Drug-Resistant ‘Super Bug’ Hits LA County Hospitals, Nursing Homes

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A deadly drug-resistant bacteria is spreading to more patients in nursing and long-term care facilities in Los Angeles County, according to local health officials.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports a study conducted by the Department of Public Health has found over 350 cases throughout the county, primarily in elderly patients.

Dr. Brad Spellberg, an infectious disease expert at Harbor UCLA Medical Center says there is no current teatment for CRKP bacteria — and there might not be any in the future either.

94447728 Drug Resistant Super Bug Hits LA County Hospitals, Nursing Homes

County health officials warn the elderly are especially at risk of CRKP infections. (Getty Images)

“There’s been a complete collapse in the development of new antibiotics over the last decade…and in the next decade there isn’t going to be anything that becomes available that’s going to be able to treat these bacteria,” said Spellberg.

Medical expert Dr. David Baron of Primary Caring in Malibu cautions hospital visitors that there’s no need to panic, but advises people visiting their loved ones to examine the standards of the intensive care units.

Officials say that so far only six percent of the so-called “super bug” cases in the county were found in hospitals.

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  • parapuppi

    We can spend billions of dollars destroying nations but we cannot spend the money to kill disease….amazing..

    • Jason
    • MichaelH

      You’ve just not acknowledging reality properly. Remember, “murder accompanied by martial music justifies the mayhem”.

      The “apples to oranges” comment is asinine.

      • StaticKlingon

        Make mine some Martial Tucker Band tunes. It’s a thang.

    • RD

      Totally not the same thing, and not a valid comparison. You’re comparing apples to oranges.

      • GMAZMAN

        It’s 50 Million Babies that have been aborted in the USA. Babies who may have been the scientists to cure AIDS, CANCER and these Super Bugs too.
        Agreed – May God Forgive Us.

      • Katey80

        Yes, may HE forgive all of us for allowing such an evil to exist.

      • Larry Guglielmi

        Yea, and while your at it, ask him to forgive us for aborting 40 million babies!

      • Ramon

        It’s life and death, it is the same thing! Our priorities are completely backwards as a society. We go on yet another aimless war for oil in Libya, we bail out corrupt, vampiric corporations, yet we can’t dedicate our resources to fighting disease.

        Poor people are the ones most likely affected by disease and nobody gives a damn about them – there won’t be any multi-trillion dollar bailouts for them.

        May God forgive us.

      • James

        You’re right. This country’s policies are maddening. The “little people” don’t matter to the elites. We see how there’s always money found for another war and bailouts of the big banks who still don’t have to reveal the toxic debt they hold. The toxic debt held has been estimated by some economists at 600 trillion dollars. Much of the money printing is used to keep the big banks afloat. No big bankers have gone to prison. This country is upside down now and nothing what it purports to be. Our elected representatives don’t answer to the people, only to their corporate overlords who fund their re-election campaigns in exchange for favors that end up degrading the middle class in terms of their purchasing power, well being and freedom. We’re headed for the abyss while the elites amass more wealth, power and control. The war in Libya will spread throughout the Middle East and we’ll go into Iran eventually — all at tremendous expense and paid for with fiat currency “printed” by the hundreds of billions. In the end, fiat currencies — including the world’s reserve currency, the US Dollar — will crash (due to dilution) and there will be a global government, otherwise known as the New World Order that George Herbert Walker Bush has spoken openly about and encouraged. I believe that much of the violence in the ME is being intentionally fomented to drive up the price of oil to the point that the economies of many nations will collapse. This will be blamed on the cost of oil, not the big banks which took our world’s economy down three years ago. Oil companies in the US will make a fortune off the oil we already have, but have capped off years ago, leading our citizenry to falsely believe we need to import oil from the ME. The globalists and US oil companies will make immense profits from $200 oil and gasoline purchased for $8 a gallon. You can believe I’m wrong or crazy, but remember what I’ve written. It will come true because it’s been planned for decades and recently put into motion. I believe our nation is not really our nation when the Constitution is violated with impunity by our leaders who couldn’t care less what we want or need. If we consider the actions of our last two Presidents, we should already know this. As for the major pharmaceutical companies, they’ll do well. They nearly always make handsome profits, despite the many lawsuits brought against them. They are lawyered-up, much like the banks, who make huge profits and pay relatively small penalties when convicted — oftentimes, without even having to admit guilt. We won’t see Pfizer or JP Morgan Chase going out of business, but hundreds of thousands of small businesses — the employment engine of the US — have gone belly up with no rescue from the government. No bailouts for them despite the dire consequences for the “little people”. Please remember what I’ve written about the spread of the war to Iran, $200 oil, oil being blamed for our economic collapse and the establishment of a one-world government. It’s not a haphazard chain of events — it’s unfortunately a plan that has been decades in the making.

