LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Dodgers will host a “drive-through” fundraiser Monday for injured Giants fan Bryan Stow, with all donations going to a trust fund established by Stow’s family to benefit Stow and his children.

The event will be held from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Parking Lot 1 at Dodger Stadium.

Monetary donations of cash and checks will be accepted, with checks being made out to the “Bryan Stow Fund.” Contributions will also be accepted via PayPal and online at sfpcu.org.

Assisting the Dodgers in the fundraiser will be American Medical Response and the club’s media partners — KCAL 9, Prime Ticket, KABC 790 and Univision Radio — and the Los Angeles Times, Major League Baseball reported on its Web site.

Stow, who was wearing Giants clothing, was severely beaten by two men wearing Dodgers apparel in the stadium’s parking lot following the Opening Day game March 31, and remains in critical condition with head injuries.

A $150,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the apprehension of his attackers.

On Wednesday, the Dodgers hired former Los Angeles police Chief William Bratton to advise the team on security procedures. Extra Los Angeles police will also be at the stadium Thursday, when the team returns to Los Angeles to play the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Dodgers were scheduled to play in San Francisco starting Monday, and security has also been beefed up there to stop any retaliation against Dodger fans. The Giants will also hold a fundraiser for Stow during Monday’s game.

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Comments (36)

    McCourt should STEP UP TO THE PLATE ! pay this mans entire medical bills and more ! It’s only a matter of time before the family files a multi million $$$$ lawsuit for Dodgers failure to provide public safety. My heart bleeds for this man but I will not subsidize the Dodgers negligence. They knew long ago their parking lot was an accident waiting to happen and did nothing. Dodgers have deep pockets and mine are hurting in this economy

  2. drozone69 says:

    McCourt needsto pay all the bills.This happened to a ticket purchaser on his property.Also our tax dollars should not be paying for his security,This is private business and needs to pay for such.I usually go about once every 3 yrs.My family and friends all agreee that Doyer staduim is no longer a family themed venue.I do have a co-worker who has a shaved head and is a former gang member on parole who says he loves the doyer staduim atmosphere.

    1. JOE ARPIAO says:

      that the problem ,,….shaved head mexicans

  3. alex says:

    Someone has to know something. Do the right thing.

  4. A52R says:


  5. Diego Paz says:

    This is why I’m an angel fan now.

  6. Anne says:

    Frank & the Dodgers should be paying all the medical bills, and should not be asking the public to help. Simple as that.

    1. bdj says:

      I agree that Frank and the Dodgers should pay all the bills, but there is nothing wrong with the public wanting to help. While we can blame the Dodger organization for their lack of security, if the poeple os L.A. want to help by donating money, why put them down.

  7. Everyday Guy says:

    I saw a group of gang-bangers at Dodger Stadium. What gave them away was the shaved heads, pink lip-stick and pink high heels they all wore.

    1. JEFF says:


      1. stop discrimination...... says:

        stupid!!!!!! white people go their tooo. ignorant….. mother f.rrrrrrrrrrr

      2. Kermit says:

        how many white gangs are there near dodger stadium, or in los angeles in general, good point jeff, don’t take sh!t from people who are racially oversensitive

      3. Duncan Idaho says:

        that was pretty funny. plus i think all the white people have left LA.

      4. Oskar says:

        You are an Idiot. When I’m in Los Angeles especially in the Financial District and South Park areas of downtown most people I see are white.

      5. jeff says:

        yeah, there is like four white people that go to dodger games!!!!! lol

  8. Catch22 says:

    This was on Dodger property. The Dodger property should pay. When a disaster strikes, its the stars who make milions who always ask those who don’t have the money to cough it up.

  9. Matt says:

    Dodger management is so afraid of offending a whole demographic sector, (i.e., “Doyer” fans), that it’s turned a blind eye to the obvious trouble makers. If someone comes in looking intoxicated wearing baggie pants, an oversized Dodger jersey, has a shaved head and neck tattoos, simply turn them away.

  10. John says:

    Por favor dejan de hablar de mexicanos.. Somos gente trabajadora..

    1. America says:

      Speak English, John!

