STUDIO CITY (CBS/KCAL) — With spring in the air, it might be time for a new look. And for an instant change, how about coloring your hair?

Colorist David Paris stopped by KCAL9 at 2 p.m. Thursday to talk about how to color hair efficiently and successfully. 

Here are some of Paris’ tips:

How to pick the right hair color tones for your age?

-In your 20’s you can play and have fun with almost any color.
-In your 30’s stay with your own natural tones is best
-In your 40’s Gold warm tones will give a woman of that age a younger looking appearance.
-When you go darker in shade a woman will feel stronger
-When you go lighter in shade a woman will feel sexier
-One way to choose a color tone of choice is try on wigs before you color.

Once you do choose a color… Here are 6 Tips to keep color from fading

1. Do a color care treatment, do this at least one or two days before you plan on coloring your hair. We recommend COLURE Luxury Color Treatment.
– Cleanse hair prior to hair coloring (RM / BV Shampoo) to lift away hair styling products or hard water minerals. Proper cleansing is key from roots to ends to help remove build up.
– Apply (COLURE) (RM/BV) conditioner from roots to ends until hair is smooth. Then rinse.
– Avoid using styling products like hair spray, gels, oils or wax especially products with denatured (SD-40) alcohol prior to coloring.

2. After a fresh hair color treatment Wait at least 24 hours to shampoo.
– Rinse with cool water instead
– In place of shampoo use COLURE conditioner instead, to acidify the hair and strength.
– Work conditioner from roots to ends to restore balance and seal. Then rinse conditioner.
– Always towel dry from roots to the ends until hair is damp.

3. Maintain your color at home by using a color care system every time you cleanse and condition.

4. When using a blow dryer use a styling product with a thermal protector. Avoid products with denatured (SD-40) alcohol for best results.

5. When using a curling or flat iron, make sure the hair is completely dry first. Use a thermal protector spray for best results and protection.

6. Use styling products that contain sunscreen and protection.

For information about Paris’ own line of hair coloring products, click here.

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    Amazing feel, shine and vitality with COLURE products. Healthy hair is the result that will absorb color at it’s best!

  3. Claire says:

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