      • StaticKlingon

        Whether planned or by coincidence doesn’t really matter. Ultimately it will come down to how the majority of the citizenry perceive it. Truth, justice and the American way are no longer recognizable to me. I suppose it is that way for most of us now. It’s chaotic. Without a common goal we will have chaos, won’t we? Is it a divide and conquer strategy, or a diversity of opinion about what government is.
        The rule book is the Constitution. Without a rule book, no one can play the game right. It’s like playing Monopoly with someone who makes up the rules as they go. Can’t do it. People get angry frustrated and lose interest in the game. We need to enforce the rules or there will be no confidence and people will pursue other means to get what they want. Everyone knows it’s stupid to subsidize poverty but we can’t seem to stop. Everyone knows it’s stupid to encourage illegal immigration, but we can’t stop. Everyone knows it’s stupid to have public employee unions who support one party, but we can’t stop. It will only stop when the money is gone, and the merry go round quits spinning. We are getting there. From that perspective, I guess hitting the bottom is not a bad thing. It’s certainly something we can see coming and prepare for, isn’t it?

    • cm

      this was CAUSED by our own “spending the money to kill disease”!

      don’t you understand antibiotic resistance? think about that the next time you have a minor sniffle, and go whining to the doctor to give you antibiotics!

    • marty stephens

      one of the problems with free speech is that even idiots can speak. And it should be no other way; everyone has the right to show that he chooses to be uninformed. Proverbs 19:2

    • airhw

      RD is right. It is not the same thing. You can give 50 billion dollars to fund research for this, doesn’t mean you’re going to get even close to making a new drug.

      People severely underestimate just how hard it is to make new medication, especially a new class of drugs (an antibiotic that is not a slightly different version of the antibiotics we already have). You basically have to build it up from element to element. You have to think about which chemical mechanisms will attach with elements correctly, and at the right place. This is a process that alone can take decades just because it is a trial and error process. Then when you actually build a compound that does what you want it to do, you have to go back and figure out how to get it delivered into the body and be absorbable. Then you have to do trials, and if it turns out this medication has a slight chance of causing cancer,..BAM. All those years and all that time and all that money just went down the drain.

      Next time respect the drugs you are given. Do not demand them if the doctor is hesitant to give them to you. And if the doctor says take them for a week, take them for a week. If people had been doing this, and not acting like they are smarter than doctors, we would not be in this mess. There is a reason why the doctor says take it for 7 days that you may not be aware of…remember that.

    • doctor fred

      The economics of health care are such (we in the U.S. pay the world’s drug research budget – socialized countries way under pay for drugs), along with the astronomical cost of getting FDA approval and then surviving plaintiffs attorneys that developing new antibiotics simply has no profit. The drug companies can’t even break even. The medical literature has been warning about this crisis since at least the mid 90’s, but no one wanted to listen. The pharmaceutical companies are not evil, but they have been systematically crippled by politicians and lawyers and now they don’t make their magic medicines anymore. We made our bed, and now we have to lie in it.

      • Joe Arpaio

        Democrats and liberals in particular are to blame, though I also remember McCain making an idiototic statement that pharmaceutical companies are the bad guys as well.

      • Tom B.

        Well put Doc. However, no one will listen, because we all know that the TV tells us that Drug companies are right behind insurance companies on the societal evil scale. With all private business following in a close third. It’s those evil rich guys trying to kill people again. If only we had central planners to take care of all our needs, the world would be utopian bliss.

      • StaticKlingon

        Watching this country slowly strangle and smother itself to death with reams of regulations, red tape, and enforcement may be more painful than a brief and fatal disease. One of us has to go! I had always supposed it would be me first…now I’m not so sure. HAHAHAHAHA

      • airhw

        Exactly doctor fred. Like I said below, people don’t even fathom how difficult it is to make a chemical that acts the way you want it to in the body, and doesn’t act the way you don’t want it to.

        They think people in white coats just get together in a lab, mix some colored liquids, and there it is. It is a painstaking process requiring highly educated individuals for a very long time. And those individuals do want to get paid. You have to pay for the lab. You have to pay for the chemicals. You have to pay for people to come and willingly allow themselves to be tested on, and you have to pay for any medical expenses they may accrue.

