Property Crime Also Down

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Violent crime and property crime are seeing major declines in Los Angeles according to the latest statistics released by law enforcement.

As of Wednesday, the Los Angeles Police Department recorded 4,579 serious violent crimes, including rapes and aggravated assaults, in 2011.

That’s down 12.5 percent — or 655 fewer crimes — from the same period last year.

The citywide homicide rate is down by about 12.5 percent, too — from 72 last year to 63 in 2011.

Property crime is also down nearly 12 percent.

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Comments (16)
  1. Jack says:

    I don’t believe anything “law enforcement ” says about statistics. They must want a raise

    1. john says:

      jack- did you get your first grade graduation certificate yet?

      1. jack says:

        John, I take it you believe every single thing they say?
        Does Rampart ring a bell?

  2. D.T. says:

    Thanks to Parole Agents!!

    1. Not newsworthy says:

      You are 1 probably you loser

  3. Thomas Bleming says:

    Who do they think they are kidding?

  4. Ron Senger says:

    The City has installed over 41,000 LED streetlights in residential neighborhoods throughout the City. It would be interesting to do a “before and after crime study” where these lights were installed.

    Besides providing superior street lighiting, these lights are far more reliable and and cut electricity consumption by almost 58%.

  5. john lindauer says:

    actually, police get more money when there are more crimes.

    less crimes = less money.

    (just ask the phoenix police – who reported over 360 FAKE kidnappings last year so they could grab more federal dollars. it’s true. they just got caught and are officially sccccrrrreeewed.)

  6. swhitS says:

    Is that why we have not seen a decrease in helicopters. Must be just wasting gas then huh!

  7. rob says:

    they need to give the police the right to arrest illegal aliens!!!

    1. punisher says:

      Police officers have better things to do like arrest ignorant idiots like you

      1. Cruiser says:

        Can’t understand people like you. Leave the poor illegal aliens alone. Illegal aliens are not the people committing crimes.

  8. really? says:

    Statistics show that the crime rate in the Inland Empire had increased by %12.5 in the past year- what a coinicidence…

  9. wobbles says:

    I believe it. All of L.A.’s dirtbags have been moved to my town in the desert.They are here because L.A. dumped every parole, probation, and welfare case they could on us. They straight up paid for some of them to move here. All those @ssholes we watched burning and looting back in 1992 on the news are our new neighbors. F- you Los Angeles.Take your trash back.

  10. Brown&Proud says:

    f*ck los angeles? ha typical hater!

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