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The Golden State (5) Freeway gets snowed over, and everybody has to stop and wait it out, in Castaic. Ah, that brings back memories. But every time I think about sitting roadside for up to 12 hours (before anyone said the simple sentence: “You could take the 14 to the 58….”), I think about people who live with much more snow, much more of the year. It could be worse. Much, much worse. And colder.

ontariosnowstorm12 Pictures Youre Glad Arent From Our Storm

Why do these people live in these places?

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  1. Gatordad says:

    1 – Be glad they do; otherwise there would be a couple of hundred million more in California!

    2 – Having lived in Colorado, winter is what you make of it. It can be a truly beautiful time of year.

    3 – My question is how can people live where the humidity approaches 100% everyday from June – September and the bugs are so big they need transponders around airports?? Come on, screened in back yards?!

    1. soupduck says:

      Gatordad, I would bet my bottom dollar that these two photos were from California. More snow falls here on a year to year basis than any other state, including Alaska.

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