        Building a new drug costs anywhere from 800 million to 2 billion dollars. And that’s given that the drug is based on some drug before it. What we need now is a brand new class of antibiotics that we have not seen before, that germs will not be resistant to. To all those not in the industry, at least try to fathom how difficult that is, how expensive it is, and why there aren’t any.

        Everyone is harassing the pharmaceutical companies for charging too much for drugs. That’s because they got to make 800 million to 2 billion off of them just to break even. They have to, otherwise they go out of business, and then you’ll have no one making anything.

    • Ronald


      Actually, the reason dangerous pathogens are growing more and more deadly is because the Government controlled medical industry HAS been spending hard earned tax money to find ways of killing them. Remember, what does not kill them – and it’s impossible to kill them all – makes them stronger. Ronald

    • Meeeeee

      just curious….which nation, or nations, has the USA destroyed and not rebuilt….

    • slo

      How about some Arab country coming up with a cure for a deadly bacterium? Why is it always up to the US? Those Arabs/Muslims are such forward thinkers and always trying to improve society.

      • JerryBrownlee

        Great point! In fact, there are several companies in Middle East/Arab countries that make & develop pharmaceuticals -including new antibiotics. However, none are sold or marketed here as the US & European companies have long-sought policies designed to protect their turf.

      • StaticKlingon

        The Chinese will come up with a cure tainted with lead and produced by child labor and we will borrow the money from them to buy it. This can work!

    • Jim

      Really? You don’t think we can do both? Let us concentrate on destroying nations AND CRKP! This is the USA we can do it! I am very proud of our rich history of destroying nations and bacteria!

      You idiot. everything is connected, to whatever crazy view you have. Dope.

      • scot

        Name the nations we have destroyed, Asshat.

      • StaticKlingon

        United States of America is the first one that comes to mind.

    • Kate

      Most of the problem is that we’ve used all the antibiotics to death. Now we have nothing to combat the serious illnesses and our immune systems no longer know how to handle them, making them even more deadly.

      • Rob

        75% of antibiotics are used on livestock in the US. Stop buying meats from the stupid food system, get local instead for a starter.

  • brad_norwood

    Univ of Missouri scientist extracted 5 antibiotics from cedar tree leaves that kill the superbug in experiments with mice.

    • Stevie-D

      To The oerson calling themseves “Sho”

      The bacteria is called…Wait for it…CRKP…

      A little more reading might help…

      • Mouse Doc

        KP probably stands for Klebsiella pneumoniae

      • Wayne

        To Stevie D

        CRKP is about as helpful of identying the bacterium as Stevie D is identifying you. A little less assuming and being a little more demanding would help get news people stop being lazy and write better articles. If the writer couldn’t take the time to investigate the complete name why would you think he did a good job on the rest of the article?

    • diogenese

      see medizone intl.

    • Ramon

      My bet is that pharmaceutical companies will ignore this as they always have because it’s not some half-poison they cooked up in a lab. This will get swept under the rug.

      • simonsays

        Probably another bio-weapons test.

      • airhw

        Ramon, I’m not sure you know how the pharmaceutical industry works, so I’m going to try to explain it. I’m not belittling you, I really do feel the better educated we are, the more constructive we will be, so I always offer knowledge when I see someone not having all the facts.

        Just because something is “natural” and comes from a tree doesn’t mean it’s not poisonous. Especially when you consider that most of our poisons are based on things we have found on trees.

        Likewise, just because something is synthetic doesn’t mean that it is poisonous. For example, the common pain killer, acetylsalycilic acid, aka Aspirin, is a natural compound. But it’s just easier and more feasible to make it in a lab (you don’t have to farm for it, which makes everyone happy since we don’t kill plants). Acerylsalycilic acid from a plant is exactly the same as the one made in a lab. Sometimes, we can even improve upon it. Natural compounds weren’t always made to do what we want them to…they may have painkilling properties but they may also cause liver cancer, for example. Well, thanks to organic chemists, we can get rid of the part that causes liver cancer, and only keep the part that we want. But one thing is for sure…every drug is have is based on an already existing natural compound because it is incredibly hard (almost impossible) to create a drug from scratch.

        Keep that in mind the next time you employ the natural is better bias, because, after all, it is a bias.

        As for why the above will be ignored…many reasons. If the study is flawed, it will be ignored. If it is impossible to make a drug that can be delivered into human beings’ bodies, it will be ignored. If it turns out the drug actually causes those mice to then develop tumors 5 years later, it will be ignored. It’s not that simple, buddy. You have no idea how much bogus research gets published each day. Just because someone says they discovered something, doesn’t mean it’s true. If there was something to do that, you bet that pharmaceutical companies will be ALL on that, racing each other to develop the drug first, get 20 years ownership on it. Drugs like that, called last-resort drugs, are one of the few remaining ways for pharmaceutical companies to actually make a PROFIT, instead of just aiming to break even. Simply because they are so necessary and they offer a 20 year patent meaning no competition (whereas Aspirin can be made by many companies today).

