Five Guys Burgers Hopes To Take On In-N-Out In LA County

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Get ready for another burger war. Sure, we’ve seen McDonald’s battle Burger King for years, decades really.

But a new battle is brewing in the Southland.

In this corner, the incumbent…In-N-Out, the chain that started in Baldwin Park in 1948. You know the joint…where devotees don’t mind waiting in line (sometimes long lines) to get their freshly-made burgers and just-cut fries.

five guys Five Guys Burgers Hopes To Take On In N Out In LA County


In the other corner, a relatively new (for Southern California) chain called Five Guys. One opened up in Valencia in January. There are a few more Five Guys in the Inland Empire and Orange County.

Based in Lorton, Virginia…just outside Washington, D.C., Five Guys was founded in 1986 by (hold for it) five brothers from the Murrell family.

Last year, that once little family business made more than $700 million.

And now the Murrell brothers are primed to take on (or is that over?) the Southland. The Murrell clan insists they are not out to out In-N-Out (follow that?)

But one businessman, based out of Atlanta, namely Kevin Nelson, is hoping to be their ringman (or is that wingman?)

His Monument Restaurant Group is planning on opening 300 Five Guys across the USA and nearly half of those in the Los Angeles area alone.

The menus, offerings, logos, staff uniforms…all pretty similar. But In-N-Out has something Five Guys does not…drive throughs.

Is there room for all this competition. Foodies and food experts agree…yes. We DO love our burgers! You can’t spell carnivore without CA!

  • Richard Snell

    Don’t forget In-N-Out’s delicious shakes since Five Guys only has sodas and iced tea. In-N-Out wins on that one, along with the drive-throughs.

  • surfbum

    I’ve tried the fare at Five Guys and it’s no better than most small-time burger stands. It’s overhyped, and not good enough to make me a repeat customer. In ‘N Out has nothing to worry about.

  • Lyn Woo

    Great! More clogged arteries for Los Angeles residents. I’m an RN and we are all very eager to serve you too. Without you eating burgers, fries etc we wouldn’t have a job. Thank you meat eaters :)

    • Mr. Healthy

      Wendy’s has the Baconator.
      2 1/4 lb burgers with 2 slices of cheese and 5 strips of bacon on a bun.
      The only way one could improve this burger is to dip it in batter and deep fry it!!!!

  • DB

    Saw one in North Las Vegas, on Loose & Craig. Haven’t tried the food yet but looking forward to it.

  • I think I need an intestinal cleanse

    Gee, thanks, Lyn Woo. Feeling REALLY bad about my dinner now.

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  • elliott alper

    im ready to try 5 guys when the store opens up in northridge ca where i live.

  • Rob

    LOVE IN N OUT, and can’t believe I’m saying this, but 5 guys is better! The meat is a better quality, and try the fries cajun style!

  • flip

    I know, i know. This piece was written more for entertainment purposes than anything. But with all of the annoying dot-dot-dots and incessant parentheses, this “news” article sounds more like some old time reporter attempting to sound trendy and cool. Let’s just stick with what you’re good at, yeah?

    But I digress. Five Guys is awesome.

  • Cory Ryan Demaio

    i’ve tried it and i love there burgers. i believe the burger is better but the price five guys charges is to much. when it comes down to it, i like having both in my neighborhood. bring on the choices.

  • Rob

    I too tried Five Guys, once. Wasn’t impressed. Nothing special. If they plan on succeeding they’d better figure out how to do the common burger uncommonly well. In-n-Out has it roped already.

    They might be better off staying in the SouthEast and take on Whataburger or something.

  • Mary

    I don’t like them It’s In N Out for me.

  • Charmaine

    Who wrote this article, a 5th grader? My son, who is 9, could have done better!
    At any rate, you are forgetting about The Habit. They have the best food, not just burgers but sandwiches and salads too. In-N-Out was really good in years gone by, but their quality has suffered in the last 5 years or so.

    • 1person

      I agree, The Habit is way better than both In-n-Out and FG!

  • Mike in Portland

    Five Guys is up here in Portland Oregon. Trust me, In N Out, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

  • 1person

    Five Guys sucks!! It’s all about Habit Burger!!

  • lol

    yeah!!!! keep eating hamburgers ameican we might see each other in heaven within a few years…..

  • HollywoodSaint

    I have never met Hamburger I didnt like!…….its a food warzone here in L.A., but someone has got to eat the burgers. I’ll test yours for poison

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  • calimike

    I was told Five Guys is coming to Northridge, CA soon. Address is 8850 Tampa Ave. Former lease was Maroo Korean BBQ & Sushi Roll. Next to In-N-Out. It’s War!

  • Mike in San Diego

    Five Guys will hit very well in the beginning however; after the first two weeks, they will simply be less than…….jeez, what’s the name of that burger chain that closed. Oh well, Five Guys is in store for the same thing. In N’ Out has a great burger, Five Guys doesn’t.

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