SACRAMENTO (AP) — A state legislative committee has rejected a Republican lawmaker’s bills targeting illegal immigration in California.

State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, a tea party member from San Bernardino County, presented two bills to the Assembly Judiciary Committee, which voted 7-3 against both Tuesday. The votes were along party lines.

The main bill, AB26, would have allowed residents to file lawsuits against so-called “sanctuary cities,” which do not cooperate with federal immigration officials. It also would have required employers to verify applicants’ citizenship.

Under the second bill, AB1018, the same verification would have been required for anyone applying for public benefits.

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  1. CAB says:

    These bills sound like reasonable measures. So why was it voted down? It’s so frustrating when the media gives only half of the story.

  2. ILLEGALS says:

    What a surprise with California’s Mexican Population at 38%, on top of that an additional 12 Million ILLEGALS. No wonder it had no chance of passing.

    1. TT says:

      somebody probably tried to add something unacceptable to it – Everybody has to abide by some form of law, we all hafta play by the rules,pay taxes, drive on the right side of the road etc…. – but when the people that make the rules dont play by the rules – then what ? there are federal laws already in place that the state doesnt abide by in regard to these things…, then on the other end – they make it so difficult to obtain citizenship, people try to go around it ….and since nobody pays attention – it continues….

      1. TT says:

        and i might add that i work with many good law abiding hispanic folks that i really like and respect.

    1. rjsmitty says:

      That’s the pot calling the kettle black.( ! )

  3. Ron says:

    We have too many corrupt politicians that will vote against it simply because they believe that the build up of illegals will eventually benefit them later at the polls and currently by many sympathetic legalized Hispanics. Yes there are many, many good law abiding Hispanics(as there are Caucasians), but we can’t afford to pay all the costs involved for the illegals. Not when we have so many unemployed Americans, layoffs in schools, unaffordable health-care, not too mention support for our Veterans and seniors who have paid into the system by serving our country or paid social security taxes for many, many years. These are the people that deserve our support. So it is not racist, it is a fact that our taxpayer funds cannot support these additional expenses(for illegals).

    1. Michael J. McDermott says:

      The solution was prevention in the first place. Of course, the government failed us on that one with our “world famous porous border”. The door to opportunity has been wide open for a long long time and they have walked through it because they needed to.

      So, what next? We can’t punish them for the lack of action on the part of the government, so why not get them on the books and paying taxes?

      I am by no means a fan of George Bush but he had a good idea with the guest worker card. It’s a feasible solution. It’s an easy way to get them paying into the system.
      Not to mention, if they can’t work legally, they may, and no doubt will resort to other means of making money that are not legal. Again, thank the U.S. Government for our notoriously porous border.

  4. VIOLET says:

    It seems like every good bill that would help solve illegal immigration in America, is a terrible one, all this is saying is that illegal aliens are winning America, with all their wrongdoings in America, they have president Obama, and many other politicians kissing their butts, so much until now, when any America try to write a bill to get rid of them before it is to late! Illegal aliens and all their advocates who believes in what they are doing is alright, these lawbreakers are literately running America, they had found ways to just so rudely, boldly and nastily aggressively spit and walk all over Americans as if they do not exist in their own country, and the terrible thing about this, is that they are being very much allow to do this by our own American politicians, federal government, other laws! Just leaving Americans so voiceless. Illegal aliens had found ways to come to America illegally, stay for some years with the help of our politicians, their advocates, and many of their relatives, the longer they’ve been in America, might help 40 millions of them to get amnesty or legalization according to Obama and some parts of congress!

    American is in trouble why illegal aliens are now roaming around America so freely, America will also be in trouble if they get an amnesty!!! Our American lawmakers have lost so much control of illegal aliens, and have the nerves to force their own Americans to endure in all of illegal aliens wrongdoings in America! illegal Aliens and all of their advocates are controlling America!!! Just running it for their own purposes, turning America into Mexico! Our own American politicians want to give Mexico America on a silver platter! Regardless how Americans may feel about this! Illegal aliens are taking full advantage of our birthrights, getting their children granted by the millions, an automatic citizenship, these very same children will become American politicians, they will be able to just change America for their very own purpose!
    If they do not change our constitution now, all our law, rules, and regulations, they will be allow to, once they become part of our American law makers, their children are coming through our birthrights like an Army ready for battle, to take over America! our birthrights is a sneaky amnesty for their children alone, i don’t care what Obama saids! Every thing about illegal aliens in America is sneaky!!

  5. Michael J. McDermott says:

    Can you imagine yourself leaving your country because you are hungry? They are coming because they and their families are literally hungry. They need food. There are no welfare programs down there like there are here.

    If anything, America, or, “These United States”, or “We the Citizens OF”, should exercise our voice and force our government to put pressure on the governments of these countries to at least help their own people out with food and housing down there. The American government is putting plenty of pressure on China regarding human rights. What about these countries down there? Isn’t anybody supposed to care about them?

    Believe me, they are not coming up here to “have a good time” or to “be sneaky”. They are taking great risks simply to feed their family. Don’t you think they’d rather be home? Wouldn’t you yourself rather be home? These people are human beings and they have feelings.

    Try to think of yourself as actually having to leave your family behind and venture off to another country in order to fund food and housing for them thousands of miles away. The truth is, it is terrible what these people must endure.