        There is absolutely zero, and I mean zero, reason to sweep this under the rug. It is a very small possibility that a whole industry will collectively act against reason.

      • Sho

        So here’s the gist of what will be done about this: if somebody can write a good grant proposal they will get government money to research this particular strain of whatever type of bacteria (thank you article for not giving any kind of name to it) and there is a high probability that they will find various ways to at least slow it down.

        If this becomes a serious issue affecting many people then commercial money will be thrown at finding treatments.

        As for antibiotics finding an effective cure that doesn’t harm the patient is looking less and less likely. All those antibiotics we used for so long only worked because bacteria had not had to deal with them on such a large scale for several billion years. It’s a pandora’s box situation where we’ve gone and set up all these monstrosities that we can’t just put away- and they’re only getting worse as we try to “cure” all the bacterial problems we have.

        Right now biochemistry takes an awfully long time and a lot of money to really work out what’s going on. Maybe computers and programming techniques a few decades from now will be able to just spit out the diagram for an easy to make molecule that will be the Achilles heal to whatever strain of bacteria we happen to come across but we are a long way away from being able to do that.

      • Jim

        Alan – well stated my fellow patriot.

      • Alan

        Well, Ramon, it sure is easy to blame the pharmaceutical companies for ‘ignoring this.’ Perhaps you think they’re a charity or something. Hell, what are you doing about it, other than blaming everyone else? And then if they come up with some sort of cure, you’ll be seeing lawyer advertising to sue them when someone has a bad reaction. Hell, if i were a pharmaceutical company, I wouldn’t work on it either.

      • mark

        Don and Ramon your rats are safe too!

      • Don

        @Ramon – Actually, that’s where almost all of our medicines come from – some plant or animal extract. And all our medicines are half poisons – toxic to the bugs, but not quite potent enough to kill us.

  • paula

    Sheesh! It’s sort of a good thing my sister who was in and out of hospitals and nursing care facilities passed away from cancer already. I would hate to think that with her weakened immune system something like this could cause her death instead. Pretty sad if you ask me, but when you think about it some places that are supposed to be sterile environments like hospitals are the MOST likely ones for people to contract all sorts of bugs and infections and that does nothing to improve their health at all. Makes anyone hope they won’t wind up an inpatient at a hospital or be in a nursing care facility of any kind with things like this happening so often.

    • Pete_Moss

      Considering a hospital is a centralized facility for people will health related issues, yes it makes sense that there would be ‘bugs’ in hospitals. Imagine if hospitals didn’t have policies in place to help deter unsterilized environments. A lot of effort goes into killing something the human eye, nose, ears cannot detect for the most part. Should be thankful there are standards in place to help deter these ‘bugs’. And I am sorry to read about your sister.

    • Michele

      What superbug are you talking about because this isn’t Staff they are talking about here. Also, I have a bacterial infection in my lungs and if there was enough money in it they would come up with more antibiotics.

      • good_wife

        The Germans and the British seem to do just fine with drug R&D – and we as taxpayers pay for most of the drug developemt

  • mars1mars

    The Obamacare law has insured that there will be little if any new drug research in the future. People get all upset when drug companies make a profit. That profit is what allows them to reinvest in research! We are taking away the ability of America’s companies to invest in bettering our health care!!

    • june

      who knows….it is interesting how it is hitting the elderly..

    • KipNoxzema

      Yup, the Regime is against Big Companies and corporate profits. Unless it’s GE, a major contributor to his campaign.

      I can see the Regime wanting to handle this, and look how “well” they handled the flu vaccines.

      • Enormo The World's Shortest Giant!

