Name Game: Lindsay Is Dropping The Lohan

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — If it’s good enough for Cher, Madonna, Fantasia and Rihanna…it’s good enough for Lindsay Lohan.

Oops! Make that…Lindsay.

Lohan, uh, Lindsay is reportedly ready to drop her last name both professionally and personally.

No more Li-Lo…she’ll just be…uh, Li!

Dina Lohan, Lindsay’s mother, tells Popeater that her famous (and infamous daughter) is hence forth going with one name.

Meanwhile, Dina also revealed she and daughter Ali were also dumping Lohan and using her maiden name, Sullivan.

No word on dad Michael’s reaction or whether he will keep Lohan himself.

  • AJ Morgan

    Um, who cares?

  • DA

    Perfect! Now she’ll have an aka on her rap sheet.

    • Crystal


  • Toni

    Like we will forget all your crimes and irresponsible behavior if you change your name. Maybe you should consider changing your morals and changing your conscience. Open your eyes and look at the world! How about donating your time and money to help others instead of being so superficial and selfish. Same goes for your PopEater family. No one I know would ever pay a dime to see a new project, movie, etc. that has anything to do with you Miss LOHAN. Drop the name…it is still your name.

  • rick

    i admit lindsey needs to grow up but how many normal everyday people drink and act like this and no one says much of anything i think people who are bashin her need to maybe look at them selfs and see where they can improve things

  • Onebigmic

    I like watching train wrecks.

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