HERMOSA BEACH (CBS) — A woman admitted to selling bogus tickets to Lady Gaga’s show last summer at Staples Center and will have to return the money for the counterfeit tickets.

Debra Louise Brass pleaded no contest in connection with charges that she sold 47 tickets via Craigslist for several thousand dollars, police said.

Brass initially told police she bought six tickets by mistake and that someone else repeatedly resold her extras and other bogus tickets.

Police were notified of the counterfeit tickets when people showing up for the concert were turned away and told they were fake.

After entering the plea, Brass was ordered to repay the victims a total of $7,000 and given three years of formal probation, Hermosa Beach police Detective Mick Gaglia said.

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Comments (8)
  1. So what!! says:

    WoW! No jail time??

  2. Duh! says:

    Luckily she’s white, if she was Mexican or Blacks, they probably would’ve given Jail for sure.

  3. John says:

    Cute white girl rips people off for $7,000 and gets a slap on the wrist. Had she been black, the judge would have thrown her in jail.

  4. esteban says:

    She must know someone or have connections in the police department. Because this is total BS that she can get away with this.

  5. shelley says:

    i would like to see this happen more… i scan tickets at the door of a venue and people get mad at us when they are sold bogus/duplicated tickets by scammers. i’ve been screamed at, called names, and pushed by people who bought tickets off craigslist or even just off a scalper on the street near the venue – as if it’s somehow my fault that they did not buy tickets before they sold out.

    sometimes i’ll see as many as 20 or 30 copies of the exact same barcode come up to the door – and let me tell you, almost every one of those people will say “that’s not possible that the ticket has already been used! i just bought it!” many venues are completely willing to scan a ticket to tell you if it is real and/or the barcode has already been used before you give the money to the person on the street – and if they are selling a legitimate ticket, they should be willing to let us check it before you buy. any venue using ticketmaster scanners can check all scans of a barcode for the night – the scanner will be able to provide a report of every time the ticket has been scanned, and what the result of the scan was (“already used/wrong day/entry OK” etc).

    don’t buy print-at-home tickets to a sold out show from a 3rd party you don’t know on craigslist EVER. 90% of the time they are selling duplicates. if people were punished for this more often, it would be much easier for legitimate people to sell their tickets (and for venue employees to not be verbally and/or physically abused!) – talk about a few bad eggs ruining it for the rest

  6. jack says:

    Send her back to Mexico!

  7. Paco Jerte says:

    Jack & Punisher, she’s white dumb@sses!! Racist MF’s!!

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