        Very Tiny Human
        Yo Kippy!
        I play in a band called Creamy Noxzema and The Hot Squirts. We’ve been getting it together.
        Ain’t nothing suggestive about our band’s name; We are all very tiny humans.
        Hopefully if times get tough people won’t decide we are sort of like veal like they did the Bantu flavor of very tiny humans (Pygmy) at some places on the African continent.
        Got a 429 Cobra-Jet in the Clown Car in case we ever get booked and insanely happy or unsanely hungry fans (or gourmets) rush the stage.
        Sorry to hear everybody is going to die off before we even release a DVD with all sorts of people in it we are planning to steal from ICP, TwiZtiD, BoonDox, MCR, and The Thrill Kill Kult, The Mission Creeps, The Bangkok Five, Kid Rock, and we hope to attract a big girl singer so we don’t have to AUTOTUNE a very tiny human voice so it sounds like the large economy size human is singing…oh we’re fine as Ompaloompi, or Santa’s obviously drugged Elfin slave labor who sing happily while freezing to death polishing the bells on the sleigh. And Rudolph’s Red Nose?
        One word Dude or Dudette, Chernoble (heck yeah it’s spelled wrong, I ain’t no Russian).
        Ok, so if the mass die off could be postponed we’d take it as a personal favor.
        BTW, this guy says the Dollar ain’t good for anything anymore, and he wants to sell me some gold….for dollars.
        If the band don’t work out it’s back to wrestling or acting like an evil carny barker/pickpocket/fugitive from justice who always throws the cops off by shopping in the children’s department for our cloths, except the ones made just for us, and who wants to wear a set of elf ears or a garden gnome hat all the time. Hey BIG PHARMA! You got a little something for me? A tall pill? Not Viagra smart guy, and that only makes me seem a few inches taller when I’m reclined in my bed…depending on where I put my Elf hat and ears. A word of caution, never hug a very tiny human who is standing fully clothed in bed unless you want a new best friend.
        Just sayin….

    • Krissy

      I believe you’re up in the night!! The “drug companies” have been gouging the public for years. Do you blame everything on Obama??? Just curious.

      • Sickened

        You liberals will never get it, will you?

      • JIm

        Another nice post, Alan. You beat me to the punch again.

      • Alan

        Are they ‘gouging the public’ the same way you’re ‘gouging your boss?’ So if it costs them (or their investors) hundreds of millions to develop a drug and they price the drug so as to recover their investment, as well as the cost of other research which failed, then that’s ‘gouging the public?’ I’ll tell you whose ‘gouging the public.’ UNION WORKERS and GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES. They produce NOTHING and earn ridiculous salaries and benefits compared to the taxpayers who are ‘gouged’ by the poiticians.

      • Dave

        When there is no profit in drugs there will be no drugs. Simple jus like you.

      • Kmbold

        marsinars is correct. Obama IS responsible.

      • Frank Johnson

        Obama has taken the incentive away from drug companies to develop new drugs. When the europeans went national health care their drug companies quit producing new drugs and that is where we are headed. When you tax anything you get less of it.

  • Onclewillie

    Krissy, get a clue. You take away the incentive to research and you take away the new drugs. It is real simple.

    I don’t blame the current situation on Obama but I do blame it on the Democrats who have controlled congress for four years. I will blame it on Obama and Obamacare because that law will discourage any new research.

    You are whining about drug companies gouging the public but I would rather that then need the drug that would have been developed but wasn’t.

    • Frank

      Three people are sitting at a table, a CEO, a tea party person and a union member.
      There are 12 cookies. The CEO takes 11 cookies and says to the tea party person “Watch out, the union guy is trying to steal your cookie.
      Wise up!

      • tc

        Three people are sitting at a table, a CEO, a tea party person and a union member.
        There are 12 cookies. The CEO takes 11 cookies and says to the tea party person “Watch out, the union guy is trying to steal your cookie…

        TEA Party: ” Well, to whom do these cookies belong, and when did you start associating with extortionists?”

        CEO:”They belong to the company, and as CEO, I get to decide who gets what. As for extortionists, the federal government has legislated that I must bargain with them ‘in good faith’. Thankfully, the government hasn’t begun stealing cookies yet.”

        Union member:” Who owns them is irrelevant. It’s unfair that he has cookies and I have none. He’s trying to destroy working families. ”

        TEA Party member; “Why don’t you union members create your own cookie factory, and then you get to decide who gets what you produce?”

        Union member: “Are you kidding? I have a right to HIS cookies, I have a family too. He knew when he began to produce cookies that I would have a right to my fair share.”

        TEA Party to CEO: “Would you like some tea with your cookies?”

        Union member: “You have tea? AHA. Another person holding out from working families. Give me my fair share of your tea! I’m a working family. What else do you have for me that’s my right?”

        TEA Party to union: “Perhaps you’d like some cheese with your whine?”

      • D

        Good one.

  • savinglives4fun

    Cry about it. Do you really think the drug companies are going to stop researching? Yeah right. They will continue to research so they can make more drugs. More drugs more money. Obama is at least trying to help us.

    • OPERATOR147


      • Really?



    What did Obama say NO WE WILL NOT PULL THE PLUG ON GRANDMOTHER. we will just let the super bug do the job.

