LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A “padded”, “push up” bikini top for young girls? Ambercrombie & Fitch says yes.

The controversial retailer’s children’s brand, Ambercrombie Kids, is now selling just that online. The “Ashley” striped triangle bikini top is described as “padded” by the clothier who markets their kids line to children as young as 7-years-old.

Originally, the bathing suit top was described as both “padded” and “push up.” Abercrombie has since updated the description.

The “Ashley” tops comes is three colors: pink, navy and turquoise. It is now on sale for $18.38, marked down from its original $24.50.

Comments (15)
  1. lala63 says:

    Sure … just what we need … more fodder for pediphiles. This is pathetic.

  2. C. ANDERSON says:

    I will not longer shop at this store not that i person alone would matter to this chain but if every mother of young girls were to do the same maybe Abercrombie would get a clear message ..REALLY Ambercrombie are you that desparate for business I think not your chains do well enough without resorted to this!! I am simply disgused ……
    other of a soon to be 7 year old…Shame on you!

    1. Duh! says:

      “I will not longer shop at this store not”
      Really?? You will not longer shop at this store not?
      So you are telling us that you will continue to shop at this store? REALLY?

      1. C. ANDERSON says:

        Duh! ! Your an IDIOT…….REALLY!!

  3. This is dumb says:

    Whooooooooooo cares!!!!!

    That “I’m never gonna shop at this store again comment” was probably written by the author of this worthless piece of news to try to make it seem relevant. Girls have had padding in bikinis for years, you could walk into tatrget and find the same thing….

    *sigh* and it’s pedophile…not pediphile…

    1. Merry says:

      Yes, “girls” have been wearing padded bikinis for years, starting at about the age of 13 or 14….NOT 7. It’s a repulsive idea. And you CANNOT walk into Target and find the same thing in the CHILDREN’S DEPARTMENT.

      *sigh* and it IS Target and not tatrget. If you want to feel superior, you might want to do some editing of your own brilliant work.

  4. Calgal says:

    Geez Duh! Lighten up. I think most people get the gist of what this poster was trying to say. So they made a few errors. No need to take them to task for it.

    On this topic: I see no reason why little girls need to be wearing padded anything. It’s this kind of marketing that is pushing girls to start dressing like tramps while they are still children. The bottom line though, is that parents need to start using common sense when buying clothing for their children. If they don’t purchase this kind of clothing, the stores will quit selling it.

    1. C. ANDERSON says:

      Nicely said Calgal , excuse my ‘errors’ typing to fast and I had just finished reading the article about the 11 year old girl in Moreno Valley and I was still seeing red..

      1. Calgal says:

        You’re welcome, C. Everyone makes mistakes including, This Is dumb. They corrected another poster for spelling pedophile wrong when they spelled Target wrong in their own post, which goes to prove that sometimes your brain is way ahead of your fingers when typing. No one is perfect.

  5. cali dude says:

    i will not name the retailer because its not fair to do so but it is a major retailer who has sold THONGS for young girls for at least the last 10 years and when i say YOUNG GIRLS i mean i saw a mother but it for her 5 year old so do not pretend this is a new thing wake up yall

  6. Mr. Moe Lester says:

    There’s nothing wrong with this idea. We pedophiles have been lobbying Abercrombie and Fitch for years to produce clothes that show children for what they truly are. Sex objects. It’s about time that a major corporation side with the misunderstood pedophiles of the world. Thank you Abercrombie and Fitch. You guys rock!

    Can I make a request? Thongs for infants.

    The above is a joke. But really, what kind of pedophile minded individuals are designing their line of clothing? Or what kind of parent wants to display their little girls as if they want them to be sexually active by age seven? I can’t help but think this is primarily designed to appeal to older men with child pornography hidden away on the hard drives of their computers. As for the parents who buy into this garbage, I’m sure your daughters will be pregnant by the time they’re eleven or twelve.

    This is a victory for child pornographers.

  7. brat says:

    going to far no wonder our daughters grow up with insecurity complexes!

  8. nwaters says:

    Thank goodness for that Grandma who is protesting . . . and thank you for covering the story of her protest.

  9. Mary says:

    This is a padded top. Girls at this age are not wanting to show there development. Who is calling this anything other? Are you all crazy? Girls at this age want a little padded to cover up.

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