    Everyone is mulling over the issue of being “Illegal” or “Legal”, but nobody has ever thought of these good people as being in desperate need. It seems the idea of helping them out has never occurred to anyone.

    I thought America was founded of this vision of humanity and generosity, the most generous in the world. What is it, let’s let these Hispanic people starve because they don’t have $8000.00 to pay for visa’s and other fees?

    FORGET about FOX NEWS and the BIG NEWS SPIN. Turn your TV off.

    OK, one illegal was drunk at 3:30 A.M. and he had an accident, and, etc., etc., blah blah blah…. yadda yadda yadda…..

    What about the White eighteen wheeler driver who, quite a few years ago, was stuck in L.A. traffic and had a keg of beer in his truck with a hose leading to the front of the cab. He was in such a hurry to get out of traffic and get to a party (?) that he literally ran over about eight cars. Of course, all legal Americans are truck driving murdering drunks, RIGHT? If one does something, they all must do it, RIGHT?

    I hope you get the point. One bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch.

    A man steals a loaf of bread to feed his family because they are hungry. Is he really guilty of a crime?

    By the way, thank the corrupt politicians for the porous border but don’t blame these hard working good people of Hispanic origin for the stupidity of the American government. Blame yourself for not speaking up and doing enough about it.

    (P.S. Yes, I’m American, that’s my real name, and this is really my opinion)

    1. Ron says:

      Michael J. McDermott, very eloquently stated, but as I stated before, we can’t afford to pay all the costs involved for the illegals. Not when we have so many unemployed Americans, layoffs in schools, unaffordable health-care, not too mention support for our Veterans and seniors who have paid into the system by serving our country or paid social security taxes for many, many years. These are the people that deserve our support. So it is not racist, it is a fact that our taxpayer funds cannot support these additional expenses(for illegals). So perhaps you Michael, and your friends can carry the burden for those of us that can no longer afford to help everyone in the world with their financial problems because we have our own financial problems, but maybe you have been out of touch with what has been happening to we Americans for at least 3 to 4 years. Oh, by the way Michael, some of our own American, legal citizen, residents have lost their jobs and their homes, so what can we do for them?

  6. Michael J. McDermott says:

    Ron, any suggestions? Just joking Ron, but seriously, was it really in the cards for certain people to buy homes at that time? Can you rightfully blame the illegals?
    As far as “America not having enough money for our own”, just look at what Wendy Gruel is digging up right here in L.A.? MISMANAGED MONEY and LOTS OF IT! Nice and cushy up there spending “my hard earned tax dollars”… Yes, I work VERY HARD so that city employees can have free cell phones, free cars, free gas, credit cards to entertain their friends at restaurants, etc… Ahh, to be so PRIVILEGED.
    This is an interesting read
    America happily gives mega dollars to the Armenians in the way of easy SBA loans, HUD, Section 8 housing, food stamps, free rent, free school, free medical, oh, don’t forget amnesty. Yes, amnesty and it’s true.
    You suggest that “I and my friends” carry the burden for those of us that can no longer afford to help everyone in the world.
    Ron, THANK YOU for that brilliant idea! I and my friends, “The illegals” are perfectly willing and able to do just that. What my friends need is amnesty, and with that they will be so empowered and therefore able to help “you and your legal citizens who have suddenly found hard times” by being able to legally pay into the system with their fair share of tax earnings.
    Speak up Ron, I can’t hear you…

    1. Ron says:

      Michael did you forget to put your title in front of your name, Father? You must be a Catholic Priest.
      And you are right, we both would do the same thing, for our family, if it was necessary. But the number of people that have lost their homes wasn’t just due to bad timing and the “illegals” had nothing to do with that.
      You are also right about all the wasted money, but that money must go for job creation first. Where do you think all the jobs for the “illegals” will come from, when we have so many, many, many unemployed Americans?
      Michael, without jobs, even with amnesty, the non-citizens will not be able to pay their fair share of taxes. Your theory is flawed.
      Michael, do you hear me now?

  7. Michael J. McDermott says:

    I’m turning red with embarrassment. But, that isn’t my title anyway.
    Joking aside, and very seriously, I have always said this: there should not be one American job sacrificed for the sake of creating a manufacturing or other job overseas, or across the border. Hence the old adage “Charity begins at home”.
    The government should have set a percentage a long time ago as to just how many jobs we can lose at home versus what ever it takes to produce goods cheaper elsewhere. We end up with super rich executives and stockholders, and newly found poverty back in the states. It’s a run away situation and It’s practically too late. Keeping jobs here has never been the highest priority of the major players in politics. Now what?
    Much to say – too little time.
    P.S. Yes, I hear you. I’m just trying to be fair.

    1. Ron says:

      Michael, just a personal note to let you know why this issue of jobs really hits at home for me.

      My 2 boys were born here in California to 2 legal parents.They went through all public schools, that we helped finance through our taxes. They both graduated from California colleges. One with a Political Science degree, then received his teaching credential(no teaching jobs available for years) and the other with a degree in the Motion Picture Industry(no jobs available).They both work 7 days a week, with 2 to 4 part-time jobs each, depending on the season, just to share an apartment, so they don’t have to live with mom or dad. They have no benefits, they pay taxes and they would like to “Live the American Dream” someday. They don’t have dreams for big pensions when they retire(with this economy). They would settle for a full-time job with any benefits and 1 or 2 days off a week.

      Your cause is noble, but this is the fairness I want for them.

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