  • Bob G

    Let me see if I’ve got this right. The fact that pharmaceutical companies have been lax on antibiotic research for the past 20 years is Obama’s fault? Or alternatively, the fact that pharmaceutical companies claim to spend a huge amount on research, when in fact they really don’t, is somehow Obama’s fault?

    There seems to be a reflexive right wing attitude that whatever happens, it’s Obama’s fault, whatever doesn’t happen is also his fault, and whatever he does is wrong. For example, Newt Gingrich and a Republican congresswoman have been calling for a no-fly zone over Libya for weeks now, but as soon as we did it, they suddenly decided they are against it. If you want to fall for this stuff, you are beyond gullible.

    • Troy

      Bob G
      Pharma hasn’t been lax on antibiotic research. Check out the Federal Regs about Drug manufacture. Check out the number of ads on the TV in the evening from lawyers trolling for people who’ve been affected adversely by a drug. Check out the number of ignorant fools who’ve posted simpleton and often incorrect ideas here on how drugs come into being. Tell me Bob, do you know how Antibiotics work? They really don’t kill bacteria, they inhibit their ability to reproduce. The old Antibiotics which did this all worked in similar fashion…the problem isn’t the lack of research, it’s that the Bacteria are becoming adept at reproducing even in the presence of an antibiotic. It will take some sort of new breakthrough, like going from a steam engine to an atomic power plant overnight, to create new medicines.

      Nope, the stupid population of the USA will reap what it has sown.
      You have allowed Government to control things to the point that it makes it almost impossible to create new medicines.
      You don’t listen to the Dr when he gives you 7 or 10 days of Antibiotic, and quit taking them as soon as you begin to feel better…..you just produced a strain of resistant bacteria to pass on, congratulations looser.
      You insist that your Dr. prescribe Antibiotics when they are not needed, especially for your kids.

      Nope between these things, and the loons who believe that it is somehow immoral to earn a profit for the shareholder, it will be a wonder if anything is made in America in 30 years.

    • TT

      @Bob – If the public in general thinks they are “taking the money and not putting it to good use” – Maybe somebody needs to pay attention to where it goes….just a thought…

    • Joe Public

      Spoken by someone who probably still blames Bush for everything…

    • Bif

      Not much profit in antibiotics because they cure the disease. A lot more money to be made on drugs that have to be taken forever.

      • Patrick

        Yes… Why would those Evil Pharmaceutical Companies want to develop an effective method of eliminating a new strain of deadly drug resistant bacteria? Oh wait, could it be that if the customer is dead then the losses of future revenue would far outweigh the investment costs. Simply put: when people live longer they consume more healthcare/prescription drugs over their life, especially in their geriatric years. The compounded effect of the previous statement in regards to our entire society ends up yielding 100-1000’s of times the potential future profit by partaking in the endeavor. By the company acting in the best interest of their shareholder’s, they employee 1000’s of people and save lives at the same time.

        Too often the ignorant demonize any profitable company as “Greedy”, as if success is something that society should shun. So in the end the average person probably lives longer, has a better quality of life, and their income is indirectly better higher because of these pharmaceutical companies’ efforts. While I do agree that there is corruption, greed, and deception that occurs in the prescription drug industry; you have to recognize it occurs in all industries as well as all forms of government.

        So Bif; while you choose to vilify companies and portray yourself as the victim of a giant conspiracy, you fail to realize that you have a choice. Don’t buy the products of these “Evil” companies. That way you are hitting these “Greedy” companies in the pocket book while refusing to become a pill popping slave. That’s what you want right? A tough guy keyboard ninja like you doesn’t need that hocus-pocus modern biochemistry anyways. No vaccines, OTC meds, pain killers, prescriptions of any sort, or anything else you would find at a drug store.

        I bet you that you will not back up your hateful words by boycotting and I also bet that you are too weak to admit that just maybe you didn’t think before you typed your pre-programmed emotional comment. Thinking is a good thing Bif. Objective analysis is something we should all try to strive for, emotional responses are dangerous. I hope truly hope you heed that reminder because actions based on emotions is an extremely dangerous and often short lived endeavor.

    • believeit

      Hey Bob,
      Where do you get your information that drug companies don’t spend money on research. You are ignorant. For every new drug that comes to market over 10 others don’t make it past the complicated and expensive clinical trial period. And then, when they do, people like you, and lawyers want to sue them for every little side effect. You want it both ways. Additionally, Obamacare will disincentivise drug companies, because there is no tort reform or money to fund research.
      PS. Read the article, it is about a bacteria, not a disease. Bacteria occur naturally. Also, this is hardly an epidemic.



