LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles police say they are investigating an exchange of gunfire in which an unknown assailant shot at an officer on a freeway, causing the officer to fire back.

Police said in a statement Friday that Officer Franck Peter, a 21-year department veteran, was driving home after work on March 10 on Interstate 110 when a truck pulled up alongside his personal car. Peter heard a loud bang and saw a bright flash.

Believing he had been shot at, he fired his service pistol at the truck, which proceeded along the highway.

The police department’s force investigation division is investigating the incident. The suspect has not been identified.

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Comments (15)
  1. To PROTECT and Serve says:

    What was this guy thinking? Shooting your gun while driving a car down the freeway. The officer should have known better. Lucky he didn’t hit an innocent
    person in another car. What would the LAPD say then? The guy that fired the first shot was wrong, but the officer should have not fired back like he was in the old west. STUPID!!!!!

    1. Doug says:

      Yeah, I have to say it is easy to comment that he was in the wrong by reading this article (which is very short and un-detailed). However, put yourself in the officers shoes, and let’s see what you come up with as your driving home from work, after a long day, and someone pulls along side your car and opens fire. Considering that your job details and training tell you that if someone shoots at you, you shoot back !

      1. Laughing in el monte says:

        You don’t shoot back unless you’re sure it will do something meaningful. Accurately firing from a car only works in Grand Theft Auto 4 or if you’re Jason Statham. The focus is to follow, collect vehicle information, collect suspect information, report the information, call for backup, get air support to follow THEM to their hideout and then let a SWAT team do the rest. Easy. So much easier than trying to shoot something on a bumpy freeway while going 65mph or more.

  2. Stop Crying says:

    You try going home from work and have some crazy person follow you home and try to kill you. This is happening more than you Cry baby people know. Cops now have to protect themselves to and from work, all because of the job they do. How sad.

    1. Laughing in el monte says:

      Okay, you supply me a crazy person to follow me home to try to kill me.

    2. To PROTECT and Serve says:

      The officer hears a loud bang & a flash therefore he assumes he is being followed home by some crazy person who wants to kill him so, he decides to protect himself by shooting his gun out the car window while driving down the freeway?

      1. Your not going to call ghostbusters when your in trouble. Cut them some slack. says:

        A good point, but that’s not even a quote taken from the statement. That seems to be a summary of the statement from whomever wrote the article. I would hope a veteran of 21 years can identify the distinct sound of gun fire as well as the position that an individual would have to be in, in order to fire a pistol at another vehicle, as opposed to an average person’s driving position.

      2. You're not going to call ghostbusters when you're in trouble. Cut them some slack. says:


  3. Randy Freeman says:

    First of all, there is something fishy about this. Those of you that state its was ok for the Officer to shoot back, you need to rethink this. If an officer is tempted to shhot back, especially if the truck had passed him, or even if the truck was along side him, either way, the officer put many peoples lives in danger. If he had shot the driver, how do you know thatthis vehicles wuld not have swwerved into the oncoming lanes of traffic with innocent people including babies. We really need to get all the facts before we can intelligently comment on this article. Zebras have stripes, lions have manes, elephants have trunks. Gung Ho Super Cops makes stupid mistakes.

    1. @ Randy Freeman says:

      I don’t see how you can say “We really need to get all the facts before we can intelligently comment on this article”, then go on to say “Gung Ho super Cops makes stupid mistakes”. Your argument is invalid.

  4. just saying says:

    aww poor cops!! BULLS H I T they are always looking for any reason to shoot their gun! pigs will always defend themselves like they are so innocent.

  5. "Mama said the pistol is the Devil's right hand" says:

    The last thing I would have to say on this, that most could agree on, is that ‘if’ the unknown person did fire on the officer first, hopefully he would think twice before picking up a pistol again.

  6. Lynwood Sibley says:

    was their any holes in his car and maybe it was a backfire of the engine
    this smells like the woodland hills school cop

  7. Dillpickles98 says:

    At-least the officer had the option to shoot back. An ordinary citizen, even carry a firearm legally in his vehicle has only one right. The right to be a victim.

  8. Latino 4 life!!! says:

    Dumb PIG!!!!!!!

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