LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Los Angeles County city of Cudahy has fired its longtime city manager, city attorney and placed two other city employees on administrative leave.

According to a leading news source, the council voted 4-0 Monday in closed session to fire City Manager George Perez and City Attorney David Olivas. The council also placed City Clerk Larry Galvan and Human Resources Director Crystal Hernandez on administrative leave. The Times says Galvan promptly filed his retirement papers.

Cudahy Mayor Josue Barrios says Perez was fired “for cause,” but he gave no specifics.

Cudahy neighbors several suburbs southeast of Los Angeles that have experienced recent political upheaval, including the scandal-ridden city of Bell where residents voted earlier this month to replace the entire City Council.

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Comments (5)
  1. rene de leon says:

    About time council members got rid of those rats they felt untouchable, but there is moore to investigate find the thruth of what really happend residents of cudahy need to know maybe council members are also involved like in city of bell.

  2. Alan Hart says:

    Perez, Olives, Hernandez, Do you see a pattern here?

    1. Hard To Miss The Pattern says:

      Don’t leave out Galvan. He is also part of the “pattern.” We cannot say all that fit into this pattern are bad but as the old saying goes, the “numbers” don’t lie.

      1. Vincent says:

        Do you know what the real issue is? If not. I suggest you find out. Chances are that you won’t.

  3. critic says:

    Alan Hart dont be a Moron and stay focused,If you have any, why dont you go out and try and make a change, instead of making BS statements that will only fuel stupidity.

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