LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A judge Tuesday scheduled an eviction trial to determine if the former wife of two of Michael Jackson’s brothers can remain in the family’s Encino home, which is being renovated.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff scheduled the trial for April 25 when the two sides were unable to agree on a plan for Alejandra Jackson and her children to move to a condominium.

The condo would be paid for by the late singer’s estate in exchange for her agreeing not to write a tell-all book about the family.

Lawyers for the woman also said their client might have a palimony interest in the Jackson family compound. She was previously married to Randy Jackson and later to Jermaine Jackson.

Beckloff said he hoped the eviction trial could be averted through negotiations.

The Jackson estate has offered Alejandra Jackson and her children free use of a condominium until they become adults, provided that she sign to a confidentiality agreement. However, the woman’s lawyers say she does not agree with the scope of the agreement as proposed by the estate.

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Comments (5)
  1. Daisy says:

    Let Jermaine & Randy support her & their kids. They are all mooches, but they should take financial responsibility for their own children. As for her, she’s trash for latching onto & breeding with two brothers from the same family. Why can’t she get a job & help support her kids?

  2. Cindy says:

    she is nasty!!! so her kids are siblings and also cousins thats gross!!!!

  3. blind justice says:

    talk about brotherly love lol

  4. Imani says:

    She should leave while things are still in her favor such as: a luxury condo in a high end neighborhood and access to good schools,. No one bends to blackmail. When she refuses to leave and threatens to write a ‘tell all book’; she has set herself up for failure. She is embroiling her children in a dispute with the Jackson family; which will cause them to be ostracized by the by the only family they have known. She has no family independent of the Jackson’s and her kids need to maintain a close relationship with there grandparents, cousins, aunts uncles, family friends etc. What she is doing is destroying her children’s future. She has no LEGAL justification for staying there and she is going to lose, and then the condo offer may be off the table. Does she want to make her children homeless? It is selfish of her to put her pride ahead of what is in the children’s best interest. She has lived for almost twenty years for free. She puts out these false claims of unpaid child support. She has received child support in the form of: food, housing,private schooling, vacations, expensive clothing for herself and her kids, private golf lessons. which was all paid for by the Jackson family, access to a private pool, in home theater, etc. What else does she want? Child support only pays for: food, clothing and shelter. She has received that and much, much more. In addition the children probably have college and/or trust funds in a day and age where most people are in tremendous debt due to school loans. She just came back from Japan who paid for that? The children recently took trips to: Italy, Hawaii. Her kids are always being entertained at amusement parks, going to top hotels and eating in good restaurants. What else does she consider child support? She should also take in consideration that she cheated with one brother, and after breaking up his marriage, lied and married him. She committed bigamy because she was already married. She then left the first brother and slept with the second making kids along the way to remain connected through the children to the Jackson family. She also lied about her age and married her first husband to gain a green card which is in direct violation of immigration law. Is she going to include all of this in her ‘tell all book’. To tell all means just that. It is shameful to live with a family, and because they opened their doors to her, to then reveal private family secrets. That is the most disgusting form of blackmail. She will lose in court, but what is really sad is so will her minor children.

  5. crispas says:

    I agree with the above statement to blackmail a family after all they have done for her and her children is a sin. This woman evidently has no love for Mrs. Katherine Jackson. The woman is grieving the loss of her son and this is what you do to her. A terrible sin. I hope the court see it this way also. I feel very sorry for the children as their mother is showing only greed and no love for them.

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