Car Crashes Into South Los Angeles Check-Cashing Store

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles police say a driver has been arrested for a crash that sent another car smashing into a check-cashing business.

Sgt. Norma Vargas tells City News Service that a car ran a red light in South Los Angeles on Thursday shortly before midnight. It hit another car and pushed it through the front window of the check cashing business.

No one in the store was hurt but firefighters had to use the jaws of life to free the driver, who was treated for cuts and bruises.

Vargas says the other driver ran away but was caught about four blocks away and arrested for investigation of hit-and-run driving.

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  • Not on WELFARE

    GEEEE !!!!!!!!1 Can we Guess that the person that ran DOES NOT have INSURANCE?

  • Jim Dilburt

    good thing they caught that guy !

  • Leslie Kinney

    …and how is this headline news? Who gives a ____, considering where this world stands?

  • geeM

    Was this a reaction to the high % fees charged ? Considering the time, the hit-and-run person probably just left the bar. Could have easily been a fatality.
    Perhaps those that don’t have a checking account can use this new drive thru check cashing service.

  • Mesriani Law

    Trying to catch a flight is still no excuse to disregard the safety of other people on the road, much less flee the scene of the accident even after sending another vehicle into a building. No flight is ever worth another person’s life. Good to know that the driver was apprehended and hopefully, his insurance is large enough to cover the damages to the business as well as the female driver he hit.

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