Beaten Giants Fan Shows Signs Of Brain Damage

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Doctors say a San Francisco Giants fan who was beaten and badly injured at Dodger Stadium is showing signs of brain damage and remains in critical condition.

A Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center neurosurgeon said Tuesday that Bryan Stow of Santa Cruz suffered a severe skull fracture and bad bruising to his frontal lobe.

For the first time the victim’s mother, Ann Stow, has spoken out. She spoke exclusively with KCAL 9’s Serene Branson about finding out her son was in the hospital and how their lives will never be the same again.

Dr. Gabriel Zada said Stow remains in a coma and that he’s showing signs of “brain injury and dysfunction.”

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Police Det. Jose Carrillo said investigators are checking an unconfirmed report that three men in Giants gear were struck by the same attackers before Stow was knocked to the ground and hit his head on the pavement.

Stow’s relatives said they do not blame Dodger fans for the attack.

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  • No More Dodgers For Me

    How can they NOT blame Dodgers fans for the attack?! Wasn’t the assault perpetrated by thug, low-life Dodgers fans? It’s a tragedy what happened to this young man. I will NEVER go to a Dodgers game again. The environment there is filthy, unsafe, and attracts the lowest forms of life… obviously. I am more than happy leaving the Dodgers to those that call them “The Doyers”.

    • Daniel

      So why and how are you gonna blame EVERYONE who happens to be a Dodgers fan for something that two low-life thug criminals did??? What does being a Dodgers fan have to do with it? They were just looking for an excuse to perpetrate violence.

      • Saber 1

        The Dodger organization cut security and raised parking prices. They play hip hop during the game and allow idiots that wear shirts two sizes to big and allow them to throw gang signs and cut LAPD and have guys with wind breakers and flashlights. Oh, half price food and beer on some upcoming games. Way to go, throw a net on a sell out crowd and implode it.


      I am a Dodger Fan and how is it my fault??? I have been praying to our God to please come and hold his hand and show everyone that he is with him and miracles can happen. My heart is full of hurt. The people that need to be held responsible are the ones that have taken the independence away from Bryan Stow, the husband, father, son, brother, uncle, friend. They will be found or turned in. It’s in God’s hands and it will happen. But blaming all those who wear Dodger gear are not in fault. These guys that did this do not wear Dodger gear because they are fans.. they are simply gang members that probably don’t even know who the players are. Instead of hating on those who had nothing to do with it.. why not use our energy on praying that Bryan Stow will recover and live life as he did before.

    • tony

      it is easy to see you were never really a dodgers fan . real dodgers fans know how to act . just because a couple of gang members in dodger gear they don’t represent everybody …. so don’t worry you will not be missed at dodgers stadium

    • Trisha

      This was my EXACT thought!!

    • Blueeeeeeeee

      How are you going to LABELE all DODGER fans low lifes!!!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? You were a Dodger fan, and now you not anymore just because of this!?!!? Are you blaming youself for this tragedy???? It is so sad that ppl are ignorant!!!!Im still a Dodger fan, Its sad what happend to the guy. I really hope they find the two dumb butts that did that.

      • richie

        Speaking of ignorant your speech says it all……..

  • Carol Velasquez

    Wow…truly heartbreaking. As a Dodger fan Im embarrassed that this happened. As a human being im sickened by the thought that people can be so evil. I hope he pulls through. The idiots that did this deserve the electric chair!!!

    • Avenues

      Stow’s sisters are pretty hot.

    • Avenues

      The flannel shirt sister has nice racks. The black tank top one is sorta chubby.

    • El Cholos Los ELA

      2 on 3, 2 won!

      • rick

        Typical wettie,cholo attitude!!!!!!!

    • Vatos Locos

      Stow’s sister in flannel shirt has nice racks, the other black tank top one is chubby though.

    • Barrio Elysian Park Boys

      The 2 friends ran leaving this homeboy behind. End of story. Never turn your backs on the Enemy.

    • Avenue

      Why did his friends ran?? They’re not true friends then if they ran.

      • ElZorroDenounced

        Idiot remark. A fan is just that, a fan – of a sporting team or event. Fans are not required to fight – or become hoodlums. It’s a passtime, for Gods sake.

        Dodger Stadium is DANGEROUS. Too many Mexican gangsters and rowdy violent people go to this stadium. The Dodger club does not want you to know how much violence exists at these games, but LAPD has noticed the trend for a few years now.

