LONG BEACH (CBS) —A Long Beach man is facing serious charges after he allegedly attacked a police dog.  The entire confrontation was caught on tape.

Scott Balbirnie allegedly led Westminster police on a pursuit early Thursday morning.  After failing to obey orders and exit his vehicle, officers say they used a canine to apprehend Balbirnie.  According to police, he punched the German Shepherd in the face before they pulled him out.

A Taser was deployed and when Balbirnie was removed from the vehicle, it was discovered that he was nude from the waist down.  He was treated at a hospital for dog bites and booked at the Orange County Jail on charges of DUI, controlled substance violations and assault on a police dog.

“What’s taking place with my son, it’s part of the craziness of drug addiction,” said Bruce Balbirnie from his Long Beach home, in an exclusive interview with CBS2’s Serene Branson.   The retired fire captain opened up to the reporter about his son’s drug addiction to meth and crack cocaine and the help he has been getting from Al-Anon. Ironically, the father says, his son loves dogs.

The police dog received a bump on the head but is back on the job tonight.

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  1. pedro says:

    what would be your reaction if a dog tries to bite you?… you defend yourself !… stupid.. -instinct-..

    1. Scott says:

      Pedro you’re an idiot. This guy deserved to be bit. he put the officers as well as the publics lives at risk when he decided not to stop for the officers. He deserved what he got.

  2. Big John says:

    cops have used dogs as a way to attack people for many many years & i feel that the dogs should only be used as tools to help them in others ways. there is a need for these dogs but not to be used to hurt people. it is sad that people only care when it happens to them?

  3. Wilbur says:

    Did you see that? Just because a dog thinks it wants to get in a car and start biting people dosen’t mean that the police should play an active role in fulfilling the dogs’ wishes by helping it into the car. Pedro is right. I wonder which carries stiffer charges; punching a police dog or trying to flee from a situation in order to avoid being bitten by something with the brain of a dog.

    1. Astonished says:

      Uh, are you kidding! “Just because a dog “thinks” it wants to get in a car. . . ?” Where on earth did you get that logic? The dog was used beause this meathead refused to surrender to police, and, in fact, led them on a dangerous pursuit before he was apprehended. Fulfilling the dogs wishes (as if) had nothing to do with it.

      I don’t think you should think. It’s obviously not your best trait.

      1. Josh says:


  4. Kel says:

    Bilbirnie got what he deserved. HE chose to do drugs and HE chose to not obey the police officers. HE chose to get dog bit, period. If HE wasn’t in the situation then HE would not have been dog bit and wouldn’t have been arrested. Everyone blames the officers – it’s not their fault. Not one of them made Bilbirnie do drugs or act stupid. It’s Bilbirnie’s fault and he should take responsibility for his actions.

  5. Peter Schwab says:

    Hi doggy you want to bite me ?? heres my arm – I don’t think so

  6. Daisy says:

    It appears young Mr. Bilbirnie has made many poor life choices, including breaking the law. Had he followed the cop’s orders it probably wouldn’t have occurred. Better bitten than shot.

    1. roneida says:

      amen. good post. The dogs job is to protect the cop and that is exactly what he was doing. Give him a medium rare sirloin.

  7. abcpc1 says:

    Okay..guy’s a DOPE, got it. But to say he “Assaulted a COP”…say what? WHAT would ANYBODY do if some BADLY TRAINED COP shoved an ATTACK DOG into your car? Uh…fight back? I hope this guy has the BRAINS to SUE!

    1. scott says:

      Who are you to say that this officer was badly trained? Let the moron sue. His actions brought on the reactions of the officers. The jerk decided to get bit.

  8. Astonished says:

    Try to think if it was your husband or son who the the police officer, that had just gone on a dangerous persuit of a person hopped up on crack or meth! Would you want them to walk up to the car, not knowing what the drug addict had inside? If you are the parent of the addict or the addict himself…would you rather have had him shot? What if you had someone on the street during the persuit? Would you want them on the street while this mad man drove the streets recklessly? Think about all of that before you make your snap judgements and blame the officer who is only trying to protect us. Instead be thankful it ended as it did because it could have ended worse.

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