PICO RIVERA (CBS/AP) — Authorities say a man arrested on suspicion of assault may have killed his mother and brother in Pico Rivera.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz Reports

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said Sunday that Martha Garcia, 78, was stabbed and her 52-year-old son, Jorge Gustavo Garcia, was bludgeoned to death. Both bodies were found Saturday night in the same home.

A third victim, another brother, had called 911 to report he had been beaten by his brother.

Whitmore says the suspect was initially arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. After the bodies were found, detectives began a murder investigation. No murder charges have been filed.

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Comments (67)
  1. sol says:

    99 out of a 100 they were of mexican ancestry!

    1. Violet says:

      What if they were?

    2. LUCY says:


      1. Lucy says:


    3. ROBERT says:


      1. Duh! says:

        I noticed that you didn’t say he was wrong.

  2. Jazzy says:

    R. I. P. Tia and cousin, I love you and miss you so very much.

    1. Lucy says:

      I live down the street. Im sorry for your loss!! GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY

      1. socorro says:

        lucy remembermeitssocorro an ima very sad ofwhat happen l hope iits you my best friend lucy maciasanswers back

    2. Moe says:

      Its so sad Jazzy to hear about your tia and cousin. I wish you peace and strength and for the rest of your family.

      1. Jazzy says:

        Thank you so much Moe. God Bless You

    3. San Jose says:

      I met your aunt through your cousin GG, he is my three nieces father, very sweet lady. My prayers and thoughts go out to your family. It is so sad.

      The people that are making racist comments need to stop. That is why this world is so ugly.

      This family just lost two of their family, it is not just the Latinos killing people, you hear about all different races and cultures killing their family members. If you don’t know the situation or don’t have anything nice to say then shut the hell up.

      1. Jazzy says:

        Thank you so much San Jose. The family is taking it very hard. God Bless you and your family.

      2. Jazzy says:

        I am so sorry for your nieces San Jose, if there is anything we can do, we will be seeing you soon.

  3. Old School says:

    It’s a sad but truefact about the latino culture,LAWLESSNESS.

    1. daqueen says:

      You need to show your face in the streets of ELA and talk all that smack PUNK…you need an OLDSCHOOL woop ass….

      1. Ed Guthrie says:

        truth hurt?

      2. OLD SCHOOL says:

        You walked right by me today,But you were staring at the ground. Which is appropriate behavior for someone like you when a proud AMERICAN is coming. ICE is waiting.

      3. Morinquendi says:

        Old school if your a true Proud American then you you do what all great American have done. Defend this great Country giving little punks like you the right to talk smack. Till the days you get dry behind the ears just grow the hell up.

      4. moe says:

        tell that sissy boy Old School how it is daqueen. a good old fashioned woop ass would do him good. he’ll think twice about talking smack.

      5. peace@heart says:

        @ Oldskool what makes you think your superior to anyone else? The pigment of your skin? You may fit the racial profile of an all american but in the end your skin and bones just like everyone else.

      6. Anthony Jones says:

        Give it to him, Queen! Then, marry me…

      7. Jamaican josh says:

        My Point has been proven by “daqueen”.
        What are you the queen of? Your apartment complex? LOL!
        It’s people like you who think fighting is 5 on 1. That isn’t fighting, that’s called being jumped. Instead of proving how ignorant you by wanting to fight, you should use your brain, or what you may have left of a brain, and use words to get your point across. All you are doing is proving to so many of us that ELA, Pico Rivera, and like cities have morons like you that bring down the cities that good people live in.

    2. AL SANCHEZ says:



    3. s. says:

      I am sad to here a mexican killing his own mother 78 years old and his own brother. Thank God for the Police that they got that mexican off the streets.

  4. Old School says:

    Jazzy, Lucy. You may not realize it, you know the killers.

    1. Jazzy says:

      Thank you Lucy, they will be missed.

    2. Jazzy says:

      yes I do Old School, but it is people like you sick people roam the streets. Oops did I mean you. I guess so

      1. Jazz says:

        Sick people roam the street including Jazzy’s cousin who just murdered 2 people.

      2. OLD SCHOOL says:

        I don’t know anyone, of any race who has killed family members. I see it’s hard being latino, Oops did I mean you, I guess so. What onramp will you be at? I need some oranges.

    3. Morinquendi says:

      RIP Tia and Primo and yes we know who did it Old School

  5. FRUSTRATED says:



  6. OLD SCHOOL says:

    Frustrated, I said LATINOS. Also, I hope they plead NOT GUILTY. Oh, FRUSTRATED don’t get mad at the truth when it’s staring back at you in the MIRROR> LOL.

