STUDIO CITY (CBS/KCAL) — Have back pain? The first and only back “orthotic” might be able to relieve that.

Bing Howenstein, President of Backjoy, visited the KCAL9 studios on Tuesday to talk about the product.

Backjoy’s design is shaped like a seat – so it’s perfect for those at the office, watching TV, in their cars, or traveling by plane – and it’s made from a special plastic that adapts to how a person sits.

For more information on Backjoy, visit the product’s website.

Comments (12)
  1. carey olmeda says:

    how much does it cost ? and where do you buy it

    1. Quincy says:

      Well went to as seen on TV & still got NO Inform (cost/?????? Need more

  2. yvonne jones says:

    how much does it cost? where can u purchase it?

    1. Fred Saleigh says:

      Where can I try it?

  3. J. Anderson. says:

    I have back pain and would like more info. On Back pain relief you had on tv.
    Thanks .

  4. Trish says: WHY did you bother referring viewers to KCAL ‘xeen on tv” page for (supposedly) more INFORMATION when there is NO further information ?
    If we WATCHED the ‘report'(ahem, sales pitch/marketing segment) we already HAD the basic incormation of the NAME of the product …Would YOU, KCAL like to REVISE what YOU are referring folks to seek out as this has NO INFORMATION and thensome !!! harumph and thensome as well !!

    (while at the “hurumphing”, is there ANY chance that LOCAL news would give reporting to ORANGE county–that always comes as rather an afterthought. We are too far from SanDiego area , little revelency for “us” OC folks but we are usually ignorred by the LA producers as well…even in regards to Weather reporting and traffic snarling and etc…..)

  5. JOAN ROMERO says:


  6. bing says:

    Hi! im Bing – the guy who was interviewed – you can buy directly from Its only $39.95 plus shipping – and you can try it for 30 days to make sure it works for you. if you use BackJoy correctly, I guarantee you will find relief, be stringer, and feel better. You can also check out to really see and learn how it works! Thanks for your interest!

  7. E. Hains says:

    Why is there no information? Price, where available, etc.

  8. Janet Flenniken says:

    they are dishonest after I bought one on 04/07/2011 they charged me for 2 more on 04/18/2011

  9. Robert Sullivan says:

    Longhaul trucker and a household mover for 25 years,tried everything other than surgery,hope it works!

  10. Janet Flenniken says:

    My comment on the 18th was heartfelt and I was having trouble with them. They finally straightened out the whole problem but it did take some time. BUT i have found it to be very helpful….nothing is perfect but it helps.

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