        And yes, it is Mexican youth that is causing all this trouble at a family baseball stadium. Yes, I said it – it is the MEXICAN american uneducated youth from Los Angeles. Filth


        Hey Avenue !!!!! Let me ask you this.. .Why did these idiots hit Bryon Stow from behind and didn’t go toe to toe.. That’s a Chavala move !!! I’m sure once they catch these lowlife’s Bubba will enjoy their behind in prision

    • Loco Homeboy

      His 2 friends that ran, they suck!!


        LOCO HOMEBOY —- Yeah maybe his 2 friends did run.. They were just raised with Morals. Where are 2 fools that’s caused him the injury???? If these fools are so bad then why are they running?? All of of sudden they are afraid ??? They need to step up like men.. that’s if they are men. It seems like they went home to put on their panties.. cause now their hiding like a bunch of sissy’s. LOL Their hiding like a bunch of girls….. *************** WHOEVER HAS INFORMATION ON THESE IDIOTS.. TURN THEM IN RIGHT AWAY ***************

    • Los Vatos Barrio de Dog Town

      I wonder what cause this? What information did the 2 friends have? Was it provoked or unprovoked? Was it a Racial thingy? Random acts?

    • Cholo Owns You

      i wonder if they stole his wallet, if so, that can be very dangerous coz they know where he lives.

    • Chico Suave

      White people are Stupid!!!! This is NOT a Hate crime. Just a random acts of violence. Wrong place @ the wrong time! Not a Hate crime stupid whites.

      • Mike

        Random acts of violence caused by another POS mexican!

      • rjsmitty

        Soken like a true racist.

      • linsey

        wow..your not a racist???

      • linsey

        was talking about chico, choco?? whatever…

      • cloudnine

        People like Chico Suave are what makes our hispanic race embarrassing. If you notice all the comments left by these so call Doyer Fans it reflects all that we are speaking of. Look at every fight that breaks out.What do they have in common? Yeah you got it! DOYER FANS..

      • richie

        Thats a totally ignorant statement, they are going to be charged with attempted murder,hate crimes and anything else the D.A can think of.

  • @ No More Dodgers for me

    Unfortunately a narrow mind wouldn’t comprehend how the victims family isn’t blaming all Dodger fans.
    Sad to say that this isn’t an isolated case but obviously not all Dodger fans are to blame nor should they be. Definitely a tragic situation – hopefully the suspects are caught and prosecuted to the max.
    And since it doesn’t sound like you’re a true Dodger fan anyway – I hardly doubt that you’ll be missed at Blue Heaven. Sayonara!!!

  • John Q

    actually the idiots that did this deserve to have there heads kicked in just like the victim.

    • Sick and Tired

      ALL DAY, John Q…ALL DAY! If I ran into them and knew who they were, I’d kick their heads in myself!

  • 310west

    Terrible, just terrible

  • Dodgersfan

    I’m ashamed to be a Dodger fan right now. I visited San Fran Giants stadium in my Dodger jersey and the fans were nothing but nice to me. This is sad and now i wont even go to a san fran game at san fran to represent the Dodgers there. I love my city and im latino, but these idiots make the city and my people look bad.

    • Disappointed

      HI DODGERSFAN — I understand what you mean. I love the Dodgers. I went to a Angel and Dodger game last year in my Dodger gear and I had a bunch of Angels fan’s behind me … and they were nothing but nice to me. We even took pictures. I didn’t have any problems.. I didn’t hear anyone say anything mean.. they treated me with respect.. plus i saw alot of security in the parking area’s. My wife and I went to Dodger Opening Day last year and she does not want to go back. She didn’t like the environment and there were too many intoxicated loud people. and alot of them are young. It’s a shame.

  • Dodgerblue

    Dodger stadium should be held accountable, they need to provide better security even after you leave the stadium and are walking to your car. Cheap Mccourts (dodgerowners) have enough money for their tans and expensive haircuts, pay for some dang security. You wont be happy until a child dies in your parking lot. I wont be taking my children or myself to Dodger stadium anytime soon. The worst part is the Dodgers are not even acknowledging some type of resolution or increased security.

  • This is sad

    First time i went to Dodger stadium, there was a fight in the stands, beers being thrown in the parking lot. I didnt see one security guard anywhere in the parking lot after the game was finished. The worst part is the LAPD police academy is literally half a block away from the stadium and this still occurred. LAPD and the Dodger organization should be ashamed.

    • girasoul09

      So true, and yet the other “boys in blue’ were so far.

  • Al-Qaeda

    The Dodger organization has known for years about the degenerate environment they have created and sold to the public. Frank McCourt is on the hook for a major lawsuit. If I am not mistaken, an Asian fan was beaten to death about five years ago at Chavez by the same demographic of thugs who beat Stow.

