Major Stars Buried Here? Yes, And Toto, Too!

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (CBS) — Big named movie stars from Douglas Fairbanks to “Gone With the Wind’s” Hattie McDaniel…even rocker Johnny Ramone all rest at the cemetery where Hollywood lives forever.

And now, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (6000 Santa Monica Boulevard) is preparing for another star…this one also beloved, from a classic film, adored by millions for decades and…four-legged and furry.

Yup, make way for Toto, played by Terry the terrier…a female dog who played the male Toto (now THAT’S acting!) in the classic “The Wizard of Oz.”

As Stephanie Abrams reports for CBS 2, Toto had been buried at a ranch by the LA River in 1945. But 13 years later, construction on the Ventura freeway made movie’s most famous dog homeless. (And you know, there’s no place like home.)

When the dog’s fans found this out, they were outraged. Take THAT Elvira Gulch!

In fact, 600 facebook friends banded together and even raised $1,000 for Toto’s marker. Yes, Toto is now out of the woods!

Toto will get his day in May.

  • dog lover

    that cute & famous dog should have already been in that cemetary. RIP Terry.

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  • Harry Martin

    Yea! And thanks to JP Myers, Tyler Cassity of Hollywood Forever, and Steve Goldstein of for making it happen! You are jewels!

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