Ex-Deputy Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Ex-Fiancee’s Boyfriend

PASADENA (CBS) — A former Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy was arrested Thursday at his Pasadena home for allegedly breaking into his ex-fiancee’s residence last year and threatening her boyfriend with a gun.

Reymundo Lainez, 42, was off duty on April 17, 2010, when he allegedly broke into his former fiancee’s Pasadena residence, pointed a gun and threatened her boyfriend and then punched him, said Jane Robison of the Los Angeles
County District Attorney’s Office.

He was taken into custody by Pasadena police on felony counts of first-degree burglary with a person present, assault with a firearm and making a criminal threat, and a misdemeanor count of battery, Robison said.

If convicted, he faces more than 16 years in prison.

Prosecutors said Lainez is no longer with the sheriff’s department, but sheriff’s officials could provide no details.

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  • Barry Taylor

    Ex-law enforcement===>VERY bad apple. Always beware of those types.

  • Tyrone

    Give him the Max. Probably a raging Alcoholic just amazed he didn’t kill that guy like the former fire fighter who dragged that the young lady in Eagle Rock and killed her…. this trash deserves no Mercy this guy make all the other good hard working dedicated Police ,Sheriff deputys look bad. may BUBBA GIVE THIS GUY THE FIST OF LOVE WHILE IN PRISON!

  • Chris Johnson

    he has taken freedom from many and now satan has fooled him and taken his freedom away what goes around comes around proof

  • Tom Vila

    Why even put that he is an Ex-Deputy?!?! That has nothing to do with the story. He is just some idiot that chose to be a bigger idiot. Tabloid!! Stick to real news!

    • James

      He must have been employed by the Sheriff’s Dept. when this incident occurred, or else the writer wouldn’t have mentioned that he was off-duty.

    • realist58

      because cops are supposed to be decent human beings and when they act like common criminals and savages it is news.

      Whole lot of Cop news lately huh Tom ?????

  • realist58

    At least he didn’t chop them up with a hatchet like the cop in the news yesterday or beat, stalk and rape her like the Huntington Beach cop or Beat and rape her like the Ontario Cop last month or …………

  • realist58

    Every day another cop gone bad story….really sad the police force can’t find good men, even the women cops are liars and theives or at least in Stanton

  • Bad cop

    Wonder if he was involved in the Christmas party brawl?

  • chris harris

    This guy has been my neighbor. He had a very, bad 10 minutes, which does not deserve 16 years in prison.

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