      1. treason for any reason says:

        im surprised u didnt say speak “american” ,u stupid patriotic phuck…

  11. Scott says:

    As someone already said and I agree, Frank & the Dodgers should be paying all the medical bills and should not be asking the public to help. Simple as that. Frank McCourt is also a jerk for not addressing the issue with the cavernous (and dangerous) parking lot or its (plentiful in number) obnoxious fans. I ,for one stay away from Dodger Stadium, but would go if the atmosphere were better.

  12. Matt says:

    Take a look at the Giants’ Special Event Calendar for this season (http://mlb.mlb.com/sf/ticketing/group_special_events.jsp). Practically every culture, cause, and ethnicity is celebrated up there at AT&T (For example, Japanese Heritage Night, Jewish Heritage Night, Autism Awareness Night, Professional Womens’ Night, Italian Heritage Night, Law Enforcement Appreciation Night, Irish Heritage Night, to name a few). Now try to find anything remotely similar on the Dodger website. Nothing. Why? Most likely because it would be insulting to the Dodger’s fastest growing fan base, namely Hispanics. Unfortunately, the bad apples from that demographic group are making it bad for the law abiding fans. As for me, an Italian-American, I’ll catch my beloved Giants, and Italian Heritage Night, up at AT&T from now on.

    1. heywood jablomeh says:

      No german(beer, hamburgers, hotdogs) heritage night, no spanish(you know people in america from spain) one, no polish(hello! hotdogs, polish sausage???), no english(anglos).

      as far as i’m concerned, it’s incredibly racist to NOT have the nights I listed. many of those ethnic people in america were responsible for creating the game.

  13. Suz says:

    Last time I checked, if someone got hurt on my property it was my responsibility to pay their medical bills and compensation.. Hmmmmm

  14. Mike says:

    Mcourts a piece of sh@*t. Go rockies

  15. Mari says:

    They’re really raking it in, huh?

  16. Donna says:

    How many cars at Dodger stadium during a game? 15.00 dollars a car. A huge amount of money yet Frank McCourt can’t provide enough security?. All this man seems to care about is making money. Step up to the plate Frank and do the right thing. In fact, do us all a favor and sell this team to someone who really cares about baseball and it’s fans. PLEASE!!

  17. Larry says:

    Dodger Stadium has always been a powder keg with all the homies being let in.

  18. Duncan Idaho says:

    people that pay money to see other people (athletes) have fun are pretty stupid. the whole professional sports thing is crazy. would be great if everyone boycotted pro sports (football, golf, basketball, baseball etc etc) for a year or two.

    1. Jeff says:

      Why? So we can sit at home and play dungeons and dragons while we touch ourselves, like you?

      1. bdj says:

        No, because it’s unreasonable to have to pay outrageous ticket prices and parking fees, to watch people that get paid millions of dollars to scratch their A$$, run their crotch, and spit gobs of chewing tobacco on the ground.

  19. MikeK says:

    As a Giants fan, I would like to say kudos to the true Dodgers fan for this event; I even saw Tommy Lasorda on the news. That was a class act Tommy; thank you!

  20. 1BADVATO says:

    I grew up a Dodgers fan and remember very fondly going to their games but I have to say it would be a cold day in hell before I would take my son to that stadium. Dodger fans are AT LEAST as bad as Raider fans and probably worse. It’s not the Dodger organization I don’t like but the low quality of fans. Maybe they can do pitbull fighting between innings to keep the inmates entertained.

  21. aconcernedcitizen says:

    I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that someone was beaten almost to death over a ball game. What bothers me more than that is no one has stepped forward yet. I have read in past blogs people aren’t stepping forward because they may live in the same neighborhoods as they two cowards. Lets see, Dodger Stadium holds what, 56,000 people? Parking lot 2 holds how may cars and NO ONE saw anything? Now I know out of all the people walking in the general area that day and saw what happened, not all of then live near these 2 individuals. Someone needs to step forward and turn these two cowards in because the next time these 2 go to a DODGERS game (yes, they will be back), maybe it will be your loved one or friend that will be attacked.

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