LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A local teachers’ union says the LAUSD buckled under pressure from the mayor in giving control of more charter schools to outside operators.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and school board president Monica Garcia were clearly ecstatic over the latest moves under the Public School Choice program, in which new charter operators were chosen to run some local campuses.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports Villaraigosa calls the decision one of the “most innovative school reform processes anywhere in the country”, but United Teachers L.A. strongly disagrees.

Union leaders said the school board ignored the will of parents when it gave away more schools to outside charter operators, and that ultimately these decisions were made at the bidding of the mayor and his rich allies who want to privatize public education.

The mayor quickly dismissed the backlash.

“When you change the status quo, you upset the apple cart,” Villaraigosa said.

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Comments (6)
  1. Nu says:

    I can’t believe all these are happening in a free society like America where the rich gets richer at the expense of the poor kids. Privatization of public education is the worst thing to do at this time because those private bidders have no single interest of the kids at heart. They just make their money and become richer. They can even fabricate results to make it look like they are thriving. What’s wrong with you mayor and your allies. Don’t sell the future of my kids and other kids. It’s time parents rise up and say enough of this. What happened to the privatized school that was accused of cheating in the exams. Just expect more of it because they are the vultures out there to get their own share of the meat. I am most disappointed in you the school board and your allies. I know some of you don’t have kids in the district so you can afford to play with the future of our kids to please yourselves. Go ahead but remember that one day you will look back and see what you have done to these kids and hold yourselves responsible. I happened to listen to one of these operators of these charter schools speak and was most disappointed at the use of his grammer. Tell me what such a person knows about quality education outside money. Let us be careful of what we do for cheap popularity for it may come back to hurt us in future.

  2. Daymond Johnson says:

    Please dont beleave the hipe, Charter Schools are Public Schools

    1. Debbie says:

      Thank you! Most people do not realize that Charter Schools receive the same tax dollars as public schools. Then those tax dollars are not available for the public school. Not to mention when tested Charter Schools test below or at the same level as public schools. It’s a way to buy your childs education with your taxpayer neighbors money.

  3. alan hart says:

    Why would privatizing education be such a bad thing? The best schools in the world are private. Private schools are immune from political meddling and an overabundance of administration. Try it for a few years; it can always be changes.

  4. Mary Alice says:

    If a private company can operate the schools profitably, why should we continue to raise taxes to provide for unions who can’t. The same level of education is required and provided, evidenced by scholastic testing. If school administrators can’t do, step aside and let someone who can step in and do it. Schools have become too political.

  5. Debbie says:

    To privatize education/schools mean that those that “buy/own” education/schools also have the right to push their agenda. Hence private schools that are not publically financed can/do teach their religion, their values, take who they do and do not want in their schools (IE no special ed) etc, etc, etc. Private companies serve their bottom line not the good of the public. Your child’s education brought to you buy Coca Cola, Disney, Nestles is what you want? Horrible idea!

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