SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Federal environmental regulators say they are adding more radiation monitors in the western United States and Pacific territories as concerns rise over exposure from damaged nuclear plants in Japan.

The Environmental Protection Agency already monitors radiation throughout the area as part of its RadNet system, which measures levels in air, drinking water, milk and rain.

The additional monitors are in response to the ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan, where emergency workers are attempting to cool overheated reactors damaged by last week’s magnitude-9.0 earthquake and tsunami.

Officials with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission say they do not expect harmful radiation levels to reach the U.S. from Japan.

The EPA says data from the monitors are available on its website for coastal states, Hawaii, Guam and American Samoa.

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Comments (9)
  1. JM says:

    First the Japanese government said there was no danger of nuclear fallout….now there is.
    Next the U.S. government said there is no danger of nuclear fallout to the West Coast of the U.S… apparently there is or why all the extra monitors

    Do not trust anyone in government ever ever ever

    1. Laughing in el monte says:

      Good. Make sure you never vote or learn the name of your congressional representatives. You’re doing me proud!

      1. JM says:

        2nd reply

        Also I was USAF officer and awarded Bronze Star for service in Vietnam , so please don’t lecture me on my voting history, congressional knowledge or implied lack of patriotism

      2. JM says:

        1st reply-which didn’t post

        What kind of slang is “doing me proud” Makes no sense, nor do you

  2. swhitS says:

    San Onofre is on the fault line which also btw runs through San Fran and they say no danger – go figure, it’s government. Shame on the people who allowed them to be built. Shame on the people who continue to keep them running.

  3. MSG ret says:

    52ys of military service in our immediate family, Japan had hoped they could keep the problems under control. They are a proud people. Having said that, it is up to US to pay attention and learn from all sources to be prepared in the event ti affects the west coast. Oh,by the way learn a little about the Pacific ring of Fire.

  4. Reggie Lane says:

    Only way we will find out …. open our cabinet and all the POPCORNS OPPED ….. Trust and believe NO ONE ….. BIRDS Died from FIREWORKS …. our Gov. probley still LOL at that one.

  5. Thomas Bleming says:

    They’re doing their upmost to pass onto a gullible public, all the nice senarios that are just totally unfounded by what is really happening, right now, in Japan.
    Next major 9. earthquake and monsterous tsunami will be on the west coast. Watch and see if my predictions come to pass.
    I am betting that this event will then cause a total collapse of our society.
    Watch the movie ‘2012’.

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