SANTA ANA (AP) —  Beginning next month, registered sex offenders will no longer be allowed in some Orange County beaches, parks and harbors without prior approval from the county.

The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the ordinance Tuesday. Violators could face up to six months in jail or a $500 fine.

The restrictions apply to county recreational areas frequented by children including the Orange County Zoo, Sunset Beach Park and Newport Harbor.

The ordinance was proposed by Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas and county Supervisor Shawn Nelson.

Erin Runnion, whose 5-year-old daughter, Samantha, was kidnapped and killed in 2002, urged the county supervisors to approve the ordinance.

The law takes effect May 5.

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Comments (30)
  1. joe says:

    I say keep these perverts in a cage out in the desert. They should not be around people in a civilized society. Embed a GPS device in their body so law enforcement can keep track of them.

  2. Goldman says:

    Sounds like there will be Constitutional challenges… such as the Right to Travel? Society should HELP these people, but instead they think that they are incurable.. but they can be taught to control their urges. So why doesn’t the Mental Health Professionals speak out? Why do we not hear any NEWS on HOW these people can get help and what’s available to them. It’s a prejudice. If an offender is going to offend, LAWS will not help! Look at Germany in the 1930’s. Hitler’s propaganda turned the people against the Jews. Same as today. Society needs to understand and HELP its weak!

    1. Princess says:

      Goldman, I sincerely applaud you! Regardless of what THESE WHO DISAGREE say, anyone who wants to can be helped to reform. You are 100% right when you say that they can learn! However, not only should Mental Health professionals speak out to help the convicts, but also clergy; Rabbis, priests, ministers, etc.

      Please read my (very long) letter below. Thanks again.

  3. RJ says:

    This shouldn’t be an issue. These molesters should be locked up for life, without the possibility of parole.

  4. shiggity says:

    Goldman you must be slow. SEX OFFENDERS CAN NOT BE HELPED. All sex offenders repeat almost every time….

    1. Svejk says:

      You sir, are an imbecile! Look at the US Justice Dept.’s own statistics. Recidivism for sex offenders is below 5.6%, whereas upwards of around 68% of other convicts re-offend. Additionally, of those 5.6% that re-offend, less than 1% were for new sex offenders. This “stranger danger” hysteria is fueled by paranoid-maniac minivan driving soccer moms, voted on by corrupt politicians seeking to cling to power and to toss monetary bones to their lobbyist friends who run and own the GPS banding companies. Look it up! Google is your friend. You cannot continue to do this to these people without some sort of revolt happening. There are almost 800,000 of them now. This is the same thing Hitler did to the Jews, except this is America and these people won’t take it much longer. How ripe are we for armed revolt? Think about it before you open your fool mouth again!

  5. Princess says:

    This is just horrible! It is NO solution AT ALL! Not all people convicted of a sex offense are repeat offenders, let alone murderers!

    Sex offenders are required now to report their locations once a year, and if they are homeless, that reporting requirement becomes once a month on pain of repeated incarceration. Additionally, because of Jessica’s Law, offenders — even those who were convicted before it was enacted — are more likely to be homeless than before, because they can’t live fewer than 2000 feet away from “anywhere where children congregate.”

    The idiots that composed, put on the ballot and voted for Jessica’s Law didn’t stop to think that if an offender is homeless, they can sleep anywhere, including right across the street from a park, if they are not tagged and they choose to do so. They will probably be arrested, but what crime can be committed that leads to that arrest? Do you really want to know? However, if that ex-convict HAS A HOME, that is where he or she will live.

    So then, the answer becomes to tag everyone, including the ones who are seriously reforming and the wrongly convicted. That means that the already-overloaded parole officers in charge must monitor every single tag. Of course, some help their PO’s by calling in by calling in incidents before they become problems, but not every convict is that considerate. So what good is tagging before the crime? None. No prevention.

    The “Final Solution (Yes, the choice of words deliberately matches the term Adolf Hitler used to kill millions of people in Nazi concentration camps.)” would then become to permanently institutionalize all convicted sex offenders, or to kill them outright. It’s already happening. Convicts are being herded off to prison “hospitals” and “treated” until they are “well enough” to enter prison life. This could go on for periods that far exceed their original sentences. This is not only unconstitutional, but just plain WRONG, as was proven in Nazi Germany!

