MONTEBELLO (CBS) — Police shot and killed a kidnapping suspect after a high speed chase in Montebello on Monday afternoon.

The chase ended just before 2 p.m. near Greenwood Avenue and Oakwood Street in Montebello when the suspect made a U-turn in the middle of the street before coming to a stop, and exiting his car. In his right hand appeared to be a shiny object that police said was his loaded weapon.

Now police are trying to figure out who exactly fired the first shot, despite numerous videos of the incident.

Brian Villa heard the chase and recorded it on his cell phone camera before hitting the ground.

“You could hear the bullets passing through, just like grazing, hitting stuff,” he said. “They just kept shooting and shooting. It was horrific, it was horrible.”

Police said six officers fired up to 30 rounds at the suspect after he had opened fire on them.

“The suspect exited his vehicle, produced a handgun, pointed it at the Montebello officers. We believe he fired at least one round. The officers returned fire struck the suspect several times,” said Lt. Dave Coleman.

Cops maintain the suspect fired the first shot, but a close analysis of the video seemingly leaves questions unanswered.

Detectives also said the woman took the toddler out before the firing, but CBS2 cameras caught the woman exiting the car with the young child while the suspect was already on the ground.

“He was in contact with other family members and he indicated that he wasn’t going to go down, if you will, easily, and it appears that it resulted in a suicide by cop incident here.

The coroner’s office has not positively identified the suspect yet, however friends told CBS2 that his name was George Jimenez and that he was 31 years old. They said the young girl was his daughter and he was apparently expecting another child as well.

Jimenez’s brother was said to be an LA County sheriff’s deputy, however the sheriff’s department would not confirm that.

Police kept the crime scene taped up and the body of the suspect in the street for more than nine hours before cleaning up.

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Comments (116)
  1. Ethan says:

    Who cares what race he was? All that matters is the little girl is safe……

  2. Joe says:

    It’s early the question will be asked not to worry….

  3. Aperez says:

    Does his “color” really matter??? Wow, you think people wouldn’t be so ignorant now a days.

    1. Richard Q says:

      What are you talking about the only color mentioned is the color of the car !

      1. alexis says:

        really this man is very close friend to my mother and her friends. nobody really knows why he died but his friends and family .he went crazy and took his daughter away from his wife because she cheated on him and is now expecting a baby from another man.

      2. CHARLIE SHEEN-O says:

        They should’ve shoot the cheater lady better…Off with her head!!

      3. Bobby Cuellar says:

        now his daughter has to live with watchig her dad get shot down while she was in tha car, what kind of father puts his kids threw that? drunk or not, this fool should have been on meds.

    2. Karen says:

      No f’ing kidding. Do you read words that are not there? If so, see a shrink.

  4. RJ says:

    Big chunk of story missing. seriously bad reporting. Did the guy have a gun and shoot at the cops? Or did they shoot a un armed man? It reads like they shot the guy for getting out of his car. I hope it was a good shoot but now a days you just never know. And who cares what color the guy is. It was either a good shooting or a bad one. But atleast the kids okay.

    1. WIREGUY_BILL says:

      dosn’t matter if he had a gun! shouldn’t have taken the kid!!!

    2. AB says:

      You can’t really see it well on this tiny little video on the page, but I saw this on TV on the 2pm news, and he did indeed have a gun in his hand as he left the vehicle.

    3. M.E. says:

      If you read the article you would see that in paragraph 2, sentence 2, it says very clearly that he stepped out of his vehicle with his gun drawn.

      1. asynodis says:

        if you see the video the gun was not drawn,

    4. HMW says:

      The article clearly states that the suspect exited the vehicle with a gun drawn

    5. Karen says:

      Dude – there are not that many words in the article. The guy emerged from the car with his gun drawn. Let’s put two and two together.

    6. Chris says:

      Perhaps you missed this?

