Killers Of Gardena Shop Owner Sentenced To Life In Prison

TORRANCE (AP) — Two gang members have been sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole for the shooting death of a Southern California shop owner.

The Los Angeles judge called 21-year-old Zecorey Lamont Marcus and 22-year-old Jayvion Terrell Galloway street terrorists who chose to play God when they shot Gardena T-shirt shop owner Hae Sook Roh in May 2008. The Gardena gang members were sentenced Wednesday in a Torrance courtroom.

Jurors last month convicted Galloway and Marcus of first-degree murder with special circumstances for killing the 51-year-old shop owner during a $35 robbery.

The Daily Breeze says Galloway got an extra 61 years for an earlier robbery And Marcus got 38 years for another robbery.

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  • John peters

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  • John peters

    Yes a Primate like my mom because she to is from South Central

    • Angel

      As for calling your mom or any person for that matter a primate because they grow up in South Central is the most ignorant thing i have ever read! What makes a person’s character is not where they grew up, but what they examples are. I lived in South Central and now I go to USC, have my own place and car, happily married with a beautiful baby girl, and I’m 21. Stop feeding into stereotypes of black people because YOU ARE DEAD WRONG!

  • Jay

    Jared Loughner is a street terrorist.

  • Angel

    First off saying it is good for them to be in jail for life because they are black, you need to shut up! That is the most hateful thing you can say! I am half black and not all of black men act that way! What they did was a terrible thing and they should have gotten punished, but to go as far and say that they are monkeys is terrible, mean, racist, and hurtful. Plus 9 times out of 10 I’m sure you have never even hang out with a black person.

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