    As I said before, everyone NEEDS the chance to reform without without these completely UNREASONABLE AND IDIOTIC restrictions put upon them even after they HAVE SERVED THEIR TIME!

    I weep for the survivors, families and victims of the attacks, but I also weep for the ex-convicts who have already served their time in prison with no freedom only to have their remaining freedoms VICIOUSLY RIPPED from them when they get out by people as uncaring, unfeeling and irresponsible as this! I further weep for those unjustly convicted because they didn’t have the money for proper lawyers. They suffer all this for something that they DIDN’T EVEN DO, JUST like in Nazi Germany!

  6. SMH says:

    I think Goldman is an sex offender. He’s crying out for help….

    1. Princess says:

      And who are you to judge?

  7. swhitS says:

    Who do you think ran those Natzi concentration camps and who do you think advises the gov on torture techniques?
    Psychiatry has not changed much since Natzi Germany where they performed experiments on millions of Jews except now they are legal and backed by every facet of our gov.

    1. Princess says:

      Thank you for your comment. I know it was sincere. I do agree with Goldman, but I have added that the clergy must address the needs of the convicts as requested. You really can only help those who wish to be helped.

  8. Brown&Proud says:

    sex offenders are sick people. i personally don’t care if they rot in prison.

    1. Princess says:

      That is an uncalled-for hate response. I will fight with my dying breath for acceptance and forgiveness for reformed, reforming and wrongly convicted people who were convicted of a sex offense, even though I was raped on my own bed! In addition, I will speak up for the repeal of these extremely restrictive laws.

    2. Sanity in an insane society says:

      Hmmmmmmmmm….Interesting…. aren’t alcoholics/arsonists/murderers also sick people? even schizophrenics? Doesn’t that mean they should all rot in prison too? You, joe, SMH, RJ, shiggity, sWhits should do more research first before making judgement calls. All of you sound like the Pharisees/Sadducees in the Bible!! Remember what happened with them…..

  9. Rich Mexican MD says:

    Just so you know, the recidivism rate of sex offenders us relatively high. Most have a average to above average intelligence and act like you and me. Ive worked with state and fed inmates as a psychiatrist. Sex offenders are the last persons I would release, in my humble opinion.

    1. Sanity in an insane society says:

      Fascinating…. is that offenders in general, or based on a report? Have you done research on this yourself in MORE than your own patients?

      1. Princess says:

        Rich Mexican:

        And if you have done your homework, do you know the reason why this is (or could be) so? I would guess that it is largely due to the absolute HATRED, such as expressed here. Shame on you people! How would YOU like to be so hated? Oh, and thanks, S. I. S. on behalf of all who are working at reforming, for your caring comments.

  10. upyours says:

    I overherr teens and younger talking about the $luts of “Teen Mom,” “Jersey Shore,” the Kardashians, etc and how they are making tons of money then there are the push up bra swimsuits for toddlers and people think the problems are with how “predators’ act. Get a clue, morons.

  11. Paul J. Wallin says:

    The new law passed by the Orange County Board of Supervisors and District attorney will likely be found unconstitutional.

    O.C. Board of Supervisor Shawn Nelson and District Attorney Anthony Rackauckas crafted the law to further restrict sexual offenders. However, something appears very wrong here. The majority of laws related to sex offenders are created after they are debated and voted on by our state legislators.

    Yet, this new law was created by individuals who may reap some financial gain. Board Supervisor Nelson continues to be a partner in the law firm of Rizio and Nelson, which represents those accused of criminal offenses. This new law will lead to people being arrested and many may call Rizio and Nelson to defend them.

    You have to wonder how it can be appropriate for Mr. Nelson to sponsor a new law, which will likely financially benefit his firm.

    It is also an issue when the District Attorneys Office advocates for new laws as opposed to prosecuting violators of the law. The District Attorney is creating “new business” for his office. By doing so, he can justify asking for more tax dollars because they need more prosecutors to enforce this new law.

    We need to look deeper into theses apparent conflicts of interest and we must do so before this law goes into effect on May 5, 2011

    Paul J. Wallin
    Wallin & Klarich

    1. Janice says:

      You bring a good heart and a sense of reason to this conversation. I am a good researcher. Please accept my offer to help with this research.

