for him while running for president and now sits vacant like the Munster’s house.

        Slick willie, before running for president never made more than 30 000 a year as governor of Arkansas, that’s a fact, look it up. Look at him now, he’s still never had a real job and he and the Skank are worth hundreds of millions.

    • Musicman

      In the private sector we save for our retirement. State government is far to bloated and expensive in order for the economy to fiscally survive. State workers, at least many, have abused the pension system, inflating their final years salary with time and vacation pay. Many state workers get 15 paid holidays a year. In the private sector, we are lucky to get 6. There are many many retired state workers receiving a 6 figure incomes in retirement, plus all bennies. Enough is enough. Sorry about your dad. But that’s “change” for ya…

    • Soquel Creek

      How are state employees leeches? My Dad pays into his pension and his health insurance just as he would in the private sector. He is having furlough days and many of his friends are being laid off. Its bad for everyone. Quit scapegoating state workers.”
      Responsible people in this debate aren’t scapegoating state workers. However, there were some dubious RETROACTIVE benefits provided by the Legislature with SB400, passed back in 1999 during the Dot-Com bubble. These benefits now appear completely unsustainable. So who gets to make up the pension difference? The taxpayers, of course.

      Pubic-sector pension reform alone will not fix California’s budget woes–but it is part of the overall budget solution.

      The California Legislative Analysts Office (LAO) has an excellent, thoughtful, and factual video presentation on California’s public-sector pension issues. You can find a link to the video, the transcript, and the presentation itself at the following link.

    • Cheese_Wonton

      Most public employees receive no social security at retirement. Public pension plans are constructed to use social security contributions to fund the pension,but the employee in this sort of pension plan earns no quarters towards social security, and therefore receieves a social security benefit based on their prior years of work, if any, in the private sector. If you went from high school into, say, the fire department, you would never receive social security at all.
      That was also part of the deal no one wants to talk about.

    • drcldh

      Thank you “Me”! I totally agree with you! My husband as well pays nearly $650 a month for our family’s health insurance and of course pays into his pension. He’s also gotten notice that his mandatory pension contribution will increase in several months. He hasn’t had a raise or cost of living increase since he started working as a state employee almost two years. In fact, he actually makes less than he did when he started because his deductions have increased. There are a lot of state workers who are making less than other people in the same type of job position. So I agree – quit scapegoating state workers!

    • supersniffy

      “State Workers”….now that’s a laugh….

    • drcldh

      Oh, also, my husband may be a state employee, but he is not part of a union.

    • Reality Check

      “How are state employees leeches? My Dad pays into his pension and his health insurance”

      Very carefully worded statement, that was. This is just like saying “ILLEGAL ALIENS” are entitled to government payments for free health care, free housing and free food just because they, the ALIENS, paid “SOME” taxes.

      “Paying INTO” something, is not the same as paying FOR something. Tax Payers are forced to pay for government employees pensions and benefits, Private companies only do so for some employees and private companies always do so voluntarily.

      Private employees, on average, receive from their employer only a small fraction of the benefits received by government employees from the tax payers who employ them. Many private employees pay more into the retirement plans of government employees than they and their private employers together pay into the private worker’s own retirement plan.

      Sort of looks like there may be a reason the private employees and government employees have different views on excessive benefits for government employees.

    • Mark Davis

      Your dad is a leech because it take 10 state workers to do the job of 3 private employees. Your dad is a leech because he only pays a fraction of what private workers do for health benifits. Your dad is leech because he will collect many time over what he paid in to his pension. So THAT MAKES YOUR DAD A LEECH. I hope that answered you questions.

    • Dennis


      I would love to be able to take the 12.4% of contributions I make to SS and put it in my private pension plan. I won’t see a cent of that money since I do save for retirement outside of what the government “saves” for me. The politicians are already talking about “means testing” and raising the retirement age to 70. SS is broke and is already paying out more than it brings in. If I had all the money I paid into SS invested in a private plan I would most like be able to retire before 60.

      SS is a Ponzi scheme .A private sector firm or individual would go to jail if they started an investment plan based on the SS model (See Bernie Madoff).

