SAN GABRIEL (AP) — Authorities shut down a makeshift maternity clinic crammed with 10 newborns and a dozen Chinese women who paid as much as $35,000 to travel to Southern California to give birth to children who would automatically be U.S. citizens, a newspaper reported Thursday.

Police and city inspectors closed the converted home on March 8 in San Gabriel, a suburb east of Los Angeles, after the owner was repeatedly warned that it violated building codes, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported. The home had extra rooms and some closets had been converted into bathrooms.

Officials found medical supplies along with Chinese-language pamphlets on baby care. Some babies were being cared for in what used to be the kitchen. All were examined and found to be healthy, code enforcement officer Jorge Arellano Arellano said. U.S. law automatically entitles children born on U.S. soil to citizenship, and it is not illegal for pregnant women to visit the U.S. to give birth. “Once the baby’s born here they are able to go to school
here,” Arellano said.

Some Republican lawmakers have argued recently that the 14th Amendment, which grants automatic citizenship to people born on U.S. soil, should be modified to exclude children of foreign citizens.

They contend the lure of U.S. citizenship for children is promoting illegal immigration. Changing the law would curb “birth tourism” and illegalimmigration, said state Assemblyman Rim Donnelly, R-Claremont. Rep.

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Comments (18)
  1. john says:

    This anchor baby thing is getting out of control. No more auto citizenship for babies of illegal immigrants, and no more welfare for non-citizens. Enough is enough.

    1. krg says:

      I agree 150% john. I don’t understand what part of this the politicians aren’t getting.

    2. Karen says:

      I am first generation born in the U.S. My parents HAD GREEN CARDS before setting foot in this country and you would never know that my mother’s first language IS NOT ENGLISH (OR SPANISH).

  2. Duddles says:

    Absolutely agree, children born to people who are not legally in this country should be citizens of whatever country their mother is from and shoulld be returned to that country with their mother.

  3. bounce says:

    The proposed legislation is being mischaracterized. The intent is to deny automatic citizenship to children born to persons who are in the US illegally, not to all foreigners.

    Makes sense to me.

    1. spytheweb says:

      You should have to have at one US parent to be born a US citizen.

  4. johnny chingas says:

    Damn mexicans and their anchor babies, oh wait…

  5. Molecule says:

    America is a dumping ground and the world knows it. One good thing about Obama is he has stepped up illegal immigrant action. DEPORT DEPORT DEPORT. They can pay 35K to get here and then collect welfare and food stamps !! DEPORT-These people are not paying taxes! They should deny citizenship to these ANCHORS.

    1. Karen says:

      You have to be joking right? That Obama is “stepping up” to curb illegal aliens entering our country. Please share the mind altering substance with the rest of us. I am trying to be blind as to how our government IGNORES illegal aliens too.

  6. Ben Gleck says:

    There’s plenty of ignorant, lazy Americans I’d rather deport first before hardworking immigrants. Let’s start with Molecule.

    1. Karen says:

      Ben Glack – Should we send the illegal alien bill to your attention? Please send your address to Obama and Jerry Brown so that they can be certain to send YOU their bills.

      As far as I am concerned, ILLEGAL ALIENS are a major drain.

      1. Karen says:

        I just want to be loved.

  7. Solient Green says:

    I had heard about Panda Express using factory farming, but who knew it went this far?

  8. jstnLA says:

    Amendment 14 was meant to recognized American born children of African born slaves back in the 1868. It was not intended to be abused as it is now. Time for change.

  9. Brittanicus says:

    In SAN GABRIEL, Calif. last week authorities have closed three effluent townhouses that were operating as maternity homes for Chinese mothers paying thousands of dollars in fees to give birth in the America so the children would automatically gain citizenship. Police and city health inspectors found seven babies and two mothers when they closed the homes for building code violations.The women stayed at the property before and after giving birth at local hospitals, a spokesman said. U.S. law automatically entitles children born on U.S. soil to citizenship, and it is NOT illegal for expectant women to visit the U.S. to give birth? This has become a multi-million dollar ponzi scheme, brought to us by Liberal interpreted- from- the-bench Liberal judges.

    Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King sponsored a bill that would limit automatic citizenship to people with at least one parent who is a citizen, a legal permanent resident or served in the military. The organization called NumbersUSA, shows information, H.R. 140 on there million member website, that the amendment to the 14th Amendment and now has 71 Sponsors to halt this financial loss. Taxpayers are force by unfunded mandatory law, to pay $6.000 to 8.000 dollars per delivery or more according to hospital fees. These fees are not reimbursed by the federal government, so the taxpayers have to swallow it. Call your Senator or Congressman at and demand they become a sponsor for H.R. 140, to aid in saving your country from insolvency YOU WILL LOCATE YOUR FEDERAL, STATE POLITICIANS IN THE BLUE PAGES OF YOUR PHONE DIRECTORY.


    Those of us who are tired of the money influences and power of corporate and business entities, the church, special interest groups, and radical groups, should become a member of the rising sway of the TEA PARTY and NumbersUSA. This pro-sovereignty organization NumbersUSA is just part of the growing trend of millions of people, who are fighting to stop Liberals going on their annual spending spree. I personally have had it, with my taxes being taken to pay for foreign invaders support. Many of who are only interested in taking our money, refuse to learn the language or assimilate, dissimilar to the early immigrants passing through Ellis Island. They came here with nothing and didn’t take advantage of taxpayers as back then their was no education, health care or anything else for new arrivals. Just prison!

    Tea Party is apposed to any form of Amnesty, which includes so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Rescind the birthright citizenship law, except where one parent is a citizen, Any form of Dream Act or Sanctuary City policies (STEALTH AMNESTIES), until the border fence is sealed tight and controlled by at least 5.000 military presence. America will always be susceptible talented workers of the highest spectrum, but not the beleaguered uneducated and hoping to reach this country, to take advantage of its gainful welfare programs.

  10. Daniel Waltimire says:

    Such xenophobia!! “This anchor baby thing is getting out of control.’ Really, have there been a lot of like incidents? Are Chinese newborns suddenly saturating the welfare system?

    This is a scam, but I suspect that one of the nastiest aspects of it is that it is fueling all the racists out there. Who is to say that these children will not lead productive lives and contribute to this nation just as most of our first generation ancestors did?

  11. paul says:

    mind you , they are not illegal, they come here on “vacation” and have their babies on U.S. soil and thus become US citizens, the mothers go back to China and send their kids here for free education, the 14th amendment must be modified

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