Hundreds Of Runners Being Checked For Hypothermia

SANTA MONICA (CBS) — About 300 runners participating in the Los Angeles Marathon were evaluated for hypothermia after passing the finish line Sunday.

Six hours after the marathon began, Los Angeles paramedics were dealing with hundreds of soaked runners scattered between Hollywood and Santa Monica, some suffering mild hypothermia.

The Santa Monica Fire Department said about 200 marathon runners who crossed the finish line were being evaluated inside the ballroom of the Fairmont Miramar Hotel. About 10 of them had been taken to local hospitals for evaluation of cramps and hypothermia, a spokesman there said.

Most of the complaints from runners were for cramps and hypothermia, Capt. Judah Mitchell of the Santa Monica Fire Department said. “After they sit a while and we get a banana in them, they say they are good,” he said.

Los Angeles firefighters said they were tallying the numbers of hypothermia cases and said it is not yet apparent if the number of chilled runners is comparable to the numbers of sunstroke or dehydration cases on warmer day marathons.

Ankle deep rainwater greeted the marathoners in Brentwood and cold, wet winds lashed the finish line.

The race started at Dodger Stadium on nearly-dry pavement, but soaking rain and driving winds developed a half hour into the race.

Spectator turnout along the route was significantly lower than in years past, no doubt due to the weather.

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  • drozone69

    They sit the animal down and get a”banana ” in them.States a biblically named public official?Is it just me or has anyone else out there have the brains and desire to read between the printed media “Lines”?.

  • Mike

    Our tax money is paying for these idiots medical treatment? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a while

    • dan

      The LA Marathon is run as a for-profit event. That includes paying for all of the medical and police staffing that is needed. I don’t think there was any burden to taxpayers other than the inconvenience of road closures…

  • bob

    They ran their race to the end!! Well done!!!

  • Jan

    Majority of the staff working for the L.A. marathon are Volunteers, including the medical team that was assisting the runners for hypothermia at the finish line…Great job to all the volunteer workers!

  • Saber 1

    I wonder if the thought came across some of these pea brains, Gee it’s raining and cold I could get sick or worse. Bumch of dopes.

  • Reece

    out of the 26000 runners only about 19700 actually finished, thats around 6300 people who didnt finish not 1000 as the reporter said. With these conditions Im suprised that number wasn’t higher. Way to go runners for finishing the TOUGHEST LA Marathon ever.

  • Leeroy

    Runners who REGISTER (i.e., the 26,000) don’t always RUN the event at all. So there are many of the 6,300 who didn’t even show up, and stayed home.

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