    • Kevin M

      He pays some but not nearly enough, and nothing to social security, which is a bad deal for most people. People under 50 who actually save for their retirement will find that social security is means tested and none for them.

      Social security and private pensions are not guaranteed. Why is yours? If we have to we’ll rip judges off the bench until that changes.

    • Todd Riley

      Name a single instance where a union has made any industry better off? If your dad is good at what he does, the uniions are holding him back.

    • mom2j

      “Mark Davis – Your dad is a leech because it take 10 state workers to do the job of 3 private employees. Your dad is a leech because he only pays a fraction of what private workers do for health benifits. Your dad is leech because he will collect many time over what he paid in to his pension. So THAT MAKES YOUR DAD A LEECH. I hope that answered you questions.”

      How do you know how much state employees pay for insurance benefits? My husband pays almost $700 per month for health insurance, plus he has to pay for parking, and of course pay into the retirement system, just to name a few things…he won’t collect ‘many times over’ what he pays into his pension when he retires…state employees where my husband works are being asked to do two jobs to hold down costs in order to stay within the budget for the medical project they’re are working on for the hospital system…no raises or COLA…not all state employees are guaranteed a hefty retirement amount. My husband was better off when he worked in the private sector.

    • db from austin

      Has anyone noticed that government workers who respond here are more than happy to say exactly how much they pay for medical insurance but only say that they “pay into” their pensions. Come on you government freeloaders. How much do you actually pay into your pension funds?

      • Spinny Liberal

        When I was a sub for a public school district, 8%.

    • Rough-it

      I also pay into your Dad’s retirement fund and I also pay for his health insurance and I pay a lot. Didn’t he tell you that?

      Your Dad does not pay into my retirement fund or my health insurance. No one has it as good as the state workers, they are the new royalty.

    • V Motts

      he does not pay anything NEAR what he would if he were in the private sector..

      How about a real furlough.. instead of ‘furlough days’.. ‘Just like the private sector..

    • David Batson

      The reason is that government does not create anything. It can only destroy through the use of force. This is good when the police and military and court systems use force to destroy force, but that is the only time. Otherwise, it is a drain on the economy. And the bigger the government, the bigger the drain, the harder it is for the people in the private sector to take care of themselves.

    • Dj

      State employees are paid through taxing private sector workers.

      The definition of a leech is: One that preys on or clings to another; a parasite.

      Without the taxpayer the state employees can’t survive. I think Leech is the ONLY proper term for government employees

    • zenbuckaroo

      He pays into his pension and health insurance at a far far less rate than Private employees do. It is all smoke and mirrors that the taxpayers are finally awakening to.

    • dep
    • Oscarphone

      Me: The biggest (but not only) difference is retirement. Public employees get a “defined” retirement plan. That means they get whatever they can bargain (more on that later) not what they CONTRIBUTE to the plan. Same with retirement medical. For example, back east, a public worker had contributed a total of 60 thousand to his retirement and was slated to receive 1.5 million after he retired. That is 25 times more than he contributed to his retirement. Those kinds of number are unsustainable. People like me who don’t work for the government only get what we put into our retirement, plus earned interest of an average of 3%, and no more. THAT is how state employees are leeches. But how did it get this bad? Employee unions guarantee their considerable support and campaign cash contributions to politicians who bargain their wages and benefits. Is that right? Not by a long shot. In fact, if a private business did that sort of tit for tat, quid pro quo, they’d be in jail. But since it is government and they make the rules, not a chance.

    • Larry

      Me, working conditions for state employees vary from state-to-state. Some -like your dad -are comparable to private sector pay and benefits, while others are outrageously generous. Federal government pay+benefits are double that for a private-sector employee who does the same work, and local public employee unions are driving cities, counties and states to the edge of bankruptcy.

    • david d.

      public work is just a glorified type of welfare. redundant greedy morons!

    • Pete

      Kim Greene: Do you know what a furlough day is in the private sector?? You might not get paid but you better get your butt to work or you will be fired.

      Right, that’s a violation of federal labor laws. If you can’t defend a point, resort to lies, right?