      “exited the vehicle with a gun drawn”

    7. chris biler says:

      RJ you have it right, CBS will never give the slant to the police. If this guy would have harmed some one innocent, and the police had not taken action, they would have blamed the police. It’s the community, and the reporting of the police, and the police will never win that battle in the press.

  5. Hernandez16 says:

    and IF we knew what race/color he was? THEN WHAT!? Want me to shake your hand and say congrats now you know?

  6. Esme says:

    I want details like names or A BETTER CONCLUDED REPORT!

  7. isabel says:

    he was someone son and father. it does’nt matter what race he was . he was a human being my heart goes out to his family please say a prayer for him and his family..

    1. Duh! says:

      He doesn’t deserve my prayers.

      1. Sad says:

        Everyone deserves prayer! Leave GOD to do the judging! he will surely be missed RIP

  8. juiced says:

    what!,,, come on kcal 9 we’re adults here. I want to see the guy go down, the bullets hit, the gruesome stuff. I know not on regular tv but the internet should be ok. ,,,, If not ; then where can we see un edited versions ?

  9. Art says:

    You guys are right. Color ain’t important in this case. What matters more is the nature of the suspect. I hope not, but this sounds to me like a child custody thing. That would be truly sad, because now the child doesn’t have a father.

  10. BikeRider says:

    The article clearly says, “exited the vehicle with a gun drawn”… Read the freakin’ article… And for those that want the gruesome stuff, go jump in front of a freight train… It’s kind of like that.

  11. blank says:

    It wasent a kidnapper it was he’s daughter……

    1. nayellli says:

      he was under the influence of alcohol and had a gun w him after a confrontation with his baby momma and u think just because it was his daughter it doesn’t make it a kidnapping!? Educate yourself ….please it doesn’t matter if it was his daughter or not if u take a child against the other parent’s consent ITS KIDNAPPING!!!!!!

  12. Inspire says:

    I seen this living driving down montebello but yeah he drove right past me twice. once he was stopped,drove off then came to the same spot.(i was unable to move my car) he was hispanic looked to be late 20’s early 30’s and yea he had a gun. so police opened fire.point is he kidnapped a little girl off of Washington and Vail. i know all of this my friend works for Montebello PD

    1. blank says:

      That was he’s daughter he lived with her

      1. nayelli says:

        KIDNAPPED!! took without the mother’s consent

    2. Oscar says:

      Its called a cover up story for what they did. DUH! She was his daughter, but I bet you didn’t know that! I know that because he’s my family! FOR EVERONE WHO MAKES MISINFORMED COMMENTS, GET THE FACTS FIRST BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH OR WRITE SOMETHING DOWN!!!!!!

      1. Ros says:

        What do you mean get the facts the fact is he had a gun, if you expect mercy than you’re an idiot.

      2. Deedee says:

        We shouldn’t feel sorry for him because he couldn’t control his anger. We all have to control our emotions. He couldn’t. He didn’t follow the traffic laws, got in a pursuit, had a loaded weapon in the car, and brought it to confront the police. All this with his daughter in the car. People will one day realize to respect the law and authority, because they don’t care about your bad day or baby mama drama. So if you get shot or killed then maybe next time you will act reasonable, that’s if you survive.

    3. Edwin says:

      wow you’re a f***** idiot! that was his daughter, how does he shoot first if his “gun” is pointing down and as soon as you hear the first shot he dropped to the floor because he was obviously shot first. there was no necessity for the stupid monkeybello pig department to shoot so many times specially to death!
      R.I.P primo, you will live in our hearts for ever! :’/

  13. Aperez says:

    He was actually unarmed, I work a couple of blocks from where it happened and my best friend happens to be his cousin. Great job LAPD, you shot a man that was trying to spend time with his daughter, fyi he also has another baby on the way. I hope the people responsible feel proud of what they did! Two more kids in this world without a daddy, so sad!

