Ex-OC Youth Pastor Charged With Molesting Girl, 14, At Church, Home

SANTA ANA (CBS) — A former San Clemente youth pastor has been charged with molesting a female parishioner for several years starting when she was 14 years old, Orange County prosecutors said Wednesday.

Joe David Nelms, 47, was a youth pastor at Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente in 1993 when he met the girl, who reported the alleged molestation earlier this month, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

He was arrested Friday in Lindale, Texas.

Nelms is accused of molesting the girl from 1993-96, beginning when she was 14 years old, said sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino.

The woman claims Nelms molested her in the church office, while driving around San Clemente and in his home in San Clemente, Amormino said. Nelms worked as a youth pastor at the church from 1990 to 2000.

In Texas, he was a volunteer Bible study teacher at First Baptist Church in Lindale, Texas, and was a counselor for high school students at Sky Ranch, a Christian camp and ministry, according to prosecutors.

Orange County prosecutors are trying to have Nelms extradited from Texas, where he is being held without bail.

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  • Mrs. H Yardley

    Thank the LORD they caught him before he fled back to Mexico. That happens way too often these days.

    • jeff

      Uhhh, this perv isn’t mexican. Stop dropping acid before posting comments.

    • Mark Towers

      Are blind this guy is white what the hell would he do in mexico, He wouldn’t survive one day there!!!!! This guy is as white as snow you racist moran!!!!!

    • vince

      Mrs. Yardley…..you should go back to Mexico…hahaha

  • Tre

    Mark Towers: yo, why you gotta bring race into this. Racist.

    • Don

      Hey Jeffro, you are making me really really upset!!! Why in the world are you going against someone who’s going against someone who’s going against another person for being racist? Goodness, when will you people learn!?

      • Jeffro

        Don, where do you get off going against me for going against someone who’s going against someone who’s going against another person for being racist? You got a lot of nerve.

    • vince

      yo tre….why you gotta go against someone against someone being racist…racist!…hahaha

      • Jeffro

        Vince, what’s up with you going against someone going against someone against being racist? Not cool yo! Not cool.

  • jsw842

    Gee, anyone can file a claim. Why not wait until the full story comes out??

    • Jeff Spicoli

      Yes, anyone can file a claim. But, it takes a lot to do so. The accuser is often embarrassed, scared and feels guilty themselves. For them to step forward years after shows that their lives are still very affected by the incident.

    • Kelly

      your right…anybody can file a claim, but a suspect wouldnt be arrested if there isnt enough substantial evidence to charge him with….there must be something there…

    • vince

      jsw842 you know i just heard something about that…that people always read these stories first…then usually forget about them and are forever left with the image and story in thier head…even when people are found innocent because people don’t always read the follow through!

      a strange way of giving people the news in this country.

  • Jorge

    How can they do that? After 8 years??? What kinda proof does she have? Video? or just verbal he said she said?

  • Jone

    it’s easy for boys/girls nowadays to make accusations. Unless he kept in contact with her and she kept his love letters or text messages. Otherwise, it’s just allegations and it sucks to be the guy coz they have to pay the bail.

  • Rakim

    Proof yet again how beautiful Christianity is.


    • Daniel

      Its Not Christianity is Wrong You Racist. Its an Individual (s) even Your People Marrying young Girl thats Molestation. Praised the LORD that Guy was Caught.

      • J. Iscariot

        “Racist”? Since when is Christianity, Islam, etc. a race? Dumba$$. Go pray to your imaginary friend in the sky to give you some brains.

  • Andy

    Deport this guy back to Europe where his family came from!!!!!!

  • J. knowne

    Not all middle aged white men are child molestors, but most child molestors are middle aged white men. Fact.

    • vince


  • Steve

    that pastor!

  • swhitS

    Innocent UNTIL proven guilty please. The media should be penalized for this BS they print. There is no proof he did it just some kids story they are siding with. Wait until it has gone through the courts and he is found guilty then publish!

  • Tim

    Typical white people. All they do is molest/rape kids. Deport them all.

  • Kelly

    I agree swhitS!! If this allegation is not true his life is ruined no matter what! This is a stain that will never leave him. Pray for all involved.

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