    • Pete

      Well do some reading, here is a good place to start:

      Gov. Davis gifted prison guard unions 100% pay on retirement available as early as 52 to qualified government union employees. Recently a firefighter retired at age 52 in Orinda to a yearly retirement paycheck of $255,000.00 PLUS medical, dental and all the fixens. That is ridiculous and unsustainable. Davis was told at the time that would bankrupt the State and he tried to pass an increase in license fees. Davis was recalled over the fee, but the cancerous gift to government unions remained and has since been passed out to many other government unions.

      Ban government unions. There is no reason for them to exist other than as a funding mechanism of the Democratic Progressive Union Socialist Communist Party.

      • john smith

        public sector police state, fascist only understand the hangman, the time is now.

    • Jim Busse

      Your dad gets a tax free allotment to pay for his pension. His pension is guaranteed by the taxpayer. ERISA only applies to private firms who use it to eliminate retirement benefits for the private worker. Your dad is paid with taxpayer money so anything he does just reduces the tax he takes. He brings in not one penny to the state. He simply churns taxpayer money. When your dad retires at 55 with 100% or more pay he continues to get the benefits such as medical and dental at my expense. Very few private companies still do that. Your dad as a tate worker is part of the privleged class who needs not work but sucks the blood out of the taxpayer. He is a taxtaker. Maybe a necessary evil but evil nevertheless. His job could be outsourced for 25% of what he gets from the taxpayer now. If the state did that more people would come to california who could contribute. Right now they come for the welfare.

    • carlb

      you live off of taxes and earn a greater percentage than private sector employees. as goverment employees you produce nothing. where as in a private sector you produce or you are gone as a company . a goverment employee pays 70% less in pension contributions than private sector employees. you also pay 60% less in health care and get better coverage. this is not paid by a consumer this is paid by tax dollars. so you produce nothing on other peoples money. a goverment does not make a profit yet contiues to take more and more to keep afloat. it is a giant ponzi scheme and we are at the tip of the pyramid. berney went to jail. we will have to continue to pay till it collapses. thank peopl like jerry brown. i am sure you voted for him. lol

    • americandreamdyn

      There still “stealing” from the tax payers.
      How about paying for 100% of their retirement like the rest of us in the private sector? That’s the way the founding fathers formed our country to be. Thats freedom.
      What about “the government can’t give to one what it doesn’t take from another” dont you get?

    • MikeinGrapevine

      All government workers are an expense. Only the private sector creates wealth through the sale of goods and services. The government manages the wealth and of late very poorly. I wouldn’t call your Dad a leach – just a worker whose job is an expense by those who create wealth.

      • Spinny Liberal

        An “expense” that puts out the fire in your burning house and catches bad the guys. You need them as much as they need you.

      • upyours

        Really?? And, how many houses have you burned down or how many times have the moron cops pulled a bad guy off you, a$$wipe?

      • Spinny Liberal

        Once when I was mugged. Please don’t give me that cr#p that they aren’t necessary. When your house is ablaze, you know you’ll be begging for the guys with the firehoses. Your green garden hose isn’t going to cut it.

      • upyours

        So you were mugged in front of a moron cop, dumba$$? Why is it you dumba$$es always say it will be my hose on fire?

      • Spinny Liberal

        Is that all you got? Jesus, I won’t bother other than to say the relationship between the private and public sector is symbiotic.

      • upyours

        Then, as is usual with with you, you have nothing to say. What did you “sub” as, janitor?

      • Spinny Liberal

        Naah. I refuse to battle with someone only armed with ad hom attacks. A teacher, but nice cheap shot at janitors.

      • upyours

        Yes, I did insult janitors thinking you could be one, more suited to be a mop, DUMBA$$.

      • Spinny Liberal

        *yawn* When you have something intelligent to say, get back to me. Otherwise, good day, upyours. :-)

      • upyours

        Says the DUMBA$$, who was “mugged.” Obviously, it left you brain dead and witless, moron. Then again, you could be reason as to why so many students are failing miserably. If you have an original thought, try letting the world know though I very much doubt your abilities to do so.

  • Me

    Oh and just to add my dad lost his pension that he paid into for 35 years too. Just food for thought/

    • upyours

      Tell me, jackas$, how does a public sector worker lose his pension?

