Jerry Brown Takes Tax Pitch To Republican District

RIVERSIDE (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown has taken his budget message on the road.

On Friday, he stopped at an elementary school in Riverside to make his pitch that voters should decide whether to support a renewal of recent tax hikes. He says balancing taxes with spending cuts is the best way to close California’s remaining $15.4 billion deficit.

The Democratic governor says the state is too divided and the stakes too high to let lawmakers decide what to do without consulting voters.

jerry brown riverside trip Jerry Brown Takes Tax Pitch To Republican District

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Brown targeted a Republican district on Friday and plans more appearances throughout California in the hopes of winning some GOP votes, which are needed to call a special election.

Brown says there is no right answer, but residents need to decide what they want from the state.

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  • Steve

    We already voted on tax increases and we voted no. What part of no new taxes or tax extensions don’t these people understand?

    • Ron


      You are absolutely correct. They want one more try, with their deceptive ads from the UNIONS, to tell us that the “sky is falling”, if we don’t vote in the tax extensions/increases !!!


    how about deep cuts, 50% deep cuts in social services, 50% deep cuts in welfare, zero tolerance for any and all subsidies going to illegals, and a year over year every year 10% cut across ALL state government programs and departments. That state will a buzz with life and new business.

    • Ron


      Good idea, but who would be left in our country to vote these self-serving politicians back into office?

  • Mike

    Jerrydrown is a crook. He is just trying to deceive us the tax payers. We need a revolution just like in lIBYA/EGYPT/SYRIA/BAHRAIN. These public employees are looting us. Which insane governor/mayor has been giving fire fighters 800,000$ dollars/year in retirement for last 5 years on job?????? These same governor & VILLARGOSA

  • PeteM

    Republicans, do NOT cave in to this union loving, tax loving nut job! Tell him to go to hell! No more taxes, more spending cuts!

  • Jimmy Poo Poo

    Politicians live in the double speak world of lies and falsehoods. Vote the bad ones out next election. Please vote for folks you TRUST! Can you trust any politician?
    Their business is keeping the industrialists in comfort and paying zero taxes.

  • manny

    just make the rich pay their fair amount of taxes. and get rid of the loop holes for them.


    he goes there and only invites liberals.
    How nice. Why do they only want to cut programs for the poor and disabled instead of the real problem of cutting retirement and other benefits for public employees.

    • Ron

      Rev. Greg:

      Unfortunately, especially here in California, the UNIONS run everything(Can you say MONOPOLY?)!! And guess who was the major supporter of Jerry Brown this and past elections. The UNIONS won’t let him or any other politician beholden to them, vote out any of their SWEET deals that they have gotten(at our expense), with the corrupt “conflict of interest” relationships that have been allowed to perpetuate for way too long(city, state, county, federal).

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