    1. Morinquendi says:

      Old School it appears to me you need to go back to your Games cause from what I seen, is that you know nothing about Latino Culture. BTW Lawlessness has not really been used except from Warcraft Rejects

  7. OLD SCHOOL says:

    Morinquendi,Warcraft is designed for people with weak minds, you must be a champ.I have a wager turn in all the people you know with fake papers (just like you) otherwise you have NOTHING TO SAY. I thought only other white people kill their families. I konw more about latino culture than I care to admit (I lived with some of you. DISCUSTING,FILTHY.)So gon’t delay ICE is waiting for your call. Also you need to learn AMERICAN culture. Being here does not make you an AMERICAN. Take your vast wisdom back to the home of you ancesters and FIX IT. Thats right you don’t want to be there. It’s full of people just like you. Talk about self hate. Shame, Shame.

    1. peace@heart says:

      @OLDSCHOOL everyone who lives in this country migrated here including your family. Accept it and move on.

      1. Ed Guthrie says:

        there is a big difference between migrating and invading.

      2. OLD SCHOOL says:

        peace@heart My family was here before the MAYFLOWER showed up. I repeat, being here does not make you an AMERICAN. Accept it & turn in ILLEGALS. Do your duty ICE is waiting. Touchee Ed guthrie.

      3. peace@heart says:

        True, but you had no part in it.

    2. Moe says:

      Learn to spell moron before stepping up like a big man and spewing your self-hatred and lack of manners and compassion, and education, for the world to see. There is something missing in your life and your ignorance shines like a pair of headlights on a darkened road for everyone to see. You need to face your failures in order be freed from the hate. We see a sad and lonely man because that’s how you represent yourself. Its so sad when men fall apart and lose their pride and dignity and share it with the world. Its best you crawl back under a rock and rethink your life. Right now, you offer no value to the world.

      1. OLD SCHOOL says:

        I see the condom I gave your dad broke. Say hi to curly & Larry. Look in the mirror MOE. & don’t worry they will catch up with the preist that hurt you. It was’nt your fault.

      2. peace@heart says:

        People just stop waisting your breath at OLDLAME he’s obviously missing a chromosome or two. His repetitive racial comments and pathetic come backs are obviously a cry for help from a man who has serious mental as well as emotional issues.

  8. bill burns says:

    Any coloreds involved? I hope this doesn’t start rioting.

    1. Jazzy says:

      Only red, white and blue and they bled red blood.

  9. Jazzy says:

    Old School, sorry to burst your incompetent bubble, Morinquendi is born and raised here in the US, as his parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents etc. etc. etc. Can you claim even half of that. I doubt it. His grandparents have walked the trail of tears. American culture as you call it is his home as his heritage. Now with your dimwit attitude, I think we have gotten away about this blog. There has been a terrible and horrific tragedy here. People are suffering and losing their love ones by a relative who was so very ill. Released by the system that should of kept him locked up for life. We miss them very much. Stupid people like you should be shipped to the middle East to raise your voice to prejudice. Lets see how long you last.

    1. San Jose says:

      Thank you. Old school is an incompetent idiot. I to am an American who has roots here as far back as my great-great grandparents, way back when Texas became a part of the US. This is a terrible tragedy for the Garcia family and all he can do is make his sick comments about hispanics. He needs to grow up and get a life.

      My condolences to your family.

  10. peace@heart says:

    The ethnicity of a person should play no role in this. We were all created to be equal by God all mighty. Two innocent people died a tragic death today and all you can think about is what race they were? Does it not matter that they were once alive and well like you? They are human just like you. Neither your skin color, ethnicty, race, or riches make u any superior.Open your eyes to the truth and let go of the hate in your hearts.

  11. Jeb_BMWLover says:

    More murder, mayhem and ….

  12. Jeb_BMWLover says:

    Deja vu, deja vu

  13. Jamaican josh says:

    Every race has it’s share of failures and low lifes. No one race is perfect. There are killers, rapists, drug addicts, corruption, etc in every single race. America is beautiful, but unfortunately society itself is failing. Along with our weak borders and our broken legal system, America is spiraling down the tubes. With people failing to take responsibilty of ones actions and so quick to blame it on the next person, more of these horrible crimes will happen. We need to quit being so politically correct and speak the truth on all matters. I will say this though, any neighborhood with too many blacks or Hispanics in it, you will see more violence. Sad but true. Now that wasn’t politically correct, just the truth.