      • Pete

        Bankruptcy court like the City of Vallejo. Expect many more cities and local governments to line up at the bankruptcy court to be out from underneath these huge liabilities. That is part of the problem, big government representatives and government union representatives sit on the same side of the negotiation table with an empty seat across from them where the taxpayer representative should sit. It is a criminal enterprise that is now being exposed to a really PO public. It is even more disgusting as in many instances the big government representatives are themselves members of government unions and get the benefits.

    • Kim Greene

      and the day state employees are scapegoated is the day Jerry Brown actually cuts into the budget with some significance.

    • Kim Greene

      Wow, now he must know how the unemployed people feel in this state ya think? There are 2 million people in this state without a job, and your Dad doesn’t have a pension:?? Sorry but my sympathy is with the 2 million people because they don’t have a job or a pension. Food for thought.

    • Mark Davis

      Now you are telling lies. you must be a gov. goon too.

    • mom2j

      Hey Kim…by the way, the medical insurance my husband has as a state employee is 80/20 and we don’t have a $5 co-pay either. I just put $126 out for a CT scan…that was my portion….and then there’s the deductible…shall I go on?

      Not all state employees are getting the same ‘goodies’. Some state employees are not being stroked by the state, but instead are getting the shaft.

      • LukeJohn

        You paid $126 for a CT scan???

        Geeze – I had to pay $198 for a simple blood test that my wife had – thanks to our “wonderful” private sector insurance that went up almost 30% this year.

        The other day I paid nearly $1,000 for an abdominal bloodflow ultrasound she had to have.

        And yes we have a deductible – Our s is $5,000 for in-network claims, what’s yours??

        And then there are co-pays too…

      • mom2j

        Gee, LukeJohn…I don’t want to get into a p*ssing contest here on who pays out more for medical…I was simply making a point that some state employees have to pay 80/20, high premium costs, etc…my deductible is right up there near yours…and I don’t have co-pays…I pay 20% of the remaining balance of the bills…I just paid out $99.11 for a simple blood test…ya wanna keep going?

      • LukeJohn

        No, mom I don’t want any urinary challenges, thank you – although I’d win hands down out here in the bad old private sector. Remamber also that even though the 80/20 you quote is very generous compared to what most of us get, even the “80” is paid from tax revenue – that is WE, the taxpayers in the private sector are paying that fro you.

    • upyours

      I still want to know how a public sector worker lose his pension, dumba$$.

    • david aims

      most state employees are leeches. but it depends on what they are doing. the non-essential things the government has decided it needs to do are basically parisitical activities. I mean look at the productivity of government workers. Very lacking, and very little incentive to improve. they dont have to because their pay check will just keep coming. ever try to fire a union person from a government job.. good luck… anyway my point is if its not an absolutely necessary function sorry but i agree about calling the leech comment.

      sorry your dad lost his pension, but that was a long time coming. the governers, city councels, etc knew they could make pension promises to the state workers, knowing that when these promises come due the pension system would fall apart and they would not be in office.

  • Taxed Enough

    Notice how Brown is making small cuts as overtures. No substantive cuts, e.g. pension reform, illegal alien aid, wasteful spending. Yet, raising taxes are SUBSTANTIVE!!!

  • Steve

    When they jammed these current tax increases through in 2009, we were told they were needed to balance the budget. 2 years and billions of dollars later what do they have to show for their effort. A 25 billion dollar deficit in the budget. They themselves have proven beyond a doubt that increasing taxes does not fix the problem. The time has come to “drastically” cut spending before any additional tax increases are asked for again. We did our part, now it’s time for the politicians to really get serious and do theirs.

  • Musicman

    Brown do anything about meaningful budget cuts? He’s the governor who brought unions into our state government in the 70’s. They own him. The state legislature has been controlled by liberals for over 30 years. It’s not the “evil” republicans. He will do nothing except try to take more taxpayers money. Fools, you fell for it hook, line, and sinker…

  • Dante

    Let me say this…Democrats are not too blame for this deficit. Georger W ran this country into the ground and now a new President is trying to clean up his mess. Republicans need to accept this and life will be better.