    1. Anger says:

      The police in this city or quick to shot to kill… My prayers go out to his family… His baby momma should get her ASS KICKED for saying he Kidnapped his own baby… She probably was trying to keep him from seeing his child… The LAPD or any police that shot to kill should go to jail unless they are TRULY in danger of being hurt…

      THE POLICE SUCK in LA… So racist to Blacks and Hispanics…. Crazy City…

    2. chris biller says:

      Hay stupid. It was not the LAPD, and was Montebello. And yes, he had a gun, but you are so biased, you don’t look, you just hate the cops.

  14. Syerrah Escobedo says:


    1. Duh! says:

      Answer, he had a gun!!!!!!!
      Look at the video. See how many people are standing on the streets. If he is just hurt, how many people could he have shot?

      The police are there to protect the public. Not to protect criminals.

      1. richie says:

        Thank you you are correct, and you actually know how to phrase your words maybe some of the others should’ve paid more attention in school instead of knocking up girls and gang banging.

  15. QueenGloria Calderon says:

    i was at the scene it was crazyyy..omg,,,im in shock

  16. Jim Gates says:

    if im a cop and someone comes out pointing his gun especially after a high speed chase im shooting him its eithr him or me the shooting was justified

  17. QueenGloria Calderon says:

    was the little girl his daughter or just a random

    1. Sad says:

      It was his daughter

  18. Anger Loco says:

    F tha Police:

    The police in this city or quick to shot to kill… My prayers go out to his family… His baby momma should get her ASS KICKED for saying he Kidnapped his own baby… She probably was trying to keep him from seeing his child… The LAPD or any police that shot to kill should go to jail unless they are TRULY in danger of being hurt…

    This is crazy… Police killing and shooting people daily AND getting away with it… If the suspects were white people would this be OK???

    1. Duh! says:

      “If the suspects were white people would this be OK???”

      Yes siree. But the thing you don’t mention is that you don’t see white people kidnapping little children at gunpoint and then jump out of their car to face off with the cops while holding a gun in their hand. Must be something about the intelligence of the breed.

      FYI – I am a minority, just not a stupid one.

      1. richie says:

        Thanks for your intelligent views. Your right white people realize you face off with the police with gun in hand and your going to die……….

      2. nayelli says:

        I agree with you comletely “white” people don’t act stupid, when they do- they get shot too… Im Mexican and have common scenes not to take the police on a high speed chase… I

    2. JustTheFacts says:

      Anger Loco, perhaps someday your family member may be kidnapped by a drunk idiot holding a gun (not to mention endangering pother people on the road during the actual pursuit itself). When that happens, you will expect the police to exit their vehicles and beg the drunken man to “please stop holding that gun, and let us handcuff you in peace.” while he shoots at the police and is still potentially capable of killing your family member. You will also expect the police to know everything that is going on inside the vehicle while your loved one is at risk. The police will have a magic video camera attached to the kidnappers head telling them what kind of gun he is armed with, the threats he is making to the hostages and a full background on whether or not the kidnapper is “just kidding around or really means to hurt his captives.” Anger Loco, you are everything that is wrong with today’s society, enjoy your title as the Village Idiot. PS: What the hell does LAPD have to do with any of this? Why am I even asking you this question?

  19. DEVIL says:

    people just to let you know that was his daugther!!! i knew that guy! he really love her he wasnt even a bad guy!! idk y the cops shot and kill him! he didnt even shoot the gun!

    1. Angela says:

      Right, the cops should wait until he shoots someone, THEN stop him.

      1. LS says:

        Yeah, they should wait until he shoot police officers, or someone else, then, we will agree ah??

