Arcadia Student Donates Life Savings To Save Teachers’ Jobs

ARCADIA (CBS) — A San Gabriel Valley student taught her fellow classmates a lesson in giving after donating her life savings to save teachers’ jobs.

Jocelyn Lam donated $300, the sum of her allowance and rewards for good grades, to Camino Grove Elementary school in hopes that teachers will be spared from looming layoffs.

The money, in an envelope stuffed with $1, $5 and $10 bills, and a letter were given to the school’s principal, Dr. Brook Reynolds, on Friday.

In a letter, Lam wrote, “I really hope the $300 is enough to save more than one teacher….Please put the money to good use.”

Lam’s gift came two days after notices were sent home to parents alerting them that layoffs of over 100 Arcadia School District employees were imminent.

“We’ve notified 104 certified employees, and we will probably lay off 60 teachers. We need about $5 million,” said district Superintendent Joel Shawn.

Camino Grove has raised $20,000 since the layoff notices were sent out.

  • Randy Adams

    Watch what happens when the Union hears about this. I hope everyone is up to date on their MANDATORY Union dues.

  • mxfnz

    “Please put the money to good use.” … Poor little girl… if she only knew. Who would trust these wolves with their hard earned cash?

  • ES

    I see someone got an early bonus this year. What a shame.

  • M

    Can someone please explain to me exactly what California Lotto has done for schools?

  • stu

    great! now union administrative workers can buy some new printer toner cartages

    • Arcadia Resident

      100 % of money collected by Arcadia Educational Foundation for this annual campaign will be donated to the Arcadia Unified School District to save teaching positions. None of this money will be sent to the Union to purchase printer cartridges or anything else!

  • $300

    They should give her money back. As much of a kind gesture that was from a little girl $300 won’t save the teachers. It’s our economy, our state and the world we live in today. The $300 is just going to buy lunch for LAUSD board.

  • Antonio Villarigo$a

    Like taking candy from a child!

  • Kona

    That might cover coffee and donuts for their next inservice/retreat..

  • Caroline Kojian

    It all started with a letter. When Jocelyn’s letter was first read during our PTA meeting there was not one dry eye in the room… She has been an inspiration to many Camino Grove Elementary students! So thank you for your beautifully pure open heart!

  • Arcadia Resident

    How great for this Arcadia student to do all she can to help save our teachers. Her donation alone will not save teachers, but if all residents could contribute any amount they can it wil all go to saving teacher positions and benefit students. It’s people like Jocelyn that make a difference. THANK YOU JOCELYN!

    Arcadia Unified Schoold District is not part of LAUSD

  • Sl

    The most important thing is this little girl has a good heart and gave “ALL” she had to save her teachers from being laid off!
    We as adults should tell our government that we had enough! Education is the most important thing! We can not ruin these little ones’ future! We can not afford to risk loosing our great teachers!

  • CMS

    The comments above sure seem strange. People are attacking teachers & making fun of a selfless child who is supportive of her teachers? How people can turn on people just because they belong to an organization that helps them negotiate wages & benefits seems pretty naive. Yet, they have no problem with big businesses and Wall Street pouring $4 billion into the last election…or Supreme Court justices attending secret political strategy sessions with the billionaire Koch Bros or with corporate-funded state campaigns working to strip away protections for public employees and working families???? Economic suicide if these people don’t wake up soon.

    …the special interests are desperately trying to seize control and hijack our democracy.

  • Jocelyn

    What you ppl don’t know is that it has made an impact and kids are donating to help save the teachers. You don’t get it do you?

  • Jocelyn

    What you ppl don’t know is that the letter actually counts too OK!?

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