    Arnold was a Republican who ran this State into a huge deficit as well, and was not even qualified to run this State. Brown has experience is running this State and that is what we need. I do not agree on the tax increase and that he should tackle issues that have been strongly stated in everyone’s comments. We need better control and raising stuff is not going to do it. We pay the highest gas prices in the nation.

    The nation needs to come together and quit throwing punches at each other. Maybe the House and Senate need to stop getting a check for a few years and then they will see what the American people know as struggling. Homes are being taken from people because they cannot afford them anymore and all they do is sit. We all have valid points, but again accusation are not going to get the bottom line fixed. This country needs to take care it’s NATION before helping others. Get OUR people off the streets, get this job market moving, and handle the PEOPLE’s business!

    • Bert B


      So you are going to blame Bush when the problem began well before he took office…very obtuse of you. I will ask, what President created the largest debt and deficit this country has ever seen? (hint – not Bush) Also, please note that the federal budget deficit went down every year from 2001 to 2007, only to spike up when the Democrats took over Congress and the purse strings.

      This problem started when Gov. Brown 1.0 allowed public employees to unionize. It then exploded when Gov. Davis changed the pension calculation method to the current form and allowed city and county workers to join. They based the payout assumptions on 12% annual returns during the 1990s. (note, before Bush and Arnold) As that is unsustainable, we now have billions of dollars worth of shortfalls every year that taxpayers are REQUIRED to fund.

      Please note that this all happened with Democrats in charge of both chambers of state Congress. In case you have forgotten Civics 101, the Eexecutive cannot spend a dime without approval first from the Legislative Branch. I was no fan of Arnold, mainly because he was spineless in dealing with the Dems in Sacramento

      Brown knows who got him elected and will not acknowledge the beast that he helped create. Until the unholy alliance between public unions and the state government is destroyed, our state will continue to circle the drain.

      Just remember – the government does not make or create anything. For it to give to one person, it must first take it from another. This means that tax payers are responsible for the tax takers, so that is why they are leaving the state by the hundreds. Soon, all that will be left in this state are public union government workers and illegal aliens.

      The solution – If you cut ALL benefits to illegal aliens in the state, you would wipe out nearly $20 billion of the deficit. Amend pension payouts to 80% of the last 3 years of work without spikes and you have a $5 billion surplus. No new taxes needed and you might even be able to cut taxes and try to bring business back to the state.

    • Musicman

      Dante, you haven’t a clue. Arnold was a RINO, or worse. Actually, he was a liberal wearing republicans clothing. Democrats have had control of the state legislature for over 30 years. A republican governor here is just a figurehead with a pen. He doesn’t make the laws, the legislature does. The injection of advancing socialism is what hurt us, and is continuing to hurt us, possibly fatally. You’re using move on dot org talking points. Doesn’t work anymore…

      • Musicman

        LOL, amen Rebecca. I still like to stir things up, they can make such fools of themselves so easily. It’s a good laugh. In all honesty, I fear the day it does crash and all these elitist entitlement leeches are told it’s all over. this place is going to light up like a Roman candle. Greece and France, their riots more specifically, will look like kids playing on a playground compared to what I believe we’re in for. I pray I’m wrong but…

      • Rebecca Christiansen

        Musicman, you are preaching to the choir, obviously Dante gets his paycheck from the state no doubt…

        Brown has no experience in governing this state because the rules changed completely when he unionized the state employees (can’t call them service employees as they do not provide service…imagine a whole network of employees where 3 people do the work of 1…and they have the nerve to complain about furlough days…in the private sector furlough days are work just don’t get paid…)

        We all know socialism is going to be the deathknell of this state…just waiting for the dirge to start.

    • drcldh

      Dante – “The nation needs to come together and quit throwing punches at each other.”

      LOL! Isn’t that exactly what you did in your first paragraph?

    • Jay

      The Bush budget deficits were getting smaller every year until the Dems took control of the House. The House writes the budget, not the President.

      Arnold was Governor but the budget process was controlled by the Democrats in California. Arnold tried using initiatives to pass budget reform but the Democrats voted him down, largely on a party line basis.

      Jerry Brown was the clown who signed the legislation to make public sector unions legal in California. He bears a large portion of the blame for this mess.

