LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The next time you go to the airport, you could be forking over some more green for a yellow cab.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz reports taxi drivers at Los Angeles International Aiport are warning their tips could take a hit from a new deal.

The fare increase comes after the City Council unanimously approved a 10-year contract with Authorized Taxicab Supervision, the company that coordinates taxis at the airport.

An audit four years ago found the company made questionable payments with those fees collected from cab drivers.

Passenger fees are expected to rise to $4 up from $2.50.

Many drivers are upset that their take-home pay could be seriously reduced.

“[The fare increase] creates resentment among the public who blame us, the drivers, for taxing them this way,” said longtime taxi driver David Shapiro.

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  1. Thor Citizen says:

    I was paying $28 – $31 depending on the day to travel to LAX and I would leave a $7 tip ($35 – $38) which I thought was fair. Now with this increase I will be paying $45 – $50, which means I will not be reaching into my pocket for any money over the $50 fare. Sorry drivers, most likely little to no tip. Honestly taxi company owners, you are making a big mistake. I will probably only use a taxi to come home from the airport now. You guys are going to lose a lot of customers. I would rather pay a friend $50 or buy them a nice lunch or dinner then hand you the extra money.

    1. Jim Sho says:

      It is not the taxi cab companies doing this. It is a deal struck between the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and a private company Authorized Taxi Service (ATS). The drivers are going to feel it more then anyone with a decrease in fares. Our Great City of Los Angeles Council Members at work!

  2. TONY BANTA says:

    Sorry but my prices as a taxi driver will have to increase with our poor economy.

    1. tyler says:

      Haha- the economy is poor so you RAISE prices? It might just be me but I thought economics worked the other way around???

  3. Borsia Novak says:

    Taxis in LAX are already a ripoff and I very rarely use them but with this jump in fairs there definitely won’t be any tip.

    Sorry Tony my tips have to decrease in our poor economy.

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