    1. OLD SCHOOL says:

      Josh, How right you are,

  14. OLD SCHOOL says:

    Ok im going to be honest when i was a little kid i got raped BY A MEXICAN with a huge one thats why i have so much hate against them.I FEEL BETTER NOW

  15. OLD SCHOOL says:

    Just like you people letting you emotions get the best of you, I realize you can’t help being latino, My heritage I not an issue. I have nothing to prove to IL-LEGAL imigrants. Now you don,t want feedback, stay off the internet. As you said JAZZY, this person slipped thru the cracks. If you knew this why didn’t you step to the plate and get him some help? Get mad at me all you want. I DON’T CARE, Face it your secrets are spilling out of your homes. We know things about you. Oh that comment about the middle east, got back a little while ago. SEMPER FI. We should have been on the border!

  16. ILLEGALS says:

    Good thing he killed one of his own kind. Ones who brought him up to be model citizens & ones who grew up with him.

    I’m glad it stay within the Familia & not someone else.

  17. bystander says:

    I guess nobody is censoring or moderating this thread..

    pretty entertaining this racial spat.

  18. Suzette says:

    Boy Old School! U sound like one big ignorant hypocrit to me. Especially with your name there because Latinos and african americans use the term Old school. Get up to date on your facts. Latinos have become a majority while the white race has become a minority. The only majority they do have is in prisons. I’ve studied the latino and american cultures. You should do the same. I know there is one place u do have in this world and it aint going to be with the lord. Who are u to judge anyone based on race. This world has evolved I think u need to also. Good day!

  19. ILLEGALS says:

    Good thing he didn’t kill other people besides his own .

  20. Candy O says:

    I drove down Gallatin last night around 2 a.m. after leaving my mother’s house in Pico. I saw several police cars parked on the street and assumed that they were breaking up a house party…I am sorry to learn that the situation was much, much worse.

    I’m even sorrier to see the disgusting racist comments here. I grew up in Pico. Some members of my family have lived in Pico for nearly 60 years, and the Latino side of my family has been in the U.S. LEGALLY since the 19th century.

    Yes, there are Latino criminals, just as there are white, black, and Asian criminals. It’s a shame that some small-minded people have used an unfortunate event as an excuse to display their irrational bigotry.

    My condolences to the victims’ families.

  21. Lis says:

    So tragic and sad. My heart goes out to the family and friends this tragedy has affected. And to all the racists out there: stupid is as stupid does

  22. Family says:

    As a member of the family that was slain in this inicident let me remind you ALL that regardless of nationality, race, or legal status that Lady that was killed was my aunt, and the only thing that comes to my mind that how sad it is that so many of you are taking something that is so heartbreaking to our family and turning it into….trash. Instead of posting of prayers and well wishes for those that are left to mourn us we have to read the hatred and just plain ignorance of your words. So let me say this since so very few mentioned it. I pray you may never have to go through what we have endure.

    1. Rose Vargas says:

      It is our God who will give justice to what has been done here, our eye didn’t see what or who did this but God dose know. My thoughts and prayers are with the family for peace and strength. I go back a long way “Pico ” is my home it is where I am from, I am proud. I am looking for info to pay my respects and comfort and support the family. Rose Vargas

  23. miss pico rivera says:

    dear family, my prayers go out to this family. sorry for your loss. and to all you hater, ignorant and racist individuals. posting your sad comments proves you have psyco-pathetic qualities yourself. writing hurtful comments when this is a tragedy. intentionally trying to hurt and bring down someones’ spirit. go to school, take a sociology class, read AN INTELLECTUAL BOOK. murder happens all faces of the earth. sad individuals like you make this country fail. it’s sad that all your life this is all you know, which is nothing. you wasted your life away not learning and growing but just staying the same and past generations before us. no one respects what you have to say, no one has respect for the type of person you are, not by your race not by your skin color, but the type of mentality you have. such hatred makes our world fail as a planet, and it is.. i’ll pray that you get some sanity, then the insanity that you write. you should ashamed of yourself, and i’m ashamed to call you a human being. people don’t feed in this negativity , if you do you are giving him the power and that’s what he wants. power over how he makes you feel.

  24. Mercedes Medina says:

    i know the fam and her son Sal im 3 years older then sal but i was always at marthats house growing up im sorry to hear about this i will be down 2morrow i just go the news and its breacking my heart just the thought of it all my prayers are w u guys…im sad and cant blve it still
    i will always visit Martha evrytime i went back to my home town.

  25. MikeHunt says:

    Old school,You need to quit already before somebody finds you through your ip address, on my computer and a grip of other computers with state of the art software,your not invisible,dumb ass,and just because you could`nt handle the “big one” is nobody`s problem xcept yours,go get professional help

  26. Travon says:

    old school wont say nothing infront of any latino or black just over the computer so if you have something to say “old school” row threw and will see wassup.

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