USC Frat Suspends Member For Rooftop Sex Romp

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A student at the University of Southern California has been suspended by his fraternity after pictures of him and a woman having rooftop sex surfaced online.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports the photos came out Saturday night showing a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity and an unidentified woman romping on the roof of Waite Philips Hall.

“While the actions that were taken did involve a member of our chapter we, in no way, support this kind of behavior, nor do we promote any such actions,” according to the president of the fraternity.

The same fraternity was involved earlier this year in a sexist e-mail scandal.

Kappa Sigma says the fraternity member seen in the photos had been suspended “for conduct unbecoming of a gentleman.”

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  • Cheese_Wonton

    Why this is newsworthy is beyond me. What two consenting adults do is their businesses. If they want to post photos of their sexual encounter on the internet, is this a big deal or something even a little unusual?

  • Mike

    His crime? He got caught. Other than that, what’s the big deal?

  • Will

    is this a joke?? “for conduct unbecoming of a gentleman.”

  • I know that girl

    It’s lindsey just getting some extra bail money.

  • UCLA Bruins Rule Your World

    LAPD did not make any arrest? USC did not make any arrests?

    USC should arrest ’em for indecent exposure, conduct, sex, Trespassing.

    LAPD should arrest ’em for indecent exposure, & sexual misconduct.

    They got off easy, having sex on top of USC & all they got was suspension from dude’s fraternity?

    Suspension from dude’s fraternity means NOTHING.

    Dude & Chick got away with it.

    • punisher

      Why would Lapd make an arrest when usc has their own department.? don’t assume anything idiot unless you know how law enforcement agencies work.

      • punisher my ass


        You’re wrong!! USC has Campus Security NOT University Police. They’re 2 different things!! You’re probably assuming Campus Security with University Police!!

      • punisher

        No moron. the campus security at usc are considered peace officers and go through post training just like everyone else and have powers to arrest. Lapd southwest division surrounds the campus and deal with real crime. the rest is taken care by sc. don’t be an idiot especially if you’ve never worked the field.

    • UCLA Bruins Rule Your World

      You’re NOT worth my time. Go away idiot!!

      • UCLASUX

        You know what dingus, you have ZERO credibility since you are a UCLA dork, so your posts are meaningless. Thanks for playing the game, loser.

    • Laughing in el monte

      Don’t taze me, bro! Don’t taze me!


    KCAL headlines are funny!

    Did they use Trojans?


  • c-man

    This guy is better off without this fraternity. Suspend him for this? This guy should walk from this frat. Like they all havent done something that others would find unacceptable. Wow….sex in public.All frat boys are, are spoiled little rich boys living off their rich parents.


    Sex on the Roof should replace Sex on the Beach.

    Maybe they’re Promoting a new Mix Drink, “Sex on the Roof”.


    “Trojans Romp”

    Not sure what their recipe/ingredients will be but maybe drier than, “SEX ON THE BEACH” recipe.

  • Jail Time

    No Jail Time?!

  • Fred Baca

    Wow. What kind of simpleton wrote that headline. If I want lame sexl jokes I’ll go to a comedy club. I come to this web site for new. But maybe not much longer.

    • Grumpy Old Women

      Good! Go away loser. This website don’t need you. Mrs Grumpy Old Prude.

  • jeffro

    Hopefully she got pregnant, and they can name the baby Rooftop Joey.

  • J.Belushi

    The fraternity suspended him? Huh?!! When I was in college, I would’ve gotten a trophy from my fraternity brothers for this, not suspended. What kind of a square fraternity is this?

    • Mel-B

      “Boys being Boys” or the excuse that being in a Fraternity is a free pass to lewd conduct is not trophy worthy. Suspension from the frat sounds in order he, is lucky it was nothing worse than that. Hazing and all the other shenanigans associated with fraternal life should have some degree of rules and regulations as, to avoid untimely deaths that have happened to some students in these organizations around the country.

  • Lucky to be alive

    If the LAPD saw them they would have gotten shot.
    Why you ask?
    Reaching into there waste band (or where there waste band would be if they had there clothes on)
    & lunging forward.

  • UCLA Bruins Rule Your World


    Don’t make a comment ’bout USC like you know or went to USC. Campus Security is NOT the same as University Police. Get your facts straight idiot!!

    • You are wrong

      DPS has jurisdiction and full police power for the USC area. They have the same authority as LAPD on campus and the surrounding area.

  • Marco

    For crying out loud. They are college kids. If you went to college you know this kinda stuff happens. Whats the big deal ?!?!?


    It was the Mayor of L.A. and one of his babes! That is why there was not an arrest.

  • EZ

    Boom. Just one more way USC owns UCLA in public.*

    *The chick was from a UCLA sorority.

  • Denis Erectus

    USC Trojans USE Trojans. :-D

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