      2. George says:

        Angela… Wait until he shoots someone then it is okay for the police to shoot him? Is this what you are saying??? How about this guys shoots one of YOUR loved ones then the police can shoot this guy, so that is what you want? Most people in their right mind would have it where the police PROTECT LIFE FIRST before they kill YOUR LOVED ONE. Where are you from? If I was legally armed and someone points a gun at me, they better use it because I will be the last living thing they will see. I will take em out. This is clearly a good shoot. I am sure this was a domestic situation involving a child custody issue. Doesn’t sound like or look like he had proper custodial custody of the 3 year old girl. This 31 year old man, drunk with a gun, endangering is daughter and other people by the way he was driving, then has the balls to get out of a car armed and take a shot at the officers, with the intent to kill one of more of them, which I am sure they have daughters as well, what did he expect. He expected them to do just what they did, kill him. I am not saying what he did was right, but the officers did their job and terminated this situation once he fire on them. Once LASD releases his name, check out his past arrest record(s)… I am sure you will find it interesting.
        Angela, I certainly hope that if one of your family member is in danger of becoming a victim and YOU have a gun… Hope you use if first and not wait until they kill your loved one because you believe you should wait until he shoots someone first. Sad day for a lot of people.

      3. richie says:

        Wait until he shoots someone you moron why don’t you volunteer for that job.

  20. QueenGloria Calderon says:

    poor family!!!!

  21. DEVIL says:


    1. Oops.... says:

      Well then, your friend was an idiot. First, why did he run if he did nothing wrong? Then, why would he point a gun at the cops? They don’t wait for the bad guy to shoot first-that’s how cops get killed. So, I’m sorry about your friend, but perhaps you should befriend someone who is not a criminal.

    2. HMW says:

      Seriously, if you get the chance, you should really consider going back to school. This way, the next time you decide to leave a comment, (that millions of people can read), you won’t sound like an idiot.

    3. eyeball says:

      Devil, when a drunken adult takes his 3 year old daughter and her mother by force, places their lives at risk by driving unsafe and flees from the police, that is kidnapping. Not to mention the “little gun thing” and his other continuous displays of life threatening behavior. Based on your poor grammar and skewed perception of the California Penal Code, it appears you must have recently obtained your Masters degree from a box of Frosted Flakes cereal. Ignorance must truly be bliss.

  22. socalmal says:

    Some Dad to risk his daughter’s life in a high speed chase… Just stupid.

  23. F.T.P Dave Lopez says:

    kcal report dave Lopez always gives the most Inaccurate information in his reports. I’m tired of his false statements and lies!! His reports are based on some facts but mostly from his imagination. Get your fact right before you open your big fat mouth! may I add he is very rude and obnoxious.
    For example, I seen his live report on the Montebello shooting and he clearly stated that DEPUTIES were involved in the shooting??? huh?? It was Montebello PD and CHP assisted..
    I dont know whats his reasoning but KCAL needs to fire him f

  24. The Truth says:

    To APEREZ and ANGER:

    I watched this live..first of all your friend shouldn’t have been dumb enough to endanger his daughter by taking her on a high speed chase. Second of all, the cops got it right in this one, he came out of the car and started running toward the cops with something flashing in his hand…..Gun or no gun, he should have went straight to the floor. He left the police with a second to make a life-altering decision. It’s 100% his fault, and he got what he deserved.

  25. CBH says:

    That’s what happens when you produce a handgun and point it at a line of police. If you didn’t know, now you know.

  26. OPLEASE!!! says:

    APEREZ, Shut UP!!! Everything you said was irrelevant because y the hell was there a police chase in the first place, If he did nothing wrong??? Answer that since he was so innocent and jus grabbed his daughter for a little skip in the park, Y didn’t he stop for the police ASS

  27. c says:

    hey APEREZ, it was not LAPD, but a good job by the police officers. he shouldnt have pointed a gun at the police officers… what a dummy.

  28. kristopher seymour says:

    hi i say the police did thier job right….. if they waited around the suspectwould have indeed had shot some one. Its just like the western days the suspect’s draw was way slow.. i thank god for the child’s safety…..

  29. Molecule says:

    SOME of you people have really poor reading comprehension.

    1. DEVIL says:

      and who cares then dont read!!!!!

