SACRAMENTO (AP) — The state Legislature has approved emergency legislation that will let newly elected council members take office in the scandal-plagued Los Angeles County city of Bell.

The city has been without a functioning government since voters recalled its previous officeholders March 8. Meanwhile, a judge has ordered officials facing criminal charges to stay out of City Hall.

The bill, AB93, passed the Assembly Monday 71-0, following approval last week in the Senate. If signed into law, it would let Bell’s city clerk swear in a new council as soon as the election results are certified, which is expected sometime this week.

The bill is being transmitted to the governor’s office for action.

Eight former officials have been ordered to stand trial on charges that they illegally enriched themselves with excessive compensation.

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Comments (3)
  1. icecream says:

    Great !!! It’s time to see Bell back on its feet again and functioning as a real city.

  2. Norm Silver says:

    Good news for the citizens of that beleagured ctiy. I wonder when fat Bob gets tried and convicted? The Inmates at Chino just can’t wait for his arrival!

  3. Catherine says:

    Now, are they still eligible for their pension? Any Government employee that is found guilty of breaking the law show NOT get their pension!
    Now, go investigate the rest of the City’s and see what you find.
    We need much harder penalties to deter these law breakers. Maybe then we can begin to trust in our politicians.

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