Water From Construction Site Floods 405 Freeway

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Water flowing from an unknown source at a construction site near the Skirball Center flooded a portion of the San Diego (405) Freeway Sunday, a California Highway Patrol officer said.

Reports of the flooding on the northbound 405 just north of Skirball Center came in at 4:21 p.m., said CHP Officer Krystal Carter.

The water, which flowed from an unknown area inside a nearby construction site, pooled to about five-feet deep in the far right lane, Carter said.

Caltrans crews were sent out to the location.

The flooding came on a day that saw heavy rains throughout the Southland.

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  • damnright

    it was illegals aliens that started the flooding.

  • daggonit

    Yep. Thats what they hire to work on those sites

  • drozone69

    Both above post’s are corect.I know an illegal alien wih fraudulant papers working on that project for Kiewet Corp. that does not know ye ta dime of english or any citizenzip skillsYet their they are with the contract and him there making 40 an hour!And here we are with flooded freeways.Mark my words ,this is a mere suggestion of the cornicopia of probems associated with this debacle of the Sepulveda Pass preoject!!.

    • punisher

      You need to take a serious look at your life and consider putting some lead through the roof of your ignorant mouth into your poor excuse for a brain. illegals may not know the language but neither do you so shut your trap and learn how to put a logical sentence together without misspelling half the words. YOU should be deported!

  • Bill

    Not only Kiewit but one of their subcontractors too…..Drill Tech Inc… most of their workers don’t speak any English at all.. Someone needs to look into this for sure…

  • vet

    haha, its so funny every single posting has an illigal involved, yall really make my day! so funny! Just blame the illigals, always!!! lol… yet, its proubly their fault anyways… of course! I would not doubt it :P

  • jay

    There are many legal citizens that don’t speak a word of English. I would speculate that this is a result of generations of having children at an early age, with parents who are too ignorant to do anything else other than birth children

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