      1. Janice says:

        (I meant to add that I contacted you.)

  12. Paul J. Wallin says:

    This new law will not be upheld as constitutional. Laws that are passed must be able to be enforced without violating the constitutional rights of our citizens. This new law provides that PC 290 registrants can only go to these public park locations if they receive “consent”. However, there is no vehicle in place to determine how this “consent” will be given and who should or should not receive consent to travel to the prohibited areas.

    PC 290 has been greatly expanded in which a large number of people are required to register per PC 290 for minor sex offenses. For example, a 20 year old who has sex with his 17 year old girlfriend. Should those individuals be banned from all public parks and beaches for life?

    The other major constitutional problem is how will the law be enforced? What do sex offenders look like? What do they wear? The answer is obvious. If police will only be able to detain those individuals that they know are PC 290 registrants, then you have to wonder whether the law has any value.

    Our laws require law enforcement to have probable cause before they can randomly interrupt you and your family while spending time at the beach or the park. Unless registered sex offenders decide to wear a sign around their neck notifying police, this new law will not work.

    Paul J. Wallin
    Wallin & Klarich, A Law Corp.

    1. Princess says:

      You know, under the present PC 290 law and the various county ordinances, my mom and dad would never have been able to get married, had these laws and ordinances been in place in 1948. He was 21, and she was only 16. She obtained permission from per parents. That was all that was needed at the time. Now, OH, BROTHER!

      Take care.

  13. SFJD says:

    I think we could solve a lot of these problems by locking up the most severe sex offenders (rapists, child molesters, etc.) for a much longer period of time. We could make room in prisons by decriminalizing drug possession.

    And the sex offenders who have committed more “minor” crimes (say, an 18-year-old who has sex with a 16-year-old), should, upon release, be subject to restrictions and monitoring commensurate with the severity of their crimes. But maybe I’m just crazy.

    1. Princess says:

      SFJD, I presume that your initials could mean San Francisco Juris Doctor. That’s a lawyer, folks.

      I have to say Shame on you! If you are a lawyer, you know that locking up any offender also imprisons the loved ones. I know what I am saying here, because not only am I a rape survivor, but also a loved one of mine was locked away in prison for 7 years for California PC 290. Those seven years were TORTURE for me, and I didn’t do anything wrong! Why should people like me be PUNISHED “for a much longer period of time” when we didn’t do anything wrong. Do you have ANY IDEA of what this kind of hatred does to the families of the PC 290 offenders who are trying to reform during parole? The very families that you supposedly are “trying to protect?” IT RIPS THEM TO SHREDS: THAT’S WHAT IT DOES!

  14. Scott Hunter says:

    Orange couIt’s sad Orange County is contributing to the public hysteria and doesn’t seem to learn that this type of opression against a people is only ultimately due for failure and in some cases eve-have a backfiring effect–on the public.Everyone already knows that abuseabuse is most usually, not far from one’s own nose. A perpetrator is more likely tocommitted by a family member or someone close to the victim–and in their own home. Orange Coubnty look in your own backyards and family trees for your “perps” There is a lot of “pot-calling-the-kettle black”, and projection going on by public officials to hide their own secretive, peculiar past and present expressions. One can’t deny this is another attempt by the “white-regeme” to cause hate and distrust of a people, making scapegoats out of the common man, to “point-the-finger” in any other direction, than themselves. What’s more alarming to me or offenders who are Doctors, Lawyers,; Judges, Directors, who not only participate, but even bankroll the same behavior, their trying cases against! Those pervs, are more alarming to me and a lot more danger threat than some guy trying to cool-off at the beach.nty’s angry nazi program of oppression to law abiding offenders

    1. Princess says:

      Hi, Scott:

      Your letter may be difficult to read, but — G-d bless you! Your heart is in the right place.

      One thing that those who “point the finger” need to remember; when you point a finger to someone, the other three fingers are pointing back to you. Think about that. That is why in Europe it is considered rude to “point” at someone.

      1. Princess says:

        Oh, and I’m a white Jewish woman.

  15. JESUSAVES says:


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