    • US Government

      Not everyone, Just you and Ramon. We’ve been working on it for some time. Very upsetting it has taken our conspiracy so long. Now take you lithium like a good mental patient.

    • Ramon

      There are a lot of things going on politically that only make sense if you look at them from the perspective of a depopulation scheme. Pollution in the air, water, soil, our food… it’s even in drinking water – you’re taking other people’s medicine in tiny amounts for years thanks to our decades-old water treatment methods. Just add bleach and strain out the solid waste, surely it’s good enough to drink after that!

  • Mr. Jenkins

    Whatever your views on health care and pharmaceutical companies, can we please all just agree that Obama is a big sack of turds? Thank you.

    • nationalobserver

      YES WE CAN, Mr. Jenkins.

  • Lorelord

    Funny, the County with one of the highest concentrations of Illegals has an outbreak….Irony.

  • Tom Bargeron

    What do you morons think the drug companies do with their profits. They don’t hide the money in a mattress. They spend the money, they use the profits to hire people and run the business. Even the dividends they pay out are recycled back into the economy. Get a life quit harping on the profits corporations make. These are all recycled back into jobs, buildings etc.

    • All about profits @ taxpayers expense TRUTH

      @ Tom Bargeron – Please read Morris A. Bealle

      • Drug Story

        The book Drug Story by Morris Bealle was pretty much censored by the government “FDA” for telling the true hard facts behing the pharmacuetical industry. Ignorance is bliss or Knowledge is power?

    • StaticKlingon

      When the economy went down the tubes, research money throughout the spectrum of private, government, and university labs got pinched. Not only here, but around the world. No free rides after all. Got outta the bus, and start pushing! HAHAHAHAHA

  • mark

    That is Great Brad Your mice are safe.

  • Excelsior


    The liberal morons will refuse any productive work because of their insane beliefs about profit. They only believe in slave labor. You have to put them all in death camps like the Soviets did in order to get them to produce anything. This is why Stalin had to kill 20 million and Mao 50 million, the socialist dictators had no other choice..

  • Mike

    It’s no coincidence that this is happening in a place with a high illegal immigrant population. Illegals have diseases that Americans just don’t have. I worked in a school with lots of illegals and got sick from one of them in a way I never had. The media likes to hide the truth because they only like to write positive stories about illegals, but the truth is that different countries have different diseases. You’d never see a hospital in Saskatchewan have this problem. Only in a town infested with illegals.

    • StaticKlingon

      Yeah, we’re on of the most disease-infested countries in the world. Doubt it, go do some homework. The melting pot quit working for assimilating foreigners into our culture but it’s bubbling over with every illness know to man. Lucky us!

  • Tim

    You certainly can tell the diff between readers and knower’s. Folks if you know nothing about Infectious Disease, please don’t speculate, you’re embarrassing yourself.

  • Ward Ciac

    Obama is too busy supporting hefty salaries and pensions for left-wing schoolteachers, illegal alien support and services, and now more shoot ’em ups in distant lands, to care about this.

    • Should be obvious

      Ward Ciac; you are so right, and don’t forget the democrats that have been busy destroying the country for four years in a democrat lead congress, DO NOT work for the average tax slave.
      They work for all their special interests. That’s why the democrat congress people act so arrogant. We the tax slaves are just cash cows to them!

  • moutainhiker

    If you notice most cases were reported in elderly people ,government loves this if the elderly die off, less social socurty to pay out, and one day on the news you will see the government saying ,we have fifty more years of benifits then first thought.

  • Hank Warren

    Uncontrolled, diseased, illegal immigration, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  • Nick

    To the people trashing the drug companies:

    First of all you are probably not in a chemical or biological field and most likely do not have an appreciation for what it takes to develop a drug.

    The costs are simply enormous–any new drug from the lab to the market easily costs over a hundred million dollars—and many drugs that make it to the later stages of testing will fail for a variety of reasons.

    Some question the business models of the drug companies–less focus on basic medicinal chemistry, more on acquisition of start ups and marketing. This I can understand, and likely we will see an even larger decrease of developed drugs in the future.

    However the simplest answer to why fewer new antibiotics are being approved, to why no new class of antibiotics has been discovered for 20 years is simple. All of the “low hanging fruit” of biologically active compounds have been taken. Further drugs are going to require much more development to work which is going to mean higher costs and fewer drugs. It’s unfortunate, but its simply the way it is and having either a democratic or republican president/congress is not going to change this.