      If you want to fix the problems, you HAVE to address public sector unions, government defined benefits pensions and all the redundancy in services at the state, county and city level. Also, you must pass a version of Prop 187 to remove all the benefits being provided to illegals that are currently driving us into bankruptcy.

    • Sean Smith

      psst….arnold didn’t cause the housing crash, which led to sharp revenue drop.

    • The Old Doctor

      Amen and Amen.

  • Onclewillie

    I would agree with Musicman except for all the lies. Private sector employees have fully funded retirement plans, matching savings retirement plans and yes, pay for insurance plans for their retirement. If Musicman is actually in the music business he has a very limited perspective on employment trends and benefits.

    One of the great things about government employment was you accepted a lower pay scale for better benefits including retirement. The public service unions skewed that perspective by negotiating higher wages while retaining the excellent benefits. The balance was lost on total compensation and needs to be restored. No question there. Scapegoating public service employees is mean-spirited and smacks of sour grapes because Musicman is jealous of public service workers.

    • Rebecca Christiansen

      oh and by the way, fully funded pensions went by the wayside over 20 years ago. Perhaps if you got your head out of that union rulebook, perhaps you’d know what its like to live in the real world…I mean you can live vicariously through me if you wish..

    • Rebecca Christiansen

      Scapegoating the protected class is mean-spirited? Oh please – then why doesn’t the protected class come up with all the tax dollars their puppet needs to balance his budget? Ain’t going to happen. And I would completely agree with sour grapes because I’m jealous of the public employees (I think its a misnomer to call them service workers, their work ethic is in the toilet). For heaven’s sake, I think we would all like to live off someone else and not really have to work a full day, week, month or year. But again, us folks in the private sector who have to deal with real life and don’t live off the backs of others…we have things called a conscience and a brain and hopefully both will be put into play when Brown forces the special election. Jeez Onclewillie the only cliche you didn’t spout was saying how this would hurt our kids’ education..

      • ARNOLD

        PUBLIC SERVANTS, but they only serve themselves.

    • Musicman

      Onclewillie. Typical, you must resort to name calling and ridicule. Which private sector employees have fully funded retirement plans? The ones who PAY for it. The lucky few get matched by their employer. In retirement, they live off what THEY created in their retirement portfolio. NOT by receiving 80% of their last years salary at the expense of the taxpayer. State worker health care bennies are 90% funded by once again, the taxpayer. Yes, I was in the music business back in the 80’s and early 90’s, but have been in the building trades for 35 years. Did both for a decade. I am now a G.C. Have been for some time. You sir, are a union hack. Which local do you reside? Simply put sir, Americans, and more specifically California taxpayers are tired of your lies and manipulation of our government to get your entitlements at our expense. The private sector has taken a huge hit, the government sector must follow as well. Or are you too elitist to lower yourselves to “our” level…

      • dari

        “Musicman – dari, I’ll put money on it that that retirement plan does not exist anymore. Furthermore, your husbands not there anymore, so how’s that retirement going?”

        That retirement plan not only exists, but it’s doing just fine, thank you! Hubby took the plan with him when he changed jobs…I’d stick my tongue out at you, but you’d probably have something to say about that that you know nothing about!

      • dari

        Hubby’s previous job before becoming a state employee had retirement plan where employer paid into it 100%…hubby did not contribute anything while he was there.

      • Musicman

        dari, I’ll put money on it that that retirement plan does not exist anymore. Furthermore, your husbands not there anymore, so how’s that retirement going?

      • Mike

        @dari–your husband got one heck of a lucky break with that retirement plan. Saying that plans like that don’t exist isn’t correct, but saying they are the majority is also completely inaccurate. Almost no one in the private sector has a plan like that!

      • dari

        “@Mike – @dari–your husband got one heck of a lucky break with that retirement plan. Saying that plans like that don’t exist isn’t correct, but saying they are the majority is also completely inaccurate. Almost no one in the private sector has a plan like that!”

        Thank you, Mike! That’s my point in my posts…not EVERY state employee gets the huge pensions, the perks, etc., and sometimes the private sector jobs have some pretty awesome perks. I’m amazed at how many ‘always’ and ‘never’ people there are here. There are some shades of gray in this whole debate.

