LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A state lawmaker says he’s got a new solution for plugging California’s remaining $15.4 billion budget deficit: taxpayers should send in their extra funds.

State Senator Doug LaMalfa has introduced a bill to add a line to California’s tax forms that would allow people choose to pay more than they actually owe.

While it’s too late to make the change for the current tax season, LaMalfa tells KNX 1070 plans are already in place for next year’s returns.

“I’m taking this as a serious part of a budget solution, no matter how big or small it is,” said LaMalfa.

LaMalfa says any extra amount given would be deductible from federal taxable income just like any other contribution to charity.

One potential group who may feel compelled to give: those Californians who support raising taxes.

According to LaMalfa, the move gives people who want higher taxes an opportunity to “put their money where their mouth is”.

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Comments (9)
  1. Ron says:

    What’s this idiot been smoking? How about he and his useless fellow politicians donate ALL their pay to his cause, since this is the only kind of thinking they have for reducing the deficit !!!

    1. Duh! says:

      Ron, are you nuts????
      All the people that voted for Governor Brown voted for more taxes. The people that didn’t vote for Brown voted for no new taxes.

      This is a way for the people who feel that new taxes is the way to get out of the budget crisis to step up to the table and do what they think needs to be done.

      This isn’t the only thing that they can think of. They can’t control spending because the Democrats refuse to reduce their spending and live within their means. Every idea about spending reform gets a “No” vote from the Democrats. If you ran your household like the Democrats and spend more money than you take in, how long would it be before you are bankrupt with your house foreclosed so that you and your family are living with the homeless?

      1. Ron says:

        Duh!, I agree with your last paragraph, but you are nuts if you think that those who voted for Brown(of which I am not)will volunteer to pay more in taxes. It “ain’t” going to happen.

    2. suzie says:

      Ron :


  2. rjsmitty says:

    LOL, Until they start enforcing the laws we have and protecting the citizens of California I will keep my money and pick and chose what laws I obey and I will find every loop hole and trick on my taxes to keep my moneys .

  3. fish wrap says:

    Hey lamalfa f— off. Try this one stop all funding to illegals. It’s just like in the wilderness stop feeding the bears and they will leave

  4. Mason Jefferson dot com says:

    Why were all broke and how to get all of us rich. Mason Jefferson dot com

  5. nat says:

    Lamalfa im loving it, dont listen to some of these ignorant comments they dont understand we r helping ourselfs and trying to better our kids future, i would open bank accounts for these matter rather than waiting or prolonging when ever people are in time of need they open accounts were it makes it easier for the ones that want to help so i would step it up

  6. nat says:

    i hope these works

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