  • joe

    I went to the game on Saturday afternoon and there were cops everywhere.
    I don’t know if this will last or this was just a dog&pony show.





    • Senseless and Sad

      Amen. Nice to see words of encouragement from someone who has been in the same position. Mr Stow and his family will be my thoughts and prayers also.

    • ES

      Who wants to go to a State Penitentiary anyhow? That’s exactly what Dodger stadium looks like. Sad.


    C-Gas — to think that there people with your type of mentality. And who are you to pass judgment on a race because of someone else wrong doing. Are you saying that whatever race you are.. it’s perfect? there is not 1 race that does not have bad apples. Shame on you for in the eyes of God should you pass judgment on others. I hope that when it’s your time you ask for forgiveness. The funny thing is.. at one time….You bit into a apple, you bit into a orange, u had your dinner with onion’s… and to think.. it was a Hispanic that worked his fingers to the bone to make sure you had something to eat.

  • John Q.

    Make sure to wear your Braves gear next Thursday for the first (of eight) half off alcohol price games of the year.

  • supermonkey


    It happens…..

  • Larry A

    It is a shame indeed. There is now a FB page called Dodger Fans against stadium violence. , get involved let’s end this stuff once and for all

  • rob

    My guess is it was some hispanic gang bangers drinking tecate. Unfortunately there are way to many of them in LA. Si se puede “right” The after effects of a flawed immigration system.

  • gmon

    Rob… Get bent

    • Emanon

      Rob is right.. how long are we gonna coddle these law breakers and then they drop anchor babies, get on welfare, flood our systems with dependence then end up voting for more handouts… They grow up being belligerent …… and victimize people…

      If this was a white on black or white on latino crime, racism would be the headline.. but oh no… not now… the “latino special interests..” will probably try to frame it as the “evil” white guy provoked the attack…. and the media and sheeple will believe it.

      SEAL THE BORDERS… now, before our country becomes a cesspool.

  • Emanon

    This is a HATE CRIME!!!
    If this was two whites on a latino, ALL the special interests would be screaming racism!! BUT NO, not now… two latinos destroy this family, and it is not a hate crime…. Those two animals need to be put to sleep.

  • skullfaceflamenco

    Hundreds of Dodger fans saw this happen and did nothing. I work two blocks from the stadium. After EVERY Dodger game, hundreds of hispanic gangsters come pouring out onto sunset blvd. As they wait at the bus stop in front of my store, they scratch their gang names into our windows, spraypaint on the bus bench, walls, sidewalk, and if the bus doesn’t come right away, they will start punching random people, just for fun. Just another Dodger game…

  • sickinlosangeles

    I know someone who went to the game the day after this beating happened. She said there was a young woman in a Giants jersey just rooting for her team and a female Dodgers fan actually went up to her and screamed in her face to sit down and shut the F up. Being a fan does NOT entitle you to be rude, aggressive, abusive and violent towards the opponent or their fans.

  • CEM78

    Raise the prices on the least expensive tickets that way that type of people will not be able to afford it or stop selling alcohol!!

    • In Simi Valley

      Amen to that! I was just saying this today!


    Dodger games are Dangerous!! Lack of Security & insane parking issues makes this Stadium prone to attacks such as this one. There’s NOT even Security cameras on premises, imagine that, NO security cameras. You can get mug, kidnap or stab & nobody will find out who the perpetrators are.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Definitely a hate crime! No doubt! And yes they should raise the ticket prices to get these low lifes out of there. This is a sign of to many immigrants. I don’t like saying it, but it is the truth.

    • MELA

      I believe there is good and bad in all races, but who do you think are the major serial killers here in the United States? NOT LATINOS…….BUT GRINGOS!(WHITES)

      • Sick and Tired

        Gringos may represent a portion of serial killers, but LATINOS form GANGS here in the U.S., south of the border, and in the prisons, and thousands of people die each year at the hands of those same LATINOS. GRINGOS may not be perfect, but at least they’re not killing and/or mutillating in the vast numbers that LATINOS are on a yearly basis. Take a look at the Most Wanted List or turn on the news. I’m not sayin’ there aren’t GRINGOS in the media, but not NEARLY to the extent that there is of LATINOS and others…

      • Cameron

        It’s a fact that the majority of inmates are either blacks or LATINOS! You don’t need to go to school to figure that one out. Oh wait, that’s right, most LATINOS don’t go to school hence the stupidity. Get the fact straight you lowlife moron!

  • Los Vatos Locos

    LMFAO @ Dodger Fans. it’s boring as hell.

  • El Cholos

    2 against 3, and 2 won!!

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