        I do have one question though…not being politically savvy and just understanding the basics, didn’t we (the state of CA) have a surplus in the budget when Gray Davis was governor? And wasn’t he a democrat? What happened to all the money? And no, I’m not being a smart aleck…I’m really asking seriously…wasn’t he recalled because of the way he handled being governor?

        I worry about the impact the budget cuts will have on people who are disabled, the elderly, etc. I worry about the effects on education…and what happened to the lottery money? Doesn’t some of that go towards education?

        Anyone? Anyone?

  • Jerry Brown: GOP Stalling Budget Reform | Los Angeles for Me

    […] Brown took a break from his statewide budget crisis tour this weekend and sat down with CBS 2/KCAL 9 political reporter Dave Bryan for a no-holds-barred interview. More from:… […]


    Here’s a good and present example of the bloated pigs @the troff.
    Rancho Cucamonga’s city administrator has worked for the city for only 6 years. He will retire within the next 2 month. He will be guarenteed $125,000.00 minimum, maybe more, but we will only know when he actually retires. Working for 6 years and getting @least $125,000.00 a year FOR 35 MORE YEARS!!!!! WAKE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I meant WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Greece’s economy burst because their goverment was paying 75% of its yearly revenue to fund public pensions. Does anyone know the percentage of California’s public pension’s that are being funded?…………66% The writting is on the wall people. The numbers don’t lie. Tax breaks and a freeze on all California State Goverment spending, along with public oversight are the keys to reining in the deficit. Only about 6 percent of Californian’s need any ofl the goverment funded programs that are draining this wonderful economy, the rest is going to public funded pensions and the illegals. Not only illegals from south of our border, but from any illegal from any other counrty.

    • cali_bigdawg

      That’s a big lie. It was caused when goldman sachs convinced the conservative government to invest in derivatives market. Greece lost big-time an now they’re blaming the union for their bad deeds.

  • franks

    Brown never actually answered the question about pension reform. Who knows what his “12 points” are? A business that is going broke will fire employees who were recently hired and shut down programs that are not self-sustaining. In this state, the only solution is to start by laying off every single state worker who was hired since we’ve been in the red, and shutting down every new state program within the same criteria. After that, pension reform, retirement age, and benefit packages must be aligned to match up with like private sector jobs. Then, if more cuts are necessary, cut EVERY state department by whatever percentage is necessary to balance this budget. The taxpayers in this state pay the highest rates in almost every category. Time to rein in the spending and live within our means.

    But since Brown is owned body and soul by unions, we can kiss my solutions goodbye.

  • John

    Why people always blame the state employees to spend all the money..Did any one talk about those who receive the welfare and sit on their butts all day long?

    • franks


      Although it galls me to pay to feed and care for children whose parents could no way afford them, we must. But you’re right. We must put to work every adult who takes assistance pay from the state. Maybe picking up trash along the roads would encourage many to get real jobs. And I also forgot prisons. We need to close every single one and turn over corrections to another state or private company.

    • Jane

      That would be the state employees!

  • fish wrap

    Stop funding illegal Mexicans and the problem will be solved.

    • Musicman

      It will solve a huge portion, but it won’t get us all the way there. “Elitist” government workers contracts must be dealt with as well. Entitlements, taxes, fees, mandates, and regulations are fiscally suffocating us to death…

  • ace

    For damb sake brown is a fool

    Step one for fixing the economy, understand that taxes are stupid
    If you rase taxes yes you will get money however you will be destroying the hard working middle class that needs the money because the ritch will not pay, and the poor have nothing to pay

    step two understand that Calfresh and other forms of welfare is beyond stupid
    Calfresh and any form of the state welfare system should be taken down and the money should be going to the state, the u.s has its own willfare system to use, so why do we need more welfare? when it is all the people that are hiding their money (yard workers, and house keepers) that hide money

    step 3 understand that we have illigals that need to go
    we are giving money to illigals, and their anchor babies by lunch programs, dental, and other forms of aid. This does also aply to the nonilligals that are on willfare. Get rid of the programs and save money because it is the parents responsibility to do that type of stuff for their children, not the state, but get rid of the anchor babies because they deserve nothing

