Dine On A Dime: Sushi Roku

SANTA MONICA (CBS) — Sushi Roku, the popular Japanese eatery, has opened a Santa Monica location with a fresh new menu that combines flavors from all over the globe.

The restaurant amped their modern spin on classical Japanese cuisine with new menu items like albacore tacos, shaved black truffles and Kobe beef meatballs. Enjoy some sashimi made with premium-quality fish without having to part with an arm and a leg.

Sushi Roku offers happy hour seven days a week with prices ranging from $3 – $6 and features a wide array of sake, cocktails and beer.

For more information, including a full menu and other locations, visit Sushi Roku online.

  • Kate

    I fail to see how this is news or editorial commentary. Looks like an advertisement. I hope Yahoo got paid for it.

    • Fukushima Sendai

      Yeah, the writer probably gets a free meal or two now. but it has nothing to do with Yahoo – this is the CBS Los Angeles website; you just got here via Yahoo. Pay attention when you’re surfing :)

  • Rudy

    This is not the news. It is simply an advertisement for a business establishment !
    Very miss-leading headline !
    The last time I was there I had to pay $ 120 for two people at sushi bar

  • http://losangelesforme.com/2011/04/dine-on-a-dime-sushi-roku/ Dine On A Dime: Sushi Roku | Los Angeles for Me

    […] The restaurant amped their modern spin on classical Japanese cuisine with several new menu items. More from: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com… […]

  • LondonLeslie

    This is BS. This story is so misleading. In terms of even being a story or just three short paragraphs. Dine on a dime!!! The article doesn’t even corroborate the headline. Obviously a incompetent reporter and unethical reporting. The managing supervisor should be called on the carpet for a stunt like this. Someone’s pocket is being greased or getting comped at Sushi Roku. Shady. Yahoo? CBS? SHADY

  • Amanda

    Is this an ad or news? Terribly bad reporting style and false advertisement. Makes me not want to eat there now.

  • Tyler

    I agree with above, not sure its news. But I dine at Sushi Roku and their happy hour is a killer. Their regular menu isn’t any more expensive then other premium sushi places in town and their fish is always really fresh. I’m also a fan of their place next door, Bar Robata…. or Robata Bar…I think its Robata Bar. Also a great happy hour and the staff always seem friendly.

  • Sophie

    In addition to the above criticisms… “combing flavors”? Perhaps “combining flavors” was what the writer meant? It’s either a typo or else simply bad writing. However, I wouldn’t take it out on the restaurant. I’d still go there.

  • TT

    Mann…. Rough crowd for a Friday :) I just want to know when happy hour is ? Havent been there before and it sounds fun :)

  • Cain

    Happy hour at the bar 5-6:30 M-F, 4:30-6:30 weekends. The lunch special is also incredibly worth it. Lunch boxes range from $16-$26 and have a wide variety of options.

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