  30. SHUT UP IN LISTEN says:

    it doesnt matter wat happened if he had a gun but didnt shoot then the police should not have shot in you never know if he was really crazy or not maybe his wife was being a b**** n called the cops saying she was kidnapped cuz she was scared or they had relationship problems maybe she cheated maybe she didnt you guys aint nobody to judge a man who loves his family some people will fight to thier last breath for there kids how do u know he was one of the people huh so stop judgeing a person u dont know nothing about in let the man rest in peace you guys are f***** pethatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oops.... says:

      Really? So you’re saying the cops should wait until they get shot at before they shoot? Thus risking their lives for some thug? I think not. Pull a gun on me, see what happens. Also, if he did nothing wrong, WHY DID HE RUN? He gave the cops no opportunity to investigate any allegations made by the mother or tell his side of the story. IF HE DID NOTHING WRONG, HE SHOULD HAVE PULLED OVER, not led the police on a chase and risked the lives of his daughter and everyone else around.

  31. sexy babe says:

    cant wait till someone gets tired of this and the next thing will be OFFICER DOWN.

  32. think people says:

    Hey “shut up in listen” you spelled pathetic wrong…first of all its sad that someone died and a little girl will be without her father. I didn’t see a gun on the looked like maybe he was carrying a cell phone. Also how was the mother allowed to pull the child out of the car right after the guy was shot?..From the video it looks like he might of called her and she was on her way outside to meet him…either way they both don’t you logic. Plus it is South Montebello and that is the ghetto side of Montebello. I would of expected that from the idiots over there.

    1. Kristy Lopez says:

      not everybody in this side is an idiot…it just so happens to be that the crime scene on Greenwood has some poorly maintained apartment buildings…so youre the idiot for speaking without knowing.

  33. think people says:

    Kristy Lopez excuse me for my ignorance of South Montebello…but I am glad you cleared it up…but I rather not want to live there especially near apartments. You have people that move in and move out. So Kristy do you like in an apartment or house. I am a home owner and I am glad I don’t live in a neighborhood like South Montebello…no matter if it has nice areas. Its just a matter of time when the trash comes to your side.

    1. family of 6 says:

      I live here and we are not trash. Some people need to reailze that they say stupid thinks and dont think. Apt or house some people are idiots.

  34. family of 6 says:

    I saw it, the cops shot him once then he shot back. end of story. mpd dont even know what up

  35. think people says:

    I am tired of reading all of your comments…Look this guy was a fool and he died like a fool….enough said its sad but oh well MOVE ON PEOPLE…stupid people die everyday…let’s all learn from his mistake and not repeat it…God Bless his family and him…peace out 🙂

  36. jose martinez says:

    i was outside when this happen what this video does not show is that when the first shot was fired the guy had his hand facing i dont know how u would shot a cop well your gun is facing down….

  37. Saber 1 says:

    What about the idiot who shot the video looking up the street at the police? He is so lucky he was’nt hit and killed by a round. Maybe the gene pool would be stronger if he was.

  38. Josh Butts says:

    From the amateur video it sounds like one gun shot (probably suspect) then the hail of gun fire (from police). It’s pretty clear who shot first. What’s wrong with these people trying to challenge the Police.

  39. Hamster says:

    wow some of you guys are f***** idiots the poor man passed away leave him be as a good friend of is (24 years) he loved his daughter and would have done anything for her… it was his heartless b***h of a girlfriend who drove him to do this! to my boy I know you’re watching down on us now….. I love you and will do anything for your family! see you on the other side my friend

  40. mike says:

    F*ck the cops they shot first ….. Tirgger happy ass f*ggets…. cops are a bunch of lames that got beat up when they were younger…..

  41. Angel Pa says:

    The point is that this guy had a gun in his hand. Officers are trained to shoot at a suspect when they feel that their is a high risk of bodily harm to themselves or others as was the case here. Officers did the correct thing.

  42. edgar mazariegos says:

    daam overkill like a mothaf**ker

    1. edgar m says:

      he couldve made his point in a very different way…divorce her, full custody, child support many other ways now he’s dead his daughter is gonna suffer for a long time and his wife is like what ever…..from what i read she cheated on him and was expecting from someone else…we get it you were mad but totally the wrong way to go!!