    step 3 charge mexico or the u.s for housing illigals in jail
    this is explanitory we have illigals in jail chage the u.s or mexico for putting them in there

    step 4
    to save money quite with “beautifing the land” honistly we are waisting money on cities that just miss up the land as soon as it is created

    step 5 remove people that abuse the welfare system
    people are abusing it, find them and get rid of them, and do background checks on future aplicants for welfare , and charge those that are abusing the system

    step 6 reform the city workers pension
    have city workers go for 410ks, and other retirments that are not given by the state, lits face it they are not specal just lazy people. If we reform the pension system we will save thousands

    If we fallow these 6 steps then we should be back on top hopefully

    • Sean in CA

      With you all the way! except for step 6. City / state / local government workers pay into their own pension already, it does not come “from the state” – it is funded by the workers from their paychecks as well as by contributions from the employer and from dividends from invested funds. In good times it is flush with money and “overfunded” – in hard times it projects out as “unsustainable” when it really isn’t.

  • Dante

    Like I said earlier, folks have no clue!! People are posting their opinions, but think they are special or something. Musicman & Rebecca, I do not work for the State, but have my own business.

    It’s folks like you that must have a ton of money, that can care less about people and only about urselves. Musicman, you are probably single and cannot even find a girl to date, and Rebecca u are…whatever! This will all get worse before it gets better, so spend your money and keep talking! LOSERS!!

    • Musicman

      LMAO! Oh come on now Dante. Can’t you do better than that? Dude, I’m 51, been married for 25 years, I have 5 kids and 3 grand kids. Trust me, I don’t need a “date”. It would just get me in trouble. As for having a ton of money? I’m in construction Dante, non union at that, we all know how the construction industry is doing right now, it’s tough. But indeed, I am smart enough to save my money. And you’re right, it will get worse before it gets better. And that won’t happen until the socialists in our government are given the boot up their arses on the way out the door. Losers you say? Dude, I’m not the one who claims to have my own business, then turn around and complain about people having money. How’s that business profiting for ya Dante? Not doing so well huh? Losers you say? Look in the mirror…

      • Doug Clement

        what 50 year old guy uses the word “dude”


  • Greg

    Jerry Brown is not familiar with the 10th amendment???

  • tim

    Jerry and the gang in Sacremento have always had a quid pro quo deal with the unions. The unions will tell their people to vote for the Democrats as long as they keep raising their pensions. Sweetheart deal for unions members, but, alas for Californians, it sucks. Probably 50% of what California takes in will go to pay union pensions. Heck, Jerry just raised the salary for prison guards! Why are we paying them over $100,00 a year? Jerry has never said that he will make a law to balance the budget, so why should we vote to pay off the debt.
    Without safe guards it is fairly likely that this same scenarios will happen agail.

  • abc

    brown will never cut his union ass-partners ridiculously large pensions. it would save california 75 billion if he did.

  • ES

    Great posts. I guess everyone agrees that no one is willing to provide Jerry Brown with any more funds until he finally makes a significant Pension reform. JB just doesn’t get it.

  • M

    Stop crying, quit your private sector job and become a public servant.

    Amazing that the public sector never argued that it was unfair that private sector employee’s were making three times their salary when times were good. These are the same people who turn their head and laugh at public service, saying I would NEVER be a “COP, FIREMAN ETC”.

    Now times are tough and the private sector employee’s aren’t doing well. So let’s blame the public sector for all our problems. BS….

    Maybe your companies need to look in the mirror and look a your business practices. If you weren’t prepared for the tough road ahead, then shame on you…..

    • asfd

      ya only doing good or bad the private sector doesn’t get paid with my tax money (unless some dumbarsed liberal wants to bail out a bank or mortgage company to cover their crooked tracks.

    • StaticKlingon

      I don’t know that it’s so much blame as recognizing that a private sector employee is hard-pressed to pay for his own AND yours as times get tougher. It’s not a matter of tweaking business practices. It’s a matter of survival. You’ll get the picture when the riots begin.

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