Fox, CNN Feud Over ‘Human Shield’ Accusation

LOS ANGELES (AP) — CNN is angrily denying that correspondent Nic Robertson and other journalists were used by the Libyan government as human shields against an attack on Moammar Gadhafi’s compound.

Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin reported Monday that the British military had to call off an attack on the Libyan ruler’s compound because journalists had been taken there on a trip to view earlier bomb damage. She says Fox correspondent Steve Harrigan avoided the government-sponsored trip because of concern about being used as a shield.

An angry Robertson took to the air on CNN and called the allegation “outrageous and absolutely hypocritical.” He says Fox sent a security guard with a camera on the same trip.

Griffin apologized for not noting the Fox presence, but stood by the human shields charge.

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    US led bombing campaign in Libya’s ALL about the OIL..

    • Saber 1

      Libya’s oil goes to Europe, but then again if you were paying attention. We get NOT ONE DROP OF OIL FROM LIBYA’s oil production.

    • Thechief

      You’re an idiot.

      • ILLEGALS

        Yes, because it’s easy for Cyber bullies to hide behind a computer screen & insult others.. Okay, i’m an idiot if that makes you happy. In person, you’re probably a Mental Midget.

        You’re nothing but an internet tough guy.

  • TW

    Leave it to FOX to report what they BELIEVE to be the truth….FAUX NEWS FOREVER!!!!!!!

  • G J

    Fox Spews

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