LAKE ELSINORE (AP) — A Hispanic group isn’t amused by a California minor league baseball team’s Charlie Sheen spin on a Cinco de Mayo event, which includes “tiger-blood” cocktails.

The Lake Elsinore Storm’s “Charlie Sheen-co de Mayo” night will also feature a taco-eating contest, Sheen-co de Mayo bobble heads and “Wild Thing” eyeglasses, based on his character in the 1989 movie “Major League.

The club’s website features a brown-skinned caricature of Sheen and says it has invited the actor to “a different kind of rehab.”

The promotion upset the Inland Empire Council of the League of United Latin American Citizens. Its president, Joe Olague, tells the Riverside Press-Enterprise it diminishes a significant day in Hispanic history.

Storm president David Oster says the intent isn’t to hurt anyone but provide people with a good laugh.

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Comments (23)
  1. Jack says:

    People are so sensitive now. I think its funny & I’m Latino

  2. Chris says:

    Really? I have heard Mexicans (from Mexico) compare Cinco De Mayo to the United States having an Alamo Day. It was a great victory, but it has little to do with independence. Mexico was already independent as of over 50 earlier. As an American-Mexican (because if you from here… you are an American FIRST), I am happy to see people celebrate Cinco De Mayo, but to consider it “a significant day” is like saying that the Independence Day in Iraq should be when Saddam Hussein left power… NOT when the U.S. pulls out and they are actually a autonomous state.

  3. Kathleen Murray says:

    I really like Charlie Sheen-he sticks up for his own,I am white but I have respect for the way he is loyal to latino’s regardless of bad press-he is a positive role model-he always shows up the bad mouthers.

  4. Brad says:

    Joe Olague, president of Inland Empire Council of the League of United Latin American Citizens needs to take Cinco de Mayo to Mexico, it’s rightful country. For it commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín. In the USA, we resent the insults and discrimination against our citizens and legal immigrants of French descent. It is about time someone poked fun at this silly holiday here. Charlie Sheen is a perfect poster-child. Someday Charlie could be bigger than Cesar E. Chavez!

  5. TT says:

    I guess you could look at it this way……If an individual doesnt like it – they dont have to attend the function…. just like anything else… Common sense.

  6. Vanessa B. La.Baby says:

    I think it’s a great idea and I’m Mexican-American I take no offense to it. Plus who doesn’t like Mexican food.

  7. Carlos Cuevas says:

    I agree with Chris. I am first generation American of Mexican descent. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo is an American tradition born of the need to sell alcohol and party. American does not celebrate as a national holiday things like the Paul Rever’s ride or Washingtons crossing of the Delaware. Heck we don’t even celebrate the emancipation proclamation and it had a hell of a lot more significance than Cinco de Mayo does in Mexico.

  8. Sam I Am says:

    Charlie Sheen is Hispanic—HA HA –BOO HOO—“OFFENDED ?” The only thing Diminished is all you illegals not paying taxes on April 15th a very significant day! QUIT your crying and get a spine otherwise head south towards the border and CROSS OVER IT PLEASE !

  9. todd says:

    Funny how they are upset about this and not about the fact they have to sneak over the boarder because they are to afraid to fix their own country.

  10. krg says:

    I think Cinco de Mayo should be cancelled in the US period. If it’s such a great holiday and it’s such a great country go THERE and celebrate it. What exactly does it have to do with us anyway? And since Charlie is Latino and crazy, let him be a baublehead for a holiday 🙂

    1. Steve in the O.C. says:

      AMEN! You said it ALL.

  11. Tony Pintado says:

    Really? There arent any other more important issues than this? First of all, Charlie is hispanic and the only reason most people in the U.S. celabrate cinco de mayo is because CORONAS are 2X1!

  12. ROBERT says:


  13. Tom Pastore says:

    Cinco de mayo isn’t an American Holiday and is actually a “slap-in-the-face_ to our American Veterans. You see those who allege to celebrate cinco, claim it was their day to seek Independence, and demand Soverignty from the French. Unfortunately Mexico didn’t Grant those same Desires and Rights of Freedom to those of the Alamo,…..just 26 years earlier,…when they Attacked, Killed everyone, even those who wished to surrender, and then Piled their Bodies-up, and Burnt them to Ashes!!! They Desecrated our American Soldiers with this Human Atrocity…!!!….History doesn’t LIE, not in this moment in Time….Cinco can go to Hell!!!

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