LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A pot-growing warehouse in Van Nuys was among six locations raided Wednesday by federal agents and local police, as authorities crack down on illegal operations.

The raids were being led by the FBI and include Drug Enforcement Administration personnel and Los Angeles police. Six warrants were served in various parts of the county, Laura Eimiller of the FBI said.

“We are seeking evidence of illicit marijuana cultivation and other criminal activity,” she said.

While state and city laws recognize the legal use of marijuana as medicine, federal law does not provide for any legal use of the plant.

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  1. Really says:

    Or gangs….I agree. There are bigger fish to fry.

  2. Willie Nelson says:

    Good bust! But that’ll affect my stash…

  3. Thomas Forcade says:

    “While state and city laws recognize the legal use of marijuana as medicine, federal law does not provide for any legal use of the plant.”…Ok,If it’s legal,and it’s also illegal,…wait…umm,this is what’s called an Oxymoron..with heavy emphasis on the Moron.It’s in the state of California,the city of Van Nuys,(all legal so far)..and yet they raid the growers,(where do they think it comes from?)very confusing all the way around.Wich is the way they want it,so they can reverse it all at anytime they choose for whatever reason they want to use.

    1. Richard says:

      Which part of “federal” did you not understand. In no part of the United States is marijuana legel. Federal statutes are not trumped by state or local laws. Basically, the state law relieves the local officials of the duty related to this drug.

  4. Ramalamma says:


    It is the job of the DEA to find, arrest and prosecute drug dealers and suppliers, so they were just doing their job.

    The FBI and police have to get involved because it becomes a federal and local deal. Also, you may hear about these type of busts more often because it is easier to survey and track these suppliers and dealers due to the number of people who are usually involved. Molesters are a one man (or woman) show and are harder to find when the victim doesn’t cooperate.

    As far as illegal aliens are concerned, well, when you figure out how to regulate the amount of people that cross the boarder illegally all while treating them humanely and protecting what rights they do have, you should totally run for President.

    Besides, if i lived in Van Nuys, I would rather have less drug trafficing and those stupid dispensaries in my neighborhood than have law enforcement do nothing.


    1. Just Say NO! says:

      Ramalamma, I couldn’t agree more! Very well said! More and more people these days want to complain about EVERYTHING. If this article was about child molesters they’d all be complaining about why law enforcement isn’t doing anything about the drugs on our streets.

      This is an awesome article to read about the crack down on drugs! WAY TO GO, DEA! Keep up the GOOD fight!

      1. Joel Brattin says:

        Both Just Say NO and Ramalamma, wake up. I would MUUUUUUUUUUUUCH rather the government spend time and money one improving our schools.

        Fight Marijuana, Seriously. It is so very much here to stay AND has never killed anyone in over 10,000 years of recorded history. Way less side effects than pharmaceuticals. Everything legal, including coffee, advil, alcohol and cigarettes are FAR more harmful. (like deaths at least in the thousands every year)

        Does it really make sense to waste money on people that are doing something safer than drinking coffee or taking advil???

        There is even evidence that in California (where you think marijuana is out of control and is harming children) has lower marijuana use among teens than most other states that do not have medical marijuana.

        The war on Marijuana is the biggest waste of time and money. Its only good for agents that will not have a job if it were to become legal.

  5. Dendroctonus Zimmermann says:

    It seems the Federal Government has decided that Busting Marijuana Grows is more Lucrative than say Stopping Human Trafficking, Child Prostitution, Illegal Firearms being Exported to Mexico. I guess it is easy when You know the Sick People won’t shoot back. Be a shame if another “__ Insert Govt Atrocity Here__” (e.g. Ruby Ridge,WACO TX, etc.) happens in LA County over OUR Individual right to Medical Treatment and OUR States Right to Govern without hindrance from the Federal Government.

  6. Red Meador says:

    What a waste of time. fire the DEA and FBI dope chasers and spend the money on bridges.

  7. Richard says:

    Just the other day.

  8. Just Say NO! says:

    Hmmm…. It’s a waste of time for the DEA to actually DO THEIR JOB?! That’s a ridiculous statement. It’s a waste of time to fight the war on drugs? The very drugs that penetrate and destroy MY family and YOUR family? Wow, what has society come to? I’m shocked at these commenters’ ignorance.

    1. Joel Brattin says:

      Yes, Jut Say No, there is no need for that Job. That job should be eliminated. You like wasting money on something that you will never ever make any hedge-way??

  9. Richard says:

    Does anyone else wonder about how much of the dispensed marijuana is actually for legitimate illnesses? Lately I’ve been finding a bunch of dispensed canisters lying around in the parking lot for a local resteraunt.

    Personally I’m not even against the recreational aspects, especially when you consider that the illegal growers are using federal lands and do shoot back when “intruders” stumble upon their fields. I’d hope that legalizing marijuana would help with this issue that hikers have to deal with while getting back to nature.

  10. packit says:

    Actually, a huge child molestaion ring was busted just last month. Over 200 children were rescued. Where have you been? do you just pick and choose the news you want to hear? Must be the marijuana fogging your brain.

    1. valleygirl says:

      lol kudos packit

    2. donthaveacowman says:

      your response is valid buttttt come on guy don’t hate wake n bake

  11. anonymous says:

    their job shouldn’t be to bust a naturally occurring plant…they should be going after the people smuggling heroin and cocaine into the country…or stop the people manufacturing meth, which is what is really killing the people taking it…ive never heard of someone stoned going out and robbing people for their next joint…

  12. SNMFX says:

    Stop these stupid busts now. Put all these officers on RAPE, MURDER, and ILLEGAL ALIENS crimes. Fix the real criminal problems and leave that stupid weed you call a drug alone. STOP WASTING OUR TAX MONEY ON THIS IRREVERENCE.

  13. Mo says:

    You are so right! why aren’t they catching the illegal immigrants and child molesters instead they bust these medical farmers.

  14. the gondolier says:

    legalize nature.

  15. Not Ignorant says:

    Yet noone on Wallstreet went to jail. Reading some of the comments here reminds of why the rich still get away with murder (and molesting, stealing, fraud, etc) – the sheep still round the wagons against things like legal marijuana, inadvertantly supporting the ones destroying the country. Look over here! No, not there, here!

    1. Joel Brattin says:

      Awesome comment Not ignorant!

  16. Roy says:

    Our tax dollars hard at work. Thanks Obama! I can’t believe I voted for the freaking idiot. Obama specifically stated that they will not be conducting any more raid in California. Now this.

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