  43. TURIE says:

    Look at the video frame by frame. The guys was walking with the gun in his right hand pointed down just kind of in a stroll like. He was up set then the first round hits him causing him to go down at that point as he falling down he does point the gun on the cops and by then they are forced to open up on him with a hail of bullets. So I have to say based on the footage he did not fire the first shot. I dont know the law, but would a justify shooting allow a man to be shot while walking carrying in a gun in a strolling manner or does the gun have to pointed at you. I always thought the gun needed to be pointed at you before you could shot a suspect. Even this witness said the guy had his gun pointed down when he was shot.
    jose martinez

    i was outside when this happen what this video does not show is that when the first shot was fired the guy had his hand facing i dont know how u would shot a cop well your gun is facing down….

    i was outside when this happen what this video does not show is that when the first shot was fired the guy had his hand facing i dont know how u would shot a cop well your gun is facing down….

    1. richie says:

      Hey moron did miss school because you were to busy banging in the hood your homie was an idiot and your grammar puts you in the same category.

      1. JR says:

        Obviously you have some bias towards what you claim are “gang-bangers”. I was unaware that someone could tell race, color, or affiliation based upon a blog. However your sentence “Hey moron did miss school”; is missing a word or two. Fix yourself and stop commenting on others misery. Your ignorance is only surpassed by your will to believe that you are superior to all others on this page.

  44. Crystal says:

    The Police clearly took the first shoot! They murdered him. They also shot several rounds while a child was in harms way! That was CLEARLY not the appropiate thing to do.

    1. richie says:

      If you brandish a weapon around the police you won’t get shot. Stupid people deserve actions appropriate to their own actions.

  45. Eufemia says:

    Jorge was and always will be a good man. Thank you for always being there for me…I love you Jorge.

    PS: S***T F****k UP if you didn’t knew him….!!!!!!!

  46. Crystal says:

    There are alternate ways to handle these types of situations by police. Especially when a child is in harms way. The Montebello Police Dept. obviously fired the first shot, there is NO doubt about that. George Jimenez’s gun was pointed to the ground and was in no way giving any threats to the police.

    1. Deedee says:

      Since when is a gun not a threat. We can sit here and blame the cops all we want. But the fault only resides with the idiot. Let’s see how many of you would get in a car chase and confront cops with a gun pointed down. Yeah I didn’t think you would. He should have pulled over like every normal person would.

  47. Pete Ross says:

    as you can see the title of this story is – kidnapping suspect…already painting a bad picture of the man without knowing the full story or just trying to justify the shooting…

  48. Oliver says:

    Count his steps from the first video angle and on his 4th step (right foot) the video stops (this is where the cops fired first) THEN you see him start to go down, probably thinking since they shot me I am going to shoot back…now go back to the end where the amatuer caught the video from the back angle WITH AUDIO – count his steps and you can CLEARLY see and hear the first shot go off as he steps on his right foot, goes down then lifts his arm to fire back…COPS SHOT FIRST
    Is this a justified shooting? He DID NOT raise his arm with the gun UNTIL they fired first!? Couldn’t they just talk him down, laser him, etc.
    MAYBE the cop who fired first meant to hit his arm or leg so that he would go down with just a wound, not THINKING all the other cops wouldn’t fire…but that would be a bad call on the cop who took the first shot as well.
    So either way the cops jumped the gun (so to speak)

    Bottomline, this was a VERY bad judgement call in the heat of the monent from BOTH sides (cops and suspect)…
    Just trying to look at it from both sides.

