Study: Single Moms Less Accepted In Society Than Gay Couples

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Is “My Two Dads” becoming more popular than “How I Met Your Mother?”

A new study suggests public support for gay marriage continues to edge upward, even eclipsing acceptance for single moms.

The Pew Research Center conducted a national survey of 2,691 Americans and found attitudes towards the traditional family structure shifting toward an increased support for families led by gay and lesbian parents.

Paul Taylor, executive vice president of the Pew Research Center, tells KFWB’s Maggie McKay that the results may reveal a social “pressure” to adapt to family structural changes.

Taylor says that while a 100 percent of respondents considered a traditional father-mother-children dynamic to be a family, only 7 in 10 respondents believed that a child raised by a single mom represented a true family.

The survey grouped respondents into three classes: those who rejected all trends, those who accepted all trends, and those who warily accepted the trends but remained skeptical about “the impact of these trends on society.”

About 68 percent of Americans accepted the changing social dynamic, while over half were skeptical of the ultimate impact on the culture.

A mere four percent believed that single motherhood has a positive impact on society, while 70 percent believed those households are “bad for society.”

For complete results of the study, visit the Pew Research center’s website.

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  • So what!!

    Where are those single moms? I’m looking for a MILF.

  • Lenny

    I can’t accept that it is normal for two gays to bring up a kid.

    • ES

      I agree

  • Jack

    I agree.if gays wanna marry each other I could care less.but leave children out of your sick lifestyle!

  • Joseph

    It is sad when people do not see it for what it is,


    Gays and children just don’t match, if they were ment to have kids. Gays would be married to the other sex. So leave the raising of children to the heterosexual kind. Let nature be, and you can be gay with out childeren.
    It seems by the comments from above, that the study is also wrong.
    I am just saying

  • CA562DUDE

    You People need to get CLUE !!!!!

    I have never heard of case of GAY Couple, charged with CHILD ABUSE!! or Tying up there Kids and not feeding them or selling them for money etc… Its All the HETRO causing all the problems!!!! Welfare / Divorces etc…

    • Joseph

      Just give them time DUDE,

      As you well know, the numbers are against the gays for now. Once they have played catch-up. You will be proven wrong, unfortunatley every animal on this planet tends to harm the inocent either directly or indirectly (straight, gay,brown, white, dog or fish, take you pick DUDE) At least the ones hurting for now are following natures way.
      I am just saying.

  • M_T

    Sorry, “dude,” but you need to pay more attention. It comes up every once in a while. How about you google “gay couple child abuse” and read the first story that comes up, then take your head out of your butt.

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