    • Drug Story

      NICK – all good points that are agreeable and they all sound correct. There are always positives and negatives to all.. I’m just saying it’s good to also know the negatives in order to make a better decision for yourself and your family(Do you have children?) Please read with open mind then decide. Thank me later
      Morris A. Bealle

      • Nick

        That article you linked to was very unreadable…

  • Torstone

    As someone who has survived Mersa bacteria infection and the two week IV treatment this has to be fixed, I got mine dose in a hospital during a surgery. It almost killed me, if we do no invest in the next generation of cures, just say good bye to grand ma and grand pa and any diabetic friend you may have. This is a game changer any cut or wound can KILL YOU.

    • Kay

      I live in Chicago and Two of my friend almost died from Mersa bacteria infections! Both are in their 40’s! One got it from an emergency room and anotehr from a nursing home visiting his father. Actually the latter is still in the hospital!

    • Katey80

      I am glad you are still with Torstone. I knew an older gentleman that once told me his older sister died in her 20’s because she kept picking at a pimple she had and the infection killed her. This was before antibiotics.

  • Lee

    Why dont we try a “Bacteriophage’ treatment? The Russians have done a great deal of work on this over the last 5 Decades with some success. Its basically using Viruses that specifically targets the bacterial infection without harming the Human body. Check it out– I bet the big drug companies are looking at it too. It may be the only treatment soon for disease that is becoming increasingly resistant to Anti-biotc therapy. Just a thought.

    • Blue Collar

      because people are too narrow minded to think of the good that a bacteriophage treatment can do until it is their last option, also the general public sees fighting fire with fire method as bad…

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, these things will be on the rise. Hospitals and clinic are supposed to be sterile but when you have health care professionals wearing their scrubs around in public, wearing Croc-style shoes and heading out to the corner for a smoke, they will be introducing pathogens to an ideal environment. Also, the lack of proper hand washing techniques by most people adds to the issue.

  • Bill Missett

    Colloidal silver would kill this bacterial infection in its tracks, but of course, the pharma cartels have discredited colloidal silver to the point where its proven benefits are ignored, “because you might turn blue.”

    Would you rather be blue, or dead?

    • mrezyka

      Colloidal silver ? You have got to be kidding! Colloidal silver has not been in use since the 30s, because a) it doesn’t work and b) it can have some nasty side effects.

      Perhaps you’d like us to return to bleeding patients to cure bad “humors” also.

      • StaticKlingon

        I’ve never seen proof one way or the other, but I use it occasionally, and haven’t been sick in the 11 years I’ve done so, and haven’t turned blue. I suspect that you
        A) are simply regurgitating something you’ve read without actually having any first hand experience over an extended period. B) Work for a drug company
        This is not to say that I would encourage or discourage its use, but I am beginning to wonder if it might not be one of several possible reasons why I don’t get sick when the usual colds and flu go around. I really don’t know for sure, but neither do you. :)

      • norton

        Silver hasn’t been used since the 30’s because the pharmaceuticals couldn’t make money on it. And, it was easier to grow mold than to mine silver. When the pharmas got big enough, they needed to create situations that would allow them to continuously come up with “new” and “more effective” drugs.

        Silver is a natural anti-pathogen. It has been proven to kill most pathogens and certainly all bacteria. And that is KILL, not suppress. If as much research money was put into ways to disperse or apply silver to the human body, I’m sure we would not have any drug resistant bacterias floating around. The old methods of using silver salts or silver ion colloids caused the only real bad side effect to silver antibiotics which is turning your skin blue. Now with nanoscale technology, the silver can be dispersed in a non-ionic compound and won’t cause the blue skin problem. Research it. Silver WILL be the antibiotic of choice as we create more and more of these drug resistant diseases and the pharmaceuticals cannot find new drugs to combat them. Many companies are already applying nanosilver on tech products that receive lot of handling to reduce bacteria transfer.

        I would much rather ingest nanosilver which is a PROVEN anti-pathogen with KNOWN side effects than to ingest some genetically modified concoction that may cause a cancer or some other UNKNOWN side effect.

      • expat

        @mrezyka – You are apparently not aware of the advances in silver medical technologies in the past 20 years. Your information is woefully incorrect. Nano-catalytic silver hydrosols have replaced the old silver salts and ionic colloids. They are completely non-toxic and require very small amounts to do what once took enormous doses. This form of silver is currently available as supplements, but the pharmas have entered into product development agreements with the manufacturer and it is only a matter of time before these become accepted in mainstream medicine. Educate yourself: http://www.lifesilver.com/studies.htm

  • diogenese

    Do your research on Medizone intl.


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