  49. mad says:

    First: you cant kidnap your own child, it was in fact his daughter!
    second: the police only chased him bc his dumb gf said he kidnapped a girl making it seem like it was a random person taking the girl
    third: he didnt shoot at the cops first and did not have the gun pointed towards them when he stepped out of the car, the cops should have never shot him and shooting almost 30 bullets is drastic when he went down with the first shot.
    I understand police should do their job, but this was not necessary.
    They took the life of an innocent man, and he was a good father, knowing him personally.
    So all of you saying that he deserved it, your wrong bc he didnt point the gun at the cops it was facing down, so noone should have shot and it could of all been ended peacefully.
    the cops need to stop trying to make it seem like it was his fault they shot him and take the responsibility that comes from killing an innocent man.

    1. magaly says:

      fact: you can kidnap your own child
      It is sad what happened our prayers to his fam and friends

  50. irvin loki says:

    God is looking down on us and choosing who’s stays & go’s but my point is that guy did it mean to die like that with 30 bullets on his body….I ask myself what would happen if his would of shot a cop like that with 30 bullets huh!!!! I think that fair… Do u guys have any idea what the family is going thro right now!!! No !!!! I bet they are crying… But u know what I wish those cops would died the same way how they kill that one guys…and make they family same…

  51. gina says:

    heard he was a off duty sheriff for LASD.

  52. T. T. says:

    This man chose death – everyone has 2 choices – -do I choose to live or die.
    doesn’t matter the thousand good or bad thiings he did in his life, because at that moment he had one more choice to make, do I want to live or die.
    His finall decision was to die, he may be a good man, but he was in pain this day, confused, got out of his car was killed by a nervous cop, but he knew what he was doing, he made his last choice.
    Please people,, if you are reading this and in the same hard situation at home, do the right thing, take care of your innocent babies differently – choose life!
    May God have mercy on him.

  53. anonymous says:

    He deserved every single shoot Who in there right staid of mind takes there baby on a pursuit?He is a selfish man that only thought of himself and not the innocent child in the car.And he had the nerve to still point the gun at the cops after being shoot.

    1. JR says:

      First off, learn how to spell anonymous! Second, he didn’t point a gun after he was shot; it was “allegedly” before. As for the rest of this message that states how in the wrong this man was, the main argument is not of him being shot necessarily, but the severity of it. 30 bullets, is far too many! And for those who are protecting the police and saying they were protecting the public, 7 hit the suspect, which leaves 23 other bullets that could have possibly hit bystanders, or caused damage. So much for protecting and serving!

  54. asynodis says:

    before any of you judge, you should get the facts, yes he was in the wrong, yes he put his child at risk, no he did not come out of the car with a gun pointed at the police it shows that in the video, what you all need to see and understand is that a child had to sit and watch her father die, she will remember that a family has lost a member weather it was because of his actions or not it does not take away the pain they will have to live with, so many are so easy to judge what most are lacking is the compassion for those who are left behind, i understand the police need to protect themselves but there comes a point were something becomes excessive, 30 rounds into someone is excessive, most of you were not at the sceen i work around the corner i heard the shot i had to drive by it. i am affected by it, and it saddens me that what i read is such a lack of compasion and empthay for those that he left behind,

  55. Superstar JOJO says:

    I saw this chase as I was going back to work…I was on Montebello Blvd and Greenwood….. I was so sad to hear the out come….to think I saw this person just a few minutes before their last moments on earth.

    He was a human being…..and no longer excists….which is a very sad thought.

    Now the point here is that he did not value his own life at this moment and made decisions in which started a chain of events the eventually led up to his demise…no whether it was caculated or just poor decision making on his part…he did what he did and forced other peoples hands to make the decisions they had to make. All he had to do was pull over WITH HIS HANDS UP AND LEFT THE GUN ON THE PASSANGER SEAT …..that is what he had to do…I doubt this man at 31 years old did not know that getting out armed with a weapon would cause the police to act……it sounds like he may have been as we say “street smart”….and has probably dealt with police before and knows the rules of the game ….and he chose not to play by those rules….EVERBODY KNOWS HOW AGRESSIVE POLICE ARE….especialy people whom are “street smart”:… in my oponion he either was sooooooo upset and not thinkinkg clearly and kept the gun in his hand or..he wanted to go out in a blaze of glory and not face what problems that caused him to take his daughter and go on a high speed chase.

    It was a no win situation….in which as I stated this poor guy put “HIMSELF” in. And as for the mother….everyone can accuse her of whatever but he may have just as responsible for whatever situation they had…and taking the daughter to hurt the mother was not a stand up thing to do…….and now forever will this little girl have the memory of her dad taking her and being killed….he was selfish to involve her at all!!!

  56. nayelli says:

    he had no right to drive with a gun, and a 3 yr old in a car after ha had been drinking!! i live near d incident less than half a block away!!! what gives him the right?? all he had to do was pull over and give up, not jump out of the car confronting police, they warned him drop ur weeapon or we’lll shoot!! he didnt listen!! i feel for the family and d baby… but he wanted to act like a badass those are the consequences…

  57. Natally says:

    my prayers go out to his family… who are we to judge… we leave that to GOD.. he made poor decisions that lead to the sad conclusion..

  58. camille says:

    my uncle did nothing wrong do judge on por reports he was loving nd ill forever miss im….,rest in peace

  59. camille says:

    dammm a lot of ou needa get your story straight…, i agre with ‘turie’ look at the dam video.. he had the gun facing down not at the cops..

  60. Guy Kessinger says:

    After watching your coverage of this story on 03/29/11 8:00 pm news…I am appualed…As a long time Police Officer in Los Angeles…what makes you or anyone think we as Law Enforcement have to wait to be fired on before we deffend outselves???. Your coverage does nothing but inflame the public instead of educating them… A man lost his life…for that I am very sorry…truely…but he got out of a car after running from the police and had a loaded gun in his hand….and charged toward the officers…and all I hear on your news cast is “Who fired first”?? REALLY??…Why do the police have to be shot at first? When do criminals take the blame? He was given every option to stop..get out and comply..He chose to charge officers with a loaded gun. His Choice…I feel for his family..but I also feel for those officers that were forced to take a human life and none of us take that for granted.

  61. CBH says:

    Before anyone is so quick to judge the officers on scene, realize that a gun can be raised and fired in a blink of an eye, so whether the gun was pointed at officers or not at the time the officers fired is irrelevent. Officers cannot and will not wait for that to happen especially when he exited the vehicle rather quickly and in a very hostile and challenging manner towards the officers with gun in hand. Everyone should educate themselves on the multitude of factors a police officer faces and what they are thinking in this situation when they are forced to take a human life.

  62. CSG says:

    Here is the deal….. Holding mom against her will KIDNAPPING! If there is a custody order and dad takes child on a non approved day and without moms permission, KIDNAPPING…. Plus you ad in drunk driving, felony evading, child endangerment, carry a loaded weapon in a vehicle and so on….. Its a justified shoot who cares who fired the first shot, If dad had a chance to get back in that car wth mom and child and drove 3 blocks and decided to kill mom and child then self everyone of you cry babies would of boo whoo’d and said why didnt the cops stop him, its thier fault… PULL A GUN OUT ON A COP, GET SHOT…. seems like a reasonable rule.

  63. OCG says:

    This clown put alot of lives in danger, good riddens to this loser and I would not call him a dad by any means, this punk was a sperm donor at best, any good dad would have never risk thier childs life like that…. Societies trash has been taken out on this one… Thank you to all the cops involved

  64. Thinning the herd says:

    Unbelievable. There’s no talking to some of you. Notice how most of the people who support “Primo” can barely put a sentence together. Unfortunately you can’t educate these people on an internet posting. You will never change their opinion. There is only one person to blame for this. He is now dead and that is probably for the best. We know who the new father will be. It’s called the state of Califonia.

    Primo. Really? Probably the name he was given when he was jumped into his country club.

  65. Matt Garnica says:

    of course the police said he fired first. Lying pigs. 30 rounds hmmm a little overboard dont you think…

    This reminds me of a great Ice-T song called COP KILLER!

    A reminder to